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Enterprises Gear Up For HTML5 Supporting Java 7

The Java based community rejoiced as Oracle finally brought in the latest version of the Java Platform, the EE 7 (EE standing for Enterprise Edition), which endeavors to include support for HTML 5 applications, respond to the enterprise demands and augment the productivity of the developers. The Java EE 7 Software Development Kit (SDK) download of the latest edition is available on Oracle’s website.

(Image Source : Oracle)

The version focused on the enterprises is principally deployed on servers. The new features of EE 7 version include JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) which supports the relentless transferring of data and WebSocket communications, and both of them provide for developing HTML 5 based applications. During the Webcast introduction of the latest version Java EE 7, the vice president of development at Oracle, Mr. Cameron Purdy quite confidently said “This is the ultimate platform for building HTML 5 and mobile apps.”

Commenting on the latest features and future prospects of Java Software Development with the latest up gradation, Al Hilwa, an analyst with IDC observed

“Java EE 7 brings this widely used enterprise framework to the modern age of HTML5 and also brings significant improvement in developer productivity that will have windfalls in code quality. In this age of the polyglot programmer, Java EE 7 will allow Java to remain one of the most widely deployed technologies for server applications on the planet.”

Talking about the capabilities, Java 7 boasts of the 2.2 capabilities, along with complete markup support for HTML 5. Also, with smart capabilities for batch programming, the tasks requiring longer inputs of time and effort, such as the large enterprise scale applications, can be easily administered by a Java Development Company, and the concurrency utilities render higher throughput to the same.

As for the developers’ productivity, the latest version has introduced APIs which are much simpler to use, such as the Java Message service 2.0, and also the requirement for labyrinthine boilerplate codes is simplified by JMS API. Besides, both NetBeans IDE and Eclipse offer complete support for Java EE 7 tooling.

However, all of these features are going to leave Java developers who are expecting cloud capabilities, high and dry. As of now the cloud capabilities are deferred unless the subsequent release of EE 8. The silver lining in this case is the inclusion of resource definition metadata, which makes the future of introduction of cloud computing into Java, a bit more optimistic.

Let us know what you thought about the latest version of Java in the comments box below.

Secret Revealed: Talisman to Outsource Your App Development

Looking to take your app idea off the ground? Don’t stroll in the precarious path without working out a proper strategy for application developed. First and foremost, try to sketch a draft. The earlier the better, as it would allow you to overlap the development of the application with the development of the design. If you are not good at programming, then try to outsource app development. You can hire an app developer from number of good places such as upwork.com or skill pages and other vocation facilitating websites. Once you have a list of developers, short listing and finalizing the best one is a perplexing activity.

Nevertheless, here are few tips and tricks to help you outsource app development.

Try to get as much bids you can: Always collect a handful of bids as it will provide an edge to bargain with the developer. Yes! Quality should always precede price, yet, to have a couple of choices in hand is always good.

Shortlist developers who have hands-on experience in similar applications to the one you desire. They must have worked on common programming applications. Do cross check their work uploaded on their portfolios. Steer away from developers without any portfolio.

Connect with more than an email with your developer. Try to have a face-to-face interview session. In case, it’s a distant possibility, try to create visual connection for better interaction quotient. Prepare some questions beforehand so that you can focus on the answers of the developer rather than thinking of which question to ask next. Moreover, virtual or in-person interview facilitates trust building and compatibility.

Set Milestones: In case, you hire an app developer who has worked for hot-shot companies such as Sony, Century Fox, Pixar to name a few, then there are high chances that your work might shift to lowest priority whenever these companies have a new application to be developed by the concerned developer. It is imperative to set milestones and deadlines before signing a contract with any developer.

Always go for proper documentation. Studies have revealed that many people overlook the importance of documentation in application development. Documentation specifies the deliverables and ascertains that the final output will have all prescribed features and codes. It facilitates the developer to have a better understanding of your requirements and provides you with a benchmark to check the developed application.

Maintain regular communication with the developer and demand for a reporting timeframe which can be in hours, days or weeks. Don’t assume that it’s the sole responsibility of the developer to develop the application. Your inputs and suggestion will not only keep the developer in check but would also ensure that any defect in the development process is identified and rectified beforehand, thus, saving your time as well as that of the developer. One must evaluate aspects like interface, testing, bugs as soon as the initial framework is developed.

