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Tips to remember while starting project with an IT outsourcing company

Outsourcing is unavoidable for businesses and organizations in current market scenario. The tough competition and diminishing margins leave little choice for them other than to outsource their non core business activities and requirements to an offshore service provider.

IT requirements are the most outsourced process by business and organizations as developing solutions in-house is very costly and requires a lot of time to set-up and actually start developing the solutions. However, most of the organizations and other clients complain that they are not able to get the desired solutions from their development partner. This is because they actually don’t know how to deal with an IT outsourcing company and how to move forward with the project.

Here are some of the most effective tips that will help clients in working with the IT outsourcing company:

Hire someone local: It is always better to have someone on your side who originally belongs to the country you are outsourcing to. Make sure the person understands the dialect spoken in that very region of the country as usually there are many languages and dialects in a country. If the person is from another country then make sure that there isn’t any cultural or long standing cold war between your guy’s country and the country you are outsourcing to.

Invest some time on them: The people working at the other end are also human beings like you and they also need some nurturing and time to feel comfortable and attached. Take out some time to give an occasional call or you can even visit them if it is feasible.

Give task in packets: If your project is big or very complex then make sure that it is not served as a whole to the IT outsourcing company. First get a well formulated and thorough documentation of specifications and requirements. Then break the project into milestones and further divide it into yet smaller packages. Now you can start assigning the task to the service provider one by one. This will allow you to judge the quality and performance of the service provider before they go too deep into the project and you have spent a lot of time and money.

Know the team working on your project: It is a common business practice to assign a mixed team consisting of expert resources, ok resources and raw resources. It is your responsibility to make sure that this business practice does not get the best of you. Ask for resumes of people assigned to your project and have a brief interview if possible.

Single point of communication: The guy that you assign in the first point of this post should be the one and only point of communication between your company and the other software development company. The more people you include in communication, the more people you will have pointing at each other in case of some fault or misunderstanding. It is better to have a single point of communication through which all the communication happens.

We hope that this post would have been informative to you and would help you in better management of your IT projects. We will soon be coming up with more informative and interesting posts for you.

New App to Add Enemies On Facebook

All of us who use Facebook (and I don’t think there would be many who could say they don’t have an account) would be familiar with concept of adding friends on it. However, there is a new app now that allows users to identify and show people, food, things, food or anything else as “enemies”. The “EnemyGraph” is a newly launched Facebook app that is not developed by any organization or web development company but by a professor and two students from the University of Texas at Dallas.

The app was released on 15th march and allows users to share anything having a Facebook presence as an enemy. People, organizations and institutions with liberal views and thinking have shown special interest in this app and the list includes some famous names such as Rick Santorum, Fox News and Westboro Baptist Church. Dean Terry, who is a professor and the person who conceptualized the application, says that the story coverage of their app by media has played a major role in popularizing the app and initiating the much awaited and usually not discussed things about the nature of social networks and Facebook in particular.

Terry says “One thing that has always struck me is the enforced niceness culture. We wanted to give people a chance to express dissonance as well. We’re using the word enemy about as accurately as Facebook uses the word friend.”

Further he adds that the application has much wider and effective implementation. He explains that organization and business are always looking to collect information about social media users and base their finding on the things that they like or support. However, The EnemyGraph would now help them in collecting data regarding the things, situations or anything else that users don’t like and could base their future products and services on the findings.

Currently, organizations hire an offshore software development company and acquire solutions that would help them in gaining as much information about user’s behavior and likes. Now this app will help them in understanding exactly what things users don’t like and formulate their products accordingly to get maximum benefits for their business.

Their main attempt is to provide users with a chance to express dissonance rather than the long held presence of enforced niceness over social media. This is not the first attempt by Terry to do something really innovative for the social media users and give more choices to them. Previously he had teamed up with Griffith last year and created a Twitter service called Undetweetable which allowed twitter users to uncover their deleted tweets posthumously. The project was shut down by twitter as it started gaining popularity. Terry expresses his concern that the EnemyGraph application may also have similar fate.

Need a PHP developer? Why You Should Hire Xicom Technologies?

