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CRM : Top features that guarantee a positive ROI

An effective CRM system is the core requirement of every business that aims to evolve their customer base while retaining current ones. However as one comes across various CRM suites, they are introduced to multiple new features. This sometimes may puzzle the business owner as he evaluates these features as per his CRM needs.

As businesses have varied needs and scale, an off-the-shelf CRM system may not be the ideal choice for each one of them. As they tread the path of tailor made solutions, they may end up paying for features which look promising on the outside, but might not be profitable in the long run.

This calls for evaluating the CRM product (tailor made or otherwise), in a critical light. The goal should be to have an optimized CRM system, with fewer and simplified features.

We select some features , that we advocate as the “must -haves” for all CRM systems. They build a bedrock upon which one can further build their exclusive CRM approach.

Simple to use
A difficult to use CRM system not only affects adoption, but also kills the team’s motivation to use it. Moreover, it is difficult for a new hire in the CRM team to adapt and the training time is also extended, directly affecting the ROI.

Therefore, though it may sound obvious, but simplicity should be the number one priority one must look for in a CRM system or solution.

Remote access and mobility
Why should your CRM team be restricted to your desk? The CRM system should very well be capable of being accessed from anywhere (and from any device). The major advantage of this is that it allows you to build a team which comprises of at-home agents and on-field CRM staff.

Conventionally, in field operations regarding customer relations and services, multiple data entry is involved. Customer data is entered on pen and paper on site and electronic records are made once the CR staff is in office.

This dual entry can be entirely eliminated from the Field CRM process once remote access to system and Enterprise Mobility approach is implemented.

  • Multichannel support
  • Analytics
  • Campaign management
  • Master data management
  • Lead generation and follow up tracking

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