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Case Study/Real Estate: How We Helped Auction.com Sell and Serve Better

A frontrunner in the real estate realm, Auction.com has achieved a long-standing reputation in creating a holistic platform where buyers and sellers collaborate with greater degree of assurance and trust between them. The web portal has succeeded in altering the very nature of the way residential and commercial properties are advertised among the potential buyers, and are eventually sold.

Key Challenges

When Auction.com approached Xicom, it set forth on the table the set of challenges it continually faced and the unambiguous goals it wished to achieve. Through its web based platform, it wanted to:

  • Create an all the more penetrating presence in the market
  • Track all the activities real-time, starting from the initial sales pitch to the actual selling between different parties
  • To have an efficient payment reporting system in place
  • Emerge as a brand that not only assures numbers, but also promotes reliability and trust among users.

With an understanding that the web technology canon can transfigure the way it does business, Auction.com trusted Xicom to help it take giant strides towards becoming a technology-empowered enterprise.

Xicom’s Offerings

Xicom, renowned for the inclusivity and certainty of its services, took all the challenges head on. Relying on our in-house experts to anchor the services, we established an online auction platform for the users of auction.com and a CRM solution for the management of auction.com. The CRM was developed with an intention to hand the management with a complete control over tracking of all the activities occurring on their business turf, right from the time a pitch is made to the final transaction taking place. Our comprehensive solutions were essentially divided into five modules, with each module focusing on several critical aspects and real estate portal development requirements:

  1. Property registration module
  2. Auction module
  3. Payment module
  4. Search module
  5. CRM module

The property registration module was an insightful and elaborate arrangement that facilitated storing all the information relevant to a property through the means of official documents and auction terms. The auctions for all the properties under the ownership of Auction.com were conducted online using the auction module, which paved way for carrying out offline auctions as well.

The Payment module was developed to ensure there were no monetary discrepancies as it stored the records of security amounts deposited by the interested parties. The Search module, as the name suggests, aids in looking for the properties. This module adds exclusivity to the search process by allowing users to enter personalized queries. The CRM module encompassed everything; registering a property, advertising and it eventually selling it to the end-customer.

How Auction.com benefited from Xicom’s Solutions

Our solution lent invasiveness to the asset management and real estate procedures of Auction.com, optimizing the entire cycle right from the molecular level. Owing to our resolve to push the envelope and perch Auction.com securely on top, they have sold approx. $12 billion of real estate assets through online auctions. 2011 witnessed more than 35,000 homes being auctioned – a true testimony to the quality and applicability of our solutions.

With our offerings to Auction.com, we ensured

  • Faster time to market
  • Injection of the most avant-garde features that assured sustainability and higher customer retention.
  • Effective deployment of DTM Model features and flexibility to innovate and take the tool capability and effectiveness to a whole new level.

Technologies used

  • Zend Framework (PHP/MySQL) for web applications
  • MVC architecture
  • Dedicated servers to seamlessly manage traffic flow of over 1 Million visitors.


Client Reviews

Xicoms’ creative use of technology solutions is helping us diversify our business model and generate revenue from different sources other than our core services. Their quality-assurance capabilities, excellent internal development processes and around-the-clock support have helped us achieve significant cost savings from our offshore initiative.

John Morrone (Vice President)

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