Xicom offers highly skilled and capable PHP developers to its various clients spread all across the world. Today, the internet and information technology has affected every sphere of our life. Consumers and organizations both cannot ignore its impact and the need to adapt according to the current trend. PHP web development is the most effective and widely used technology for developing web applications now. Organizations usually hire PHP developers from a leading web development company and get their solutions custom built by them.

If you also need a PHP developer for your project then you need to look for them no more. We at Xicom technologies offer most talented, professional and experienced PHP coder for dedicated hire to our clients. Here are some of the reasons why you should hire Xicom technologies:

  • Xicom offers access to a very wide range of skilled PHP resources. Clients can get the benefits of multi-skills by hiring PHP coders and programmers from Xicom.
  • An associate project manager is assigned for every project, i.e. for each client. This person makes sure that the work is assigned to PHP programmers at proper time and for required duration. This person communicates with the client on a daily basis and makes sure that proper flow of information is maintained. The best part is that this associate project manager is provided free of cost.
  • Xicom maintains a state of the art infrastructure and software development centre where dedicated PHP developers can work and develop top-notch solutions. Armed with latest technologies and hi-tech equipments, Xicom maintains all the required facilities such as staging server, SVN, network support and project management system.
  • Clients have the full control over their hired resources and can control the working of hired PHP developers.
  • Xicom follows a fair and transparent engagement process which is best complimented by the comprehensive reporting methodology followed here.
  • Non disclosure agreement and established intellectual property protection & security measures ensures that all the critical and sensitive information stays confidential.

Since last 10 years, Xicom Technologies has been serving its clients with highly reliable and business centric software solutions. Fueled by a strong team of more than 250 skilled IT experts, Xicom works on the principle of total client satisfaction and offers highly cost-effective solutions that are comparable to any other similar software in the world.

Benefits of Software Development Outsourcing

Software Development Outsourcing activities have been prevalent since more than a decade now. In the past decade, organizations started realizing that they cannot do everything on their own and it is better to outsource the non-core activities rather than struggling to manage them in spite of lack of knowledge, expertise and resources. There are many advantages of hiring a software development company and outsourcing your IT work to them. Some of the most prominent benefits that attract organizations in developing countries for outsourcing their IT work to offshore locations are:Outsource Software Development

Cost savings: The most important factor that attracts organizations towards software development outsourcing is the cost benefits offered by it. Organizations save the money that would have been otherwise spent on infrastructure setup and employee hiring. Further, maintaining a development centre and the related resources is also very costly.

Quality solutions: A software development company can offer much better and reliable solutions compared to the in-house solutions. They have proper knowledge, experience and resources to complete the work in time and accurately.

Extra funds for core activities: By outsourcing their work, clients save a lot of money which can be invested in various core functions of the organizations and thus enhance their performance.

World-class technology: Developing software solutions is the core function of software development companies therefore it is mandatory for them to maintain a state of the art development center with all the latest and popular technologies. With these technologies they can deliver a highly reliable and unique solution that can help clients in boasting their performance.

Focus on core activities: By outsourcing their IT requirements organizations can save a lot of time and focus on their core business activities. With extra resources and time, organizations can perform much better and enhance their business.

There are many more benefits of hiring a software development company from offshore locations but the above mentioned ones are the most important ones. Today, software development outsourcing is a very common practice in organizations and businesses. This requires them to be very careful while hiring the software development company for their business requirements.

How to Hire an iPhone Developer or iOS Developer

In-spite of all the competition and rumors, iPhone is still the most popular mobile platform available in the market. iOS, the operating system behind every iPhone is among the best mobile operating systems available for smart-phone users. iPhone still holds the largest share of mobile users in the Smartphone category and is now kind of a status symbol for users. The wide reach and user base of iPhone has attracted many individuals and organizations that develop and launch their own apps for iPhone users. The primary aim being profit making from the apps whether it is directly or through marketing and promotion.

Hire iPhone Developers or Hire iOS Developers India

iPhone Application Development

Most of the individuals and organizations hire iPhone developers from an experienced and reputed iPhone development company and get their applications built by them. However, hiring iPhone developers could be time consuming and tough if clients don’t have proper knowledge. Mentioned below are some tips that will help you in hiring iPhone developers.