With these aforementioned tips one can effectively decide to outsource an app developer without any fears of this decision backfiring on you. This might be not the only way but it for sure “highly effective”.

Contact us for any assistance with your application development requirement or to hire dedicated apps developer on flexible hiring plans.

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Awaiting Microsoft’s Office for iOS and Android? Wait Until 2014!

Over the past one year or so, we all have been ears to numerous speculations about Microsoft Office making ‘the big launch’ on Android and iOS platforms. And if you are one of those avid Office suite users, you must be keeping pace all this while with any updates relating this news. Why not? After all, aplenty users are hungry to have a bite of the accessible and workable mobile version of Microsoft’s Word processor. But it seems that it will take Microsoft another year to serve your appetite.

According to a recent report, the iOS and Android versions of Microsoft Office, may not surface until the fall of 2014. According to ZDNet’s Mary Jo Foley, who’s got a chance to sneak peek into the actual roadmap devised by Microsoft, Outlook for Windows RT as well as Office for iOS and Android will surface in the mobile marketplace during the fall of 2014. This happens to be a year and a half away, by the way, farther away from what anyone could expect or hope. As noted by Mary, this roadmap which is codenamed as ‘Gemini’ indicates the following:

Gemini Wave 1.0, Scheduled for October 2013: In this phase, Windows Blue App will get updated

Gemini Wave 1.5, Scheduled for April 2014: Windows phone support refresh, Office RT refresh, Office for Mac and Perceptive Pixel support

Gemini Wave 2.0, Scheduled for October 2014: Release of Office for iOS and Android, Outlook RT scheduled

Windows official refrained from commenting on this roadmap, but Mary’s sources reveal that this roadmap was devised as recently as the beginning of 2013.

Amidst all this, it is essential to make a mention of one thing- very recently, i.e. in last October, a Czech subsidiary of Microsoft made an alleged promise that the launch of Office for iOS and Android devices will take place in 2013. However, Microsoft backed off from this promise. In an official statement the company accepted that the information shared by its representative in Czech Republic wasn’t accurate. It also refrained from making any further comments on the matter.

Disappointed? Don’t Be!

The news isn’t that good after all. It might have caused a wave of worry and disappointment amongst users and Android and iOS developers alike. But according to Ms. Foley, there isn’t any point in giving up on hope so soon. After all, release calendars and roadmaps are extremely flexible and subject to change. She notes that even after shipping targets in roadmaps, things can change and do change quite often.

Let’s hope that being hopeful helps and the iOS and Android versions of the Office Suite are released soon. After all, a year and a half is a long way to go!

Culling the Apt CMS for Your Next Online Venture with Xicom

In the wake of open source era, businesses are exceedingly switching from their old school websites to highly responsive CMS based websites. CMS or content management systems are modern-day web management arsenals that have taken over the role of dedicated developers and programmers. They have simplified the painstaking process of web content management, and given the control back into user’s hand- your hand. However, before you don the boss’ hat and switch you business site to an open source CMS platform, you must address a few crucial concerns. Firstly, how do you determine which CMS is right for you? Secondly, of all the available content systems in the marketplace, which one is the best?

Well, choosing the right CMS can be a tough grind. You need to ensure that you rely upon a platform that renders a balanced mix of aesthetics and functionality. After all, these are two defining pillars of an enticing online presence. When in a fix, it is best to consult an expert. Xicom has an in-house team of adept strategists who analyze your business requisitions and thus suggest CMS solutions that can heighten the growth of your online business venture.

Which CMS Will Work Wonders For You?

Before you start winnowing the right CMS for your business site, there are handfuls of things you must be mindful about. These are things that you must seek in the new platform that you are about to choose. Here is an overview of some must-have features of an adept content managing system.

1. The CMS must be easy to use and install.
2. The admin interface should be user-friendly. Steer clear from geek-friendly CMS.
3. CMS must be highly flexible so that you can incorporate any new feature and functionality at any time.
4. Template manipulation must be simplistic. If customizing the template happens to be painstaking, you might need to hire experts.
5. The support of a helpful user community helps you in comprehending the functionality of the CMS in a better manner. Thus, it becomes necessary.

