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Microsoft Contrives the Future for Enterprise ASP.Net Development

As Windows 8 surfaces in the virtual arena with a bang, Microsoft has fasten it’s seat belts and is all set to improvise it’s array of development tools, in order to facilitate the developers to harness the best capabilities of the new OS. A range of new products including .Net 4.5 and Visual Studio 2012 are being shipped, but there are still numerous enhancements required, as far as enterprise ASP.Net development is concerned.

Towards the closing of October, Microsoft finally unveiled its roadmap towards the development and incorporation of new features and functionaries in ASP.Net and Web Tool 2012.2. The to-be-introduced features are sure to set the expectations of the developer fraternity soaring, however Microsoft presses that these additions are just in the planning stage. Possibilities are high that some of them might never see the daylight.

The most considerable addition to be embraced by the .Net framework is SignalR. SignalR will use WebSockets and other low-level transports to add real time functionaries to web based applications. The first version of SignalR will enable developers to add hubs and item templates to ASP.Net applications. It will be capable of integrating with both ASP.Net Web API and ASP.Net MVC. Speaking of Web API, Microsoft plans to make the support system of Windows Apps Stores more robust, add enhanced OData functionality and enable simple monitoring and tracing. MVC will also experience a facelift. The new additions to MVC will assist the developers in building applications mapping from Single Page Applications, Facebook Integration, Applications featuring Azure and real-time updating using SignalR.

Finally, Microsoft plans to add membership features to ASP.Net. The addition of this system will improve the support for modern authentication methods such as Open ID or OpenAuth. Plus, it will provide improved support for local user name and password.

ASP.Net development is likely to see new daylight in the near future. The developer fraternity is likely to be gifted with brand new functionaries that are likely to enhance the productivity of every web development company which relies on the .Net framework for all its major developmental requisites.

Best PHP Frameworks For Web Application Development

PHP is like a boon for each web development company, which wants to create appealing and dynamic websites in a cost-effective manner. In the current scenario, it has been found that PHP is being used on aprx. 20 million websites and one million web servers. Apart from this, it is also being used in a wide range of software such as leading blog provider WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Concrete5, Mybb, and Mediawiki. With the help of PHP, you can create custom applications by using PHP such as website inbuilt Chat box. Thus, if you like to create customizable PHP web application development, than you should approach a best software development company to ensure the standard quality of PHP based web applications in your website.

In your quest of using PHP web applications on your website, you need to understand top ten PHP frameworks one by one. It will give you a thorough understanding of PHP frameworks and you will be able to choose the right one for your website.

1.) Yii Framework – It is the number one PHP framework, which can be used with web 2.0 development projects. Yii framework project took place in the January of 2008 and released on December 2008. Gradually, the latest version of Yii 1.1.10 released on February 2012

2.) PhpOpenbiz Framework – PhpOpenBiz is a well known as PHP application framework, which can be used to build web-based enterprise applications. It makes use of HTTP PRC call (AJAX) for exchanging data between browser and web server.

3.) CodeIgniter Framework – Codelgniter is one of the most needful & powerful PHP frameworks for all PHP programmers. It makes PHP programmers enable in creating customized PHP web applications by using a simple toolkit. Thus, it has gained the appreciation of millions web designers.

4.) CakePHP Framework – It is an open source web application framework. In this framework, you will get built-in feature of translation, database access, caching, validation, and authentication. All such features make CakePHP a preferred framework for leading software development companies.

5.) PHPDevShell Framework – The PHPDevShell framework is an open source PHP framework. It can be used for developing high-end websites. It also has an advanced OOP and modular structure that completes most complex web based systems.

6.) Symfony Framework – Symfony framework is known as the suitable PHP framework, which can be used to develop giant web projects. Apart from this, it increases the speed of development and management of your PHP web applications.

7.) Prado Framework- Released in August 2004, Prado has gained the recognition of event driven component based framework. It can be used for developing open source and commercial applications.

8.) Zend Framework – Zend is a widely demanded open source web application framework, which is written in PHP5. This object-oriented PHP5 based framework can be used for specific web development projects.

9.) Akelos Framework – Akelos Framework is a port of Ruby on Rails development framework. It is developed to work for PHP4 and PHP5. Moreover, it provides needed help to Ruby developers for coding in PHP.