Register yourself and get an Apple ID: The first thing that you need to do is to register yourself as an iPhone developer. iPhone applications are first approved by Apple and only then they are made available on app store. Your developer ID will help you in configuring your bank account for direct deposit of profits that you generate through your app. However, 30% of the sales amount goes to Apple Inc.

NDA: Make your iPhone developers sign the non disclosure agreements. NDAs are very important in situations where you have a unique idea and want to protect it from getting misused by anyone else. However, you can avoid the NDA if the idea has already been implemented and an app exists for the same in the app store.

Define the Requirements: One of the most popular methods of hiring iPhone developers is by putting the project on various project bidding websites where service providers bid on projects that they find interesting. Make sure that you have defined the requirements of the project in such a way that each iPhone developer who is bidding on your project is able to have fairly similar estimate about the functionality and features of the application.

Be serious for your Project: You will be filling a lot of quote forms on websites and posting the project on bidding sites. Make sure that you are available on the phone numbers that you leave in there. Check your mails regularly and send prompt and proper replies to them. Do proper research about your project, its requirements and estimate a realistic budget and talk about it in detail with the iPhone development company that approaches you.

Agree on the budget and decide the payment schedule: Make sure that you have finalized the exact development cost of the application and got it in writing before you start with the project. Further, decide the payment schedule and how it will occur. The industry standard is 50% down payment followed by two payments of 25% percent each. The first occurs after the completion of a decided milestone and the last occurs at the time of application submission to Apple.

The above procedure is a well tested and effective strategy to hire iOS developers or an iPhone development company. It has now become a standard industry norm to follow the above mentioned strategy for hiring iPhone development companies. We hope that it will help you in hiring iPhone or iOS developers for your projects.

Effective Custom PHP Development from Xicom Technologies

PHP Development Company

PHP Development Company - Xicom Technologies

Web application development and website development are now a necessity for all businesses and organizations. It is important for businesses to have a strong and impressive online presence in order to survive in this tough competitive business environment. PHP has been one of the most prominent and widely used web development frameworks used by web development companies all over the world for developing web solutions and deploying them to their clients. Most clients hire a PHP development company from offshore locations such as India, Bangladesh, etc and get their solutions built from them.

Xicom Technologies is a CMMI level 3 and ISO 9001:2008 certified PHP development company offering a wide range of solutions based on custom PHP development for online portals, e commerce websites, corporate websites, web applications, business blogs, content management systems, business applications and many more. Since last 10 years, Xicom has been offering highly reliable, effective and robust Custom PHP development solutions to more than 500 clients including clients from fortune 1000 companies spread across diverse business verticals.

Xicom Technologies offers effective custom PHP development solutions that are built around the exact business requirements of the clients and allow them to extract most out of the solutions for their businesses. The web development services are offered from three fully equipped state of the art development centers located in New Delhi, the capital of India. Further, Xicom is among the top web development service providers over Elance with 100% recommendation from its users, something that is not enjoyed by many contractors. Xicom has earned a 5 start rating over Elance, the highest rating possible, and is firmly positioned among the top revenue generating service providers.

Xicom specializes in custom PHP development as it was one of the first technologies on which Xicom started offering its services a decade ago. Since then Xicom has delivered complete client satisfaction along with all its solutions whether it be small projects such as professional blog development or huge projects such as enterprise solutions based on custom PHP development.

Communicating Your Requirements To A Software Development Company

Offshore Software Development CompanyIt might seem a very simple and straight forward task but effectively communicating your software requirements is a much more critical and planned task. A lot depends upon it as effective communication is essential for acquiring useful solutions.

Mentioned below are some tips that will help you in effectively communicating your requirements to a software development company.

  • Mention a few similar websites to the web development company. Also mention things you like about them and things you don’t like about them.
  • Also inform them about your competitors.
  • Define your website in terms of adjectives such as sophisticated, classic etc
  • Inform the web development company about the data to be entered by the user and the information that the application is expected to produce.
  • If possible, gather and provide all the related documentation for your website.
  • Describe all the major features of your website in detail. Each feature should be explained clearly with inputs for all the possible usage situations.
  • If you wish to develop a part of the solution yourself then inform this to your development partner. Tell them the responsibilities that you will be handling and discuss how it will function along with the solution developed by them.
  • Finally check whether all the information has been conveyed or not. Even if you feel that a particular detail is very small, still you should convey it to the web development company.