Although, there are many things that you must consider before plunging onto any particular platform, but the aforementioned pointers are the most important.

From the Array of Options, Which CMS You May Choose?

The web marketplace has an array of choices when it comes to CMS, but it is wise to stick to those, which users across the globe use most frequently. Amongst all, four CMS have emerged as the most favored choices amongst both developers and end users, which are enlisted below:

1. WordPress: Over the years, WordPress has come out of its image of a blogging platform and successfully emerged as a highly robust and scalable CMS. With features like intuitive backend and WYSIWYG editor, WordPress has become an ideal platform for developers across globe. If you wish to adapt this CMS as the support system of your blog, WordPress development services at Xicom help you in doing the same. Expert WordPress developers at Xicom render impeccable solutions such as website development, theme customization, and blog development and migration services.

2. Joomla: Joomla happens to be the most popular CMS available in the marketplace. Based on MySQL and PHP, this platform is famous for a relatively simple backend and dropdown menu. If you wish to leverage the benefits of Joomla to your business portal, Joomla development services from Xicom will serve the purpose. At Xicom, you can avail an array of Joomla services including components development, template development, theme customization and maintenance and support.

3. Drupal: Drupal is the most functional CMS available today. It comes laden with enticing features that let you edit content directly on the web page. Moreover, the best part is that you can extend the core of the CMS in a hassle-free manner through easily available extensions and plugins. In order to harness the maximum potential of this platform, Xicom renders Drupal development services that facilitate development of highly functional web portals.

4. Magento: This effective content management system leverages features such as virtue cart to your e-commerce portal. If you are planning to set up a new online store, then Magento is a one-stop solution. Magento development services rendered by Xicom include solutions like extensions development, template customization, e-commerce development, theme development and data migration.

Content Management Systems are serving as the lifeline of emerging web businesses. These open source wonders are leveraging impeccable features to business portals, enhancing their functionality as well as visibility over the web. So, if you are planning to launch a new web venture, choose a suitable CMS and make the intelligent move.

Why Choose Xicom Offshore Experts Team for Microsoft .Net Development

As the sector of information technology is advancing to new levels, software development is taking a new fold. Amongst the different development languages taken into use, dot net has become one of the finest languages favored by majority of developers across the globe. For development of business, it is important to make use of software, which can help a company in enhancing its functioning in a multi-faceted manner. With advancement of technology, an array of software solutions is available in the marketplace which aid businesses in augmenting their growth in leaps and bounds.

As the demand of software development outsourcing witnesses an upheaval, innumerable offshore companies are setting a foot hold in the IT arena. But as they say, there can only be one ace and Xicom Technologies Ltd. duly suffices this saying.  Xicom has emerged as a global market leader, rendering qualitative services in the arena software development and Outsource .NET Development for over a decade. Over the years, Xicom has evolved with the changing technological trends and made itself adept with the expertise of developing customized software that suffices the needs and requisitions of companies as well as individual vendors. Companies from across the globe are outsourcing their software development projects to Xicom in order to attain numerous fruitful services and benefits.

Image Map

Why Xicom Surpasses Other Providers?

Global clientele has continually favored the software development services and solutions rendered by Xicom for several reasons, which are mentioned below:

Cost-Effective: The software development services rendered by Xicom are available at cost-effective pricing as compared to other software vendors. This is because Xicom in-houses a team of adept .Net professionals who are skilled to develop asp.net applications in-budget and on-time.

Modern Technology: Xicom Technologies Ltd. is making use of high-tech technology for developing its software solutions. With use of modern technology, process of customizing software becomes highly efficient and 100% hassle free.

Timely Delivery: Xicom is recognized amongst its global clientele for timely delivery of solutions and applications. The strategists and developers at Xicom are trained to develop qualitative applications while adhering to the delivery time frame rendered by the client.

Can Handle Bulk Projects: Software development pioneer Xicom is capable of handling bulk project requirements with ease, thanks to the capable in-house team of 150+ proficient developers.  This makes the services of .Net offered by Xicom unique.