10.) eZ Components Framework – IT needs the PHP 5.2.1 or Next versions for developing PHP web applications. The recent version of eZ Components Framework released on 2009.2.1.

All of the above mentioned PHP frameworks are widely used in the web arena for increasing the value of a website. If you have website, than just approach a best software development company to make your website responsive with customizable PHP based web applications.

The Most Applauded Software Development Trends of 2012

It is almost time to bid adieu to the year 2012. The year has been quite crucial, especially for the software development industry. There have been several breakthroughs. Some technologies have been shelved while several new technologies have emerged. Those who have been associated with a software development company you are probably aware of the numerous ups and downs that the industry has faced through the year. Talking about the technologies that trended in 2012, the list is quite long, but some technologies have left a mark like none other. These can be referred to as the trend setters of the software development arena that took the development processes to a higher plane. This post discusses the top five software development trends of 2012 that were accepted by the community with arms wide spread:

1.) Cloud Security: After the introduction of cloud technology in 2011, there weren’t many takers of the technology at the initial stages. In 2012, however, there was a sudden surge in the popularity of cloud. Several cloud operators forayed into the limelight and launched their solutions. Most IT consumers have either started using cloud or are planning to migrate to cloud in the near future. Accessing, managing and storing data in cloud has taken special precedence.

2.) Data Analytics: The need of using analytics and gathering the right form of data was not felt until very recent. With social media emerging as a strong online marketing tool, marketers are now realizing the importance of using analytics and data to target the right set of audience.

3.) HTML 5: HTML 5 represents the fifth edition of HTML that are the recognized standards established for the right publication of content on the World Wide Web. The main role of HTML 5 will be to support multimedia content on meekly powered devices such as tablets and smart phones, keeping in mind the changing preferences of the internet users. Though the technology is still under continuous development, it’s demand for low-powered internet enabled devices is increasing four fold.

4.) Agile ALM: As the need to save on both time and development cost increased in 2012, Agile ALM gained immense popularity. Developers started working in collaboration in order to deliver efficiently and quickly. The demand of web based tools such as ALM’s and IDE’s also saw a steep increase in order to support agile methodologies.

These were the trends that took the year 2012 by sweep. As the New Year 2013 begins, it’s time watch out for some more engaging software development outsourcing trends.

Top Rated Software Development Company Over Elance

Xicom Technologies is amongst one of those companies which is more than 10 years old and has acquired top ratings as well as rankings on Elance. This company has followed all the important parameters on the basis of which it has established a strong credibility on the project outsourcing sites. In the current scenario, this software development company as the result of its past endeavors have been capacious enough to establish its strong repute on the online world. Additionally along with attaining the apex rankings and ratings, its CMMI Level-3 status attracts the attention of millions of clients which further helps it to grab bigger share of market pie in the IT outsourcing industry. Ranging from offering services relevant to the mobile application development to developing websites on client’s demand, this IT company’s motto is to make the timely delivery of the services as committed. All together, quality assurance is 100 percent guaranteed by Xicom Technologies in types of projects. This company provides spectrum of quality services to the clients due to which it has successfully attained best rankings on Elance.

Visit Xicom Elance Profile Herehttps://www.upwork.com/o/companies/_~012dc6b81fd6163aa5/