Xicom technologies is among the top 100 web development companies in India where clients from all over the world come for solutions regarding their web requirements. Xicom, a prominent software development company believes in delivering total client satisfaction and understands that it is only possible if proper and effective communication is maintained between both the parties.

Impact of Facebook App Development On Businesses

Facebook is, without any doubt, one of the most heavily visited social platform over the internet. The huge traffic brings loads of new and exciting opportunities for all businesses. Businesses and organizations can easily acquire attractive and effective Facebook applications that can enhance and boost their business.

Let us see how Facebook application development can impact a business:

Branding Benefits: Give your business exposure to a platform where soon 1 billion users will be navigating. Yes, Facebook has estimated 1 billion users by august this year.

Client Engagement and Awareness: Facebook application development provides a highly effective tool through which businesses can keep their clients informed of all the latest and relevant information about their services. New products and services can be easily conveyed to them over a place where they are most likely to hangout on a regular basis. This helps in creating loyalty in your costumers towards your brand.

Lead Generation: If you can effectively convey your message to such a wide audience then chances of generating business leads are greatly increased. Including some entertainment and attractive features on the app would further help in lead generation.

Customer Feedback: Clients and customers can leave their comments and suggestions about your services and products via your Facebook app. These suggestions will be very helpful in formulating your future business strategies. Make sure that feedbacks could be easily given by clients over your application.

Organizations and businesses can always hire an experienced software development company having expertise in Facebook application development and procure business centric Facebook applications for their businesses.

Top 5 Reasons to use WordPress as a CMS

WordPress is one of the most widely used open source content management system for web development purposes. It is used by almost every web development company for creating blogs and websites.

The top 5 reasons to use WordPress as a content management system are:

User Interface: The most significant feature of WordPress is its user interface that makes content management a very easy task. Users with limited technical knowledge can also work on WordPress and manage their blogs and websites. It is the best CMS for everyday user.

Plug-ins: There are numerous plug-ins available in WordPress. Almost any functionality can be achieved through these plug-ins. Further, if you think that there is no plug-in for a particular function then you can get a custom built plug-in for yourself.

Great Themes Available: A WordPress theme controls the look and design of the website. These themes are available at very low cost over internet. Users can select a suitable theme from thousands of themes available online and implement it on their website.

Support: WordPress has one of the largest online communities that is very loyal to it. You can always find help and solutions for problems that you may face while developing websites over WordPress. Just search for it and you will get access to numerous forums and websites that provide help to such users.

It Is Free: WordPress is an open source technology therefore it is available for free. This attracts a lot of developers and clients to this Platform.

Creating a blog or website on WordPress is very easy but for high quality solutions clients should hire a web development company and get their solutions built by them. Xicom technologies is a highly reputed web development company and offers world class solutions on all major web development platforms and technologies.


Xicom Technologies: Delivering Impeccable iPhone Applications

iPhone applications are the most in-demand mobile application development solutions today. The attractive features, sleek design and high prices have made iPhone a status symbol that everyone wants to flash around. Xicom offers highly attractive and impeccable iPhone applications designed around the specific requirements of the client. These applications further enhance the capabilities of iPhone mobiles.

Xicom aims at providing futuristic iPhone & iPad application development services to its clients that are really effective in their business activities. Xicom utilizes latest cutting edge technologies to create highly innovative and robust applications for iPhones and iPads and thus actualizes client’s ideas into real world entities.

Various tools and technologies used expertly at Xicom technologies are:

  • Xcode
  • iPhone SDK (software development kit)
  • Cocoa Touch
  • Objective C
  • Other normally used tools for designing and development

Xicom boosts of an impressive and awe inspiring presence of more than 10 years in the web development and mobile application development industry. Moreover, Xicom Elance profile clearly shows that it is the only web development company over Elance with 100% recommendation from clients and a 5 start rating. This makes Xicom the number one web development service provider with only a very few others that stand anywhere close to it.

Xicom Technologies Ltd.

Founded in the year 2002, Xicom is a CMMI Level-3 and ISO 9001:2008 certified offshore software development and web application development company with a strong team of 150+ highly skilled IT experts, catering result-oriented and cost-competitive solutions to SMEs across the world. Let's Work Together!