The USP of Partnering Xicom for Your Software Development Ventures:

Along with the various aforementioned advantages, there are numerous other reasons for which global companies outsource their development projects to Xicom. These reasons are mentioned below:

Globalization: Xicom has comprehended that the real meaning of globalization lies in development. As technology is advancing, Xicom is reaping the most out of it, thus making it a favored choice to offshore .net development and other software ventures.

Dedicated players: The ASP.Net MVC Development professionals at Xicom are dedicated towards understanding the requisites of clients and rendering qualitative solutions accordingly. Each client enjoys Individual attention and solutions are rendered according to their need and requisition.

Expertise of Xicom

As an offshore .Net development company, Xicom has expertise in an array of services, which are mentioned below.

  • Project Planning and Management
  • Design, Analysis and Architectural patterns
  • Prototyping and Demo
  • Developing Sequential diagrams, Use Cases and Class Diagrams
  • Development and optimization of database designing
  • Performance Tuning and Debugging

ASP.Net developers associated with Xicom are having the expertise in handling complex projects in a hassle free manner.

Services Rendered by Xicom

The ASP .Net developers associated with Xicom have the skills and expertise required to carry out the development work flow in a streamlined and unique manner. Below mentioned are some of the services, which are rendered by Xicom as an offshore development company.

  • Customized Packages for .Net Development
  • Consulting services for ASP.Net
  • Development of Web Applications
  • Migration of Software Applications
  • Design Evaluation of .Net
  • Web provision of .Net
  • Application development through .Net

Xicom is having the technical capabilities in providing user interface layer, data layer, advanced programming and application tools. This makes Xicom a one-stop solution for all major Microsoft.Net Development needs.

Fed Up With Periodic Outsourcing Obstacles! Here Are Resolutions

It is natural to face issues while outsourcing your jobs to remotely located developers. Almost every business organization passes thorough this phase of outsourcing obstacles. You just need to keep calm & cool to focus on eliminating these issues in a managed and productive manner. In this way, you should follow each and every step of outsourcing process precisely. Your haste in completing or overlapping the steps will result out as the unproductive completion of your outsourced project. You should follow some precautions in selection of remote developers. As a thumb rule, you should crosscheck the credentials of your selected developers to avoid contracting with fraud developers. Further, you should ask your coder about the frequency of online communication and daily progress reports.


Some of the key obstacles and their solutions are mentioned below; you can read and understand the way to eliminate these issues.

Make You’re Coders Understand Your Requirements:

Often, business organizations do not give heed to convey their exact needs to hired remote developers. This comes out as the inability of remote developers in spite of their will to serve you with utmost dedication. For this purpose, you as a business organization should always make your coders understand your needs. For example, you can ask for specific technical knowledge in your hired candidates. It will help your remote coding agency to get you the most capable developers for your job. In this way, you should not get satisfied just with their efforts of sufficing your needs. You should move onto the next step after proper completion of appropriate developers and hardware related requirements.

Quality Assurance to Augment Your Business Growth:

Check with your outsourcing service provider to know if they have a dedicated quality assurance team. Do a thorough analysis of the QA services rendered by the outsourcing firm, especially documentation and tracking. Check whether the quality standards are compatible or not. Ensure that you cross-examine everything before the application is released in the marketplace.

Don’t Let Others to Steal Your Ideas:

It is highly important to keep your project secure and unique. It is the most common instance in terms of offshore web development projects. It happens usually. You just need to make arrangements to secure your creative ideas from others. For this purpose, you can sign a non-disclosure agreement with the offshore software development company. This company should have a policy for security management of their client’s projects.

Communicate Competently, Don’t Hesitate:

You must book your communication sessions before finalizing the deals. In this way, you should inspect the communication skills of your web development team. Further, you should ask your remote coders to have specific tools for communication. You should take the written assertion to ensure periodic review textual or video chat sessions with the people involved in the project. Apart from this, you should define the most suitable communication means and approve the application of those tools in communication.

After reading all these solutions, you can save your software development outsourcing project from common obstacles of outsourcing. These tips will help you in finding the right offshore development agency to development your web development project in compliance of international software development projects. You just need to follow these tips precisely and do not need to be in some haste of completing your project on a short notice.