Services Offerings by Xicom Technologies

Outsource PHP Development ASP.NET Development Services Image Map
  • Mobile Application Development: Xicom has the dedicated team of 150 plus developers who have a vast experience in delivering the services related to mobile application development. Offering the range of services from android application development to development of applications for different types of smart phones, every kind of client’s requirement is all together met with complete perfection by the talented team of developers employed here.
  • Web Development Services: As this company offers spectrum of services in the domain of web development as well, the aspiring clients can also avail them at excellent price tags as well. Xicoms’ wide range of web development services includes development of PHP websites, E-Commerce, Magento websites, Drupal websites, development of web sites on .NET, WordPress and JAVA platforms and many more projects of different complexities are delivered on the fixed time bound schedules.
  • Re-engineering of Softwares: A perfect software re-engineering is carried keeping in close consideration all the universally accepted parameters and standards. The team of software developers in this company re-engineer every software with such an accuracy that chances of getting any run time errors in the later stages diminishes to a great extent.
  • Offshore Software Development: Xicom offers plethora of offshore software development services which includes custom software development, software migration services and software testing services. All together, the clients by procuring any of the above mentioned software development services can reap huge array of benefits in the long run.
  • Consulting and Other IT Services: With presence of IT domain experts in the company, the clients can get excellent range of business solutions and can get their issues resolved with in a short span of time. Its logically designed consumer engagement model supports the team in delivering the projects which stands up to the expectations of clients.Conclusively, its fast turn around time, top notch solutions, flexible man power utilization, development risk minimization, stringent non disclosure policies and well trained IT staff can be counted amongst the vital factors which makes Xicom technologies perfect choice for majority of clients. In fact these factors also remains one of the top most reasons due to which it got successful in procuring a strong online presence as well as best Elance ratings.

Get Robust PHP Web Applications with CakePHP

In the recent years one of the most advanced business techniques have evolved and it becomes necessary for the PHP experts to keep themselves updated with the contemporary market trends. PHP in this line is known amongst all those scripting languages and open source web development technology on which the most sophisticated databases can be communicated with an ease. This language is configured with such a finesse that all the relative frameworks like Cache PHP, Cake PHP, Joomla, Drupal, Magento can also integrated to create the most robust applications. There are in fact large number of IT companies today which generally prefer to develop most of the websites on this language. This technology is feasible in creating all types of applications where complexities involved in development are immense. PHP can be used and integrated with all kinds of operating systems, multiple software platforms and multiple data base management systems. This is in fact one of the reasons why most of the software companies in the current era are doing an aggressive outsourcing of the projects.

The other aspect of PHP web application development which has emerged over the years is its Cake PHP framework. It is a free, open-source, rapid application development framework for PHP. This framework being so sophisticated but yet advance doesn’t require any burrowing of external codes. The code structure is already organized and you just need to embed a few of them to get it developed into a full fledged site or applications. Being the antecedent of the PHP, it is likely to append a clean look to your website and the need for maintenance later stages abates by manifolds as well. By utilizing Cake PHP, you will be able to save enough time and money. In fact, you will also be able to gain much expected exposure on the search engine optimization front. Offshore PHP development companies are mostly using it because the long term benefits retained in return in the online marketing arena will surely prove to be worth commendable.

The clients who want to earn better navigability and manageability will find this framework matching well to their business requirements. Additionally, the smoother runtime operations will be instrumental in achieving much deserved position on the search engines. With the changing times, the factor of scalability is much easily adopted by the CakePHP. The best instance in this line is that it can be run easily on different types of operating systems as well as internet browsers. The over all functionality parameters are so flexible that you will not face any technical problems in the near future. For the sake of getting in sync with the latest technological trends, it is also important for you to keep on modifying its old structure and add the functionalities of new versions.

Here are some features you’ll enjoy when using CakePHP:

  • Compatible with versions 4 and 5 of PHP
  • Code Generation
  • MVC Architecture
  • Data Sanitization
  • View Helpers for AJAX, JavaScript, HTML Forms and more
  • Application scaffolding
  • Integrated CRUD for database interaction
  • Built-in validation
  • Fast and flexible templating (PHP syntax, with helpers)
  • Flexible ACL
  • Flexible licensing
  • Flexible Caching
  • Request dispatcher with clean, custom URLs and routes
  • Email, Cookie, Security, Session, and Request Handling Components
  • Localization

CodeIgniter for Rapid PHP Application Development

CodeIgniter Web DevelopmentCodeIgniter is the most advance framework of PHP web development. The complexities involved while using this framework are quite nil. Any start up person can learn to develop applications on it without putting much efforts. It is in fact, the best tool for the developers who want to develop the most dynamic websites. This framework is instrumental in delivering the projects before the stipulated time frames. The cost involved in the project deliverance is much less and the clients in fact get the best product quality in return as well.