10 Enterprise Sustainability Trends for 2013

Sustainability has been a specialized issue for a long timeframe. Then it became the discipline of sustainability officers and compliance in-charges. Recently, sustainability has caught the fancy of C-suite executives and corporate entities, who comprehend sustainability as a core business issue. Some businesses are transforming their entire business models to become sustainable. The issue has come a long way and is here to stay. Let’s take a look at some noteworthy sustainability trends that will surface in 2013.

  1. It all About the Money: ROI and bottom line are the driving forces in enterprise sustainability programs. Sustainability as a whole can’t be the stand alone primary benefit. It is time that metrics like risk management, cost reduction, compliance and revenue gain take the front seat, or else acceptance and funding can pose real challenges.
  2. Sustainability is the First Concern: Sustainability teams operating at different levels across organizations are conjoining to form concentrated groups. These groups take complete ownership of budgets and initiatives, simplifying the execution of sustainability programs pan organizations. Sustainability programs witness a huge shift as CFOs (Chief Financial Officers) play the pilot, while other business heads including CXOs are also ready to steer. Sustainability has become the prime concern across hierarchy.
  3. Making or Breaking Deals with Green Reporting: Customer evaluation programs are taking complete advantage of sustainable reporting. Major influence is driven from buyer demand, as large companies continually ask suppliers to add energy efficiency and carbon emissions as part of their industry qualifications.
  4. Emerging Economies Render Transformation: From being just another cost saving initiative sustainability has evolved to become a comprehensive corporate transformation. And as trend organizations based in emerging economies are embracing this trend faster as compared to those based in developed economies. This is because their infrastructure and outlook will be flexible and fresh, which will enable them to adapt to sustainable best practices more efficiently.
  5. Sustainability Reports as Yearly Publications: Companies now keep a yearly track of their sustainability efforts as compared to previous call of tracking efforts every 18 to 24 months. Furthermore, they are accumulating non-financial and financial reports to bring sustainability and other business practices at the same level. This will require advanced technology solutions that can accumulate sustainability performance data from across the enterprise.
  6. Like, Share, Tweet: Corporate Social Responsibility events are exceedingly utilizing social media platforms to increase engagement on the part of investors, partners and consumers.
  7. Reducing Gallons and Cutting on Carbons: Energy, from being fixed expense, has become an asset or cost that can be managed. To do something beyond energy procurement, enterprises have started inventing in energy managers and putting in efforts to increase visibility across energy use locations. Views are shifting over water usage issues as well. Apart from water consumption, a competitive advantage is also being taken into consideration.
  8. Time to Bid Farewell to Energy-seeking IT infrastructure: As new datacenter requisites evolve the need for advanced solutions and tools will also see a hike, which will proffer infrastructure management and energy optimization. In a recent research conducted by Gartner, facts revealed that datacenter transformation is exceedingly fascinating clients, and the search rate for the term has gone up by 358% since 2008.
  9. Going Light on Carbon Supply Chains: Various industries, logistics and transportation in particular, are devising ways to manage transport systems to improvise on their supply chain initiatives and back their carbon management efforts. Enterprises will also exceedingly adopt advanced packaging materials.
  10. The Honorary Green Enterprise is…Enterprises are increasingly using ratings and recognitions to showcase the performance of their sustainability efforts to stakeholders and investors. The rating system draws attention to essential issues pertaining to sustainability and leads to more sustainable conversations on board.

10 Inspiring Drupal Based Websites

Drupal CMS is a developer’s pet ever since its inception in the IT arena. And consequently, because its user-friendly features and functionalities, it has become a favorite of users as well. Of late, various updates have been introduced in Drupal CMS but Drupal 8 will be a showstopper as far as usability issues are concerned.

It’s an undeniable fact- Drupal is loved by on and all and for this reason Drupal web development services are becoming immensely popular. And that is why 2.2% of all websites across the world are powered by Drupal.  Drupal has been known to smoothly power some of the largest websites such as the White House website. Drupal also has many more accolades in its kitty. Here’s a quick run through of some of the best websites of all time, powered by none other than the Drupal.

There are some of the best Drupal based websites of all time, for your inspiration.