If you as the client want to develop the project from a scratch then choosing the CodeIgniter framework can surely be the best option. It helps to integrate different technologies within the shortest span of time. Today one of the most powerful sites are running on this smart framework and these sites are getting millions of best convertible leads too. The biggest benefit of selecting this framework is that your site will always be delivered with the expected performance. CodeIgniter can prove productive to your business. It can help you to expand your operational area by providing automated functions with almost nil configurations. Additionally, the systematized and thorough documentation of the web applications can be made possible with the help of this tool.

By using this Rapid PHP Application Development tool, the web structure customization can be done easily. Even if you want to create simple web applications, using this framework can most surely help you to escape you from doing excessive coding. This framework is already provided with the automated coded structure which can save you from the hassles of burrowing the codes from any internal source repeatedly. But before initiating work on any project, the clients should confirm that the company from which they are outsourcing their project must hand over your assignment to an experienced PHP web development professionals. With an aim to get delivered with best quality, you should make sure that a developer should be knowledgeable, skillful and is very well upgraded with latest technologies. This activity will help you to get delivered with the product quality which aligns itself in sync with the universal standards and parameters.

The Best Coding Tips For Programmers

Coding is one of the most critical aspects of web and software development. It would be not entirely wrong to coin it as the soul of a web development project. All the functionalities and features of a web application are controlled by codes written for each function. Whether you provide PHP web application development, .Net development, Java web development or any other web development services, you will be required to write code for each and every one.

However, it has been observed that most amateur developers (even some experienced ones) tend to write their code without thinking much. This kind of impulsive coding is not considered appropriate for developing quality solutions. Mentioned below are some of the best coding tips and practices for all web application development professionals.

Avoid Rewriting The Code And Try To Rework It: Most of the developers find it easier and appealing to just clean the system and start writing their own code based on the knowledge that they have gained till then. This might not be the best practice for writing code as there is another more effective and easier way of doing it. Try to work at one piece at a time. Understand them from inside and then change them right from the core. Try working on one piece at a time and you would do great.

Understand The Requirements Before You Start Typing: Even before you type a single line of code, it is required that you first understand everything about the solution. Make sure that you have grasped the idea correctly and could imagine exactly how the solution would work. It has been observed that most of the amateur developers end up creating poor solutions that do some part of the required function as they started working on the project without completely understanding the requirements.

Start From Small And Then Build Upon It: Never jump upon complex solutions immediately. Programmers working in a software development company should understand that solutions are developed through simple ways and not by making things complex. Start with small things and then build upon them. It would be better to use iterative development methodology.

Evaluate Your Ideas By Consulting Experienced Developers: A developer having more experience than you in software development services is likely to have already came across the kind of situation that you are dealing with. Try out your ideas and concepts on such developers before you move forward with them. Further, search articles and blogs related to your project’s complexities in order to get proper information.

Coding of a web application development solution holds huge importance in the success or failure of a project. This makes it very important for developers to take it very seriously and conduct it with proper care.

Explaining The MVC Architecture

.NET MVC Development Company

ASP.NET MVC Development

The software development is becoming more and more complex with the passage of time. With increasing number of developers working on a single large project, it is required that the solution is split into various modules so that it easier to manage the project as a whole. The MVC architecture is one of the most effective techniques to do so. A web development company could create highly scalable and reliable business solutions for its clients by using this model for developing web solutions. MVC stands for Model View Controller and the meaning & significance of each of its word is explained below.


Model: Objects that are present in the RAM memory collectively form the Model. This data has been retrieved from the database and brought into the RAM memory for further processing.

View: The way data is presented on the screen is known as view. For static web pages the view comprises of objects stored on the server whereas for RIA (Rich Internet Application) it can reside on the machine at client’s end through various native data structures or JavaScript objects.

Controller: The controller refers to the requests and manages the responses for the application.

The MVC pattern allows developers to separately conduct the development of business logic and the GUI of the software. Thus, both designers and developers can work simultaneously on the project without disturbing the part concerned with the other one. An experienced .Net MVC development company can effectively use it for developing robust solutions that provide flawless performance. Further, it also facilitates quick development of solutions which provides better opportunities for both client and the service provider.

Xicom Offerings Expert Web Developers For Hire

Xicom is a highly reputed CMMI Level 3 and ISO 9001:2008 certified web development company offering top-notch software solutions and web solutions to businesses and organizations spread all over the globe and functioning in diverse business verticals.

As a web developers company, Xicom offers some of the industry’s most experienced and capable web developers for hire. With more than 250 expert web developers having an average of 5+ years of experience, Xicom holds a very strong and awe-inspiring position in the web development industry. Since last 8 years, Xicom has held the position of the top rated service provider and web developers company over Elance.

Benefits of hiring web developers from Xicom:

  • You get access to a wide-range of PHP experts having diverse skills and good experience in relevant technologies.
  • An associate project manager is appointed to you without charging anything extra for it.
  • State of the art IT infrastructure having latest technologies and modern equipments. It is armed with best facilities that includes staging server, project management system, SVN and network support.
  • Capable web developers for hire are available and could be staged up and functioning in less than 24 hours.
  • You have complete control over the team structure, including involvement and replacement.
  • You are engaged with a web developers company which offers transparent engagement process and comprehensive reporting procedures.
  • You get to exercise complete control over your projects flow. Agile software development strategy ensures that you see your project being developed in real-time.
  • Complete intellectual property protection is offered to you through non-disclosure agreement (NDA).

Web developers for hire are available at Xicom Technologies for all the major web development platforms and technologies. Xicom is well known for offering total client satisfaction to its clients even if it requires extra effort and extra office hours. Delivering perfection is our aim and we are satisfied at nothing less than that.

Ten Things To Remember While Hiring A Business Analyst

The role of business analysts is very critical in IT organizations as they bridge the gap between client and the resources working on client’s project in the development department. They play a very active and fully involved part in the development of solutions while performing little or no actual hands-on role in the development of solutions. A business analyst is the one who gets pointed out by both user and the IT department in case of any contrary situation. The IT department usually blames them for not having the exact knowledge of what they do and the client confronts the business analyst in case the solution delivered by IT department is executing properly but is not doing what they exactly required from it.

The role of a business analyst may sound very challenging but it is also challenging to hire a business analyst who can fit in the role perfectly. Organizations find it very tricky when they go out to hire business analyst as the required skills, knowledge and experience for the position are often hard to define.

Here are 10 things to look for while going out to hire a business analyst:

  1. Experience of being in the role of an analyst: While hiring a highly experienced person is always beneficial but there is nothing wrong in choosing someone at the entry level for such a position. However, if you go for a candidate at entry level then make sure that the person has a knack for analyzing things and could communicate them effectively.
  2. The candidate should have experience in the right IT department: There are many departments in an IT company and it is your responsibility to find out the kind of IT knowledge that will be relevant to the role of BA in your organization. You can talk to your developers and programmers in order to find out the technologies for which the business analyst should show some experience.
  3. Internal Hiring: You can always look for the candidates in your own organization. The best part of this method is that the person would be having good knowledge of your organization and thus could prove very effective.
  4. The external candidates: The problem with internal resources is that they might have so much experience in their current techniques that they are not able to see the room for improvement in them. Thus external candidates might prove much better in this context.
  5. Good documentation capability: If you hire a business analyst then make sure that he/she has the ability to express the requirements properly on a sheet of paper. In short, they should be good at making documentations.
  6. The candidate should have good problem solving skills: A business analyst will frequently find himself in situations where good problem solving skills will be required. You should take proper tests to ensure that the candidate has these skills.
  7. How much industry knowledge is required in the candidate: While it is always tempting to hire business analyst who has huge industry experience in your segment. However, it is not always necessary to have a candidate who has deep knowledge of your industry. You need to decide whether it is required or not.
  8. The basic job skills: You need to test candidates for basic skills required for the job such as the ability to create and give presentations, use scheduling softwares to setup meetings and the knowledge of Web conferencing software.
  9. A business analyst must be self motivated: The most suitable choice for the job will be a person who can do things on his own without being micromanaged at every stage. You need to evaluate the candidates on the basis of how well they can work on their own.
  10. Communication skills: The business analyst will have to communicate on a daily basis with both clients and IT department. Therefore it is necessary that he has the proper communication skills. Further, it is also important that he is a people’s person as he will have to deal with people on a regular basis and it is important that he can work with others without creating any friction.

We hope that this post will help you while you set out to hire a business analyst for your business. We will soon be coming up with more informative content for you.

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