1. us.wwe.com



2. www.mtv.co.uk



3. research.yahoo.com



4. jenniferlopez.com



5. www.avrillavigne.com




6. www.ubuntu.com



7. www.whitehouse.gov




8. www.examiner.com



9. ed.stanford.edu




10. www.michaeljackson.com




Xicom Technologies is an established Drupal development company providing Drupal customization and theming solutions. You can hire Drupal developers from Xicom to simplify your development process.

Automattic Announces WordPress.com Enterprise

Just as you thought there couldn’t be anything better than the present state of content management, Automattic is ready to swipe you off your feet with its new release. The company responsible for the inception of world’s most famous CMS and blogging platform WordPress.com has recently announced the release of WordPress.com Enterprise, their latest paid service. This hosted service is all set to offer users with fantastic features comparable to those of WordPress.com VIP at just a monthly rental of $500 per site. The Enterprise service has an upper hand as compared to VIP service, which comes with a price tag of $3750 per month for hosting of up to 5 websites. The Enterprise service has simplified things for users who just need to host a single website.

This service, according to Automattic, is mainly targeted to serve businesses and brands that are looking for WordPress theme customization and development solutions that can handle high traffic inflow, can host rich media content including photos and videos and is optimized for tablets and mobiles. Currently brands like the 4-Hour Chef, ESPN Digital, Moonfrye.com and JackThreads are already the Enterprise service.

The Enterprise service comes with numerous features. As per Automattic, WordPress.com’s ability to handle any amount of traffic influx, the freedom of customization given to users, the white glove support services and the web analytics of the company are a few reasons that are likely to lure customers to this new launch from WordPress.com. Just as in the case of VIP, the users of Enterprise will also get the advantage of unlimited storage, bandwidth and traffic.

Some other key features of WordPress .com Enterprise are as follows:

  • Scalability: WordPress.com ensures that sites have impressive uptime and can handle hundreds and millions of page views per day.
  • Mobile and Social Integration: All sites built using the Enterprise service on WordPress.com will be optimized to be viewed on tablets and mobile phones. Also, the sites can be integrated with all major social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Tumblr with just one click, using the Publicize feature.
  • Advertising: Using the Enterprise service, businesses will be able to run any advertising campaign of their choice on their website.
  • Support: Powered by white glove support services, the team at Enterprise will help you with any issues that you may face during the course of developing websites.
  • Target Audience Engagement: Enterprise service let’s you know your audience closely. You can get an idea of where your primary audience hails from and how did they get to know about your website.

There are graphs and maps in the Enterprise service that lets you keep an eye on the statistics. Moreover, you can easily add Google Analytics to manage your website traffic effectively. There are innumerable benefits of using the new WordPress.com Enterprise service, especially for top notch brands and business organizations. They can easily customize web solutions without the need to hire WordPress developers. Just $500 per month and their WordPress site is ready to mark their presence on the World Wide Web.

Image Source – http://vip.wordpress.com/enterprise/

Is Apple Really Banking on Microsoft Office Suite?

The rumor mills are on full churn and this time the gossip surrounds the renowned web development company, Microsoft. Though there hasn’t been any official announcement from Microsoft’s side, but gossip mongers are saying it out loud- Microsoft is developing an Office Suite for Apple’s iPhones and iPads. And this time there is an evidence of to support this rumor.

Mac4Ever, a French website dedicated to IT, has got its hand on a bunch of references that speak of Microsoft and ASP.Net based applications that have been designed keeping in mind the specifications of iOS, the operating system for Apple’s iPhone and iPad devices. In their first look, these documents appeared to incorporate a comprehensive list of product support documents.

This, however, sounds strange as Microsoft has not even mentioned once about any plans of launching Office apps for mobile platforms other than its own. So, a support document for a product called ‘Excel for iPad definitely calls for some serious sniffing and nose poking.

This can, however, either be perceived as a strange and uncalled for mistake on part of one of Microsoft’s employees or the day is nearing when Microsoft will take everyone by surprise and launch its Office applications for non-Microsoft mobile devices.

Numerous versions of Microsoft Office apps are already available for use on Mac and Apple platforms but Microsoft has majorly favored Windows as a primary platform for running the Office Suite.

This could be great news for the Apple users, but sadly they have to wait for a confirmation from Microsoft’s side.

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