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What Experts Have To Say About Android App Development Services?

After the advent of powerful smartphones and tablets the Android app development has been on the steep rise. In the present scenario, the market for Android apps is growing at a very rapid pace and the apps developed today are getting a big round of applause in the global market. The beauty of Android apps lies in its open-source technology which makes these apps easy to use and quick to update.
Today the Android powered apps are dominating the mobile app development market. You cannot deny the fact the Android app development platform has opened up the new opportunities and possibilities for the app developers, business owners and marketers. If you wish to develop an app, then you can Hire Android app developer who will provide you with a stable app that too built as per your requirement. From eye-catchy games to feature-rich business apps the Android app store is stuffed with plenty of amazing apps that are capable of meeting all the requirements of the users.

Android app development services

The Android platform offers a wide variety of libraries which a developer can use for extending the capabilities of an app. Besides this, the Android Software Development Kit (SDK) can also do wonders as it enables the developers to create visually appealing and creative apps that will undoubtedly improve the utility of your equipment. Nowadays the Android application development services are in high demand so you can easily find a company which offers this service. The Android OS provides complete freedom to the app developers so that they can portray their imagination and develop innovative apps.

Every businessman wishes to expand his business frontier in the best possible manner. With the help of Android apps, these modern day entrepreneurs are trying to pitch their customers who are engaged in the mobile sphere. The Android platform has a broad range of features that brings both tangible and non-tangible benefits to the business. No matter you have a simple or complex requirement, these apps will fulfil your each and every need in an efficient manner. These Android apps will not only simplify your business process but will also assist you in efficiently handle the varied aspects of your business.

In general, Android apps are acting as a powerful and highly lucrative mode of advertising & promoting the business among new and existing customers. With the help of a mobile app, you can also create the desired brand awareness that will help you get your business recognised in the global market. In simple words, an Android app will take your business to the next level. In order to gain a stronghold in the app market, you need to come up with a robust and scalable app.

There are a plethora of companies that specialise in providing comprehensive app development services. Besides this, you can also hire foreign firms who also offer quality services but at affordable prices. These foreign companies have a team of skilled and well-experienced developers who have in-depth knowledge about the tools and techniques involved in the app development process. By hiring the services of a prominent app developer, you can come up with a feature-rich and fully-functional app.

Look out for an app developer who has sound technical knowledge and possesses requisite skills. To know more about this sector or to locate the best app developer you can take help of the internet technology.

Why Do People Say Mobile App Development Is A Money Making Business ?

Since the of smart phones and tablets popularity of Android applications has increased Hundreds of new and advanced applications feature in the app store, adding flexibility to the lives of the people. The applications are made by researching the needs of the people or for entertainment. Regardless of the use, these apps provide a comprehensive service with the help of android platform.

In the times, when android devices are in the days of glory, investing in android app development is the choice of the wise. Mobile application developers have already understood the potential of the market and are creating applications. For a Mobile application development company, who plans on entering the app development business, here is a list of facts to ensure that it is a good deal

Flexible And Versatile Development Procedure

Android development provides great flexibility to the app developers. The fact that the android platform can be customized to ground level gives freedom of development. Web integrations are easy in Android and changes can be made with ease. The Android platform is versatile. Which means that a developer can make any kinds of changes without much restrictions.

Android Apps Are Low Budget Projects

For new firms, that take up the app development, it comes as a surprise. The cost to develop android based applications are nominal. This is because the SDK, or the software development kit for android can be availed from the internet, without any costs. Tools required for app development can be simply downloaded without spending a dime. The only reasonable charges are associated with the fee of the developer. And by hiring any offshore developer, the costs can be further reduced.

Mobile application development services

Play Store Is A Flourishing Market

Google Play Store is the busiest digital market in the world with thousands of app downloads taking place every minute. It has become the common man’s store to get the best apps. Google Play Store is the chief host for android applications.

Google Play Store has a never ending process of android device users coming in and picking the desired applications. This makes the android apps more reachable to the potential audience.

Unbelievable Graphics Support

Graphics play a major role in targeting the audience. A good user interface of an app works as an eye candy that attracts the users towards it. Android platform has built-in features for graphics in 2 dimensions as well as 3 dimensions. This is important to encourage more people to download the app.

Adaptable Platform For Future Modifications

Java is used for android app development, which is the basic programming language. Hence, any developer who has sound knowledge of Java can make android apps. In future, if the app reports bugs of any kinds, you do not need to reach the same developer who wrote the codes.

Any developer who has experience in Java programming can resolve the issues and even create the latest versions of the existing app.


The Android operating system is the leading OS for new age Smartphones that have already taken the market by sweep.The android devices are the future because the price-to-features ratio is remarkable. So it is reasonable, in every aspect, to get into the app development business and create breathtaking apps.

For A Fully-Functional Mobile App Hire A Reliable App Development Company

In the past couple of years, their has been a steep rise in the mobile applications because of the overnight boom in the sale of smartphones and tablets. The increased usage of these smartphones has further enhanced the development of different types of mobile apps. For instance, Apple’s app store features apps that will only run on devices that are installed with iOS similarly Google’s Android and Windows have their respective app stores and operating systems.
The Android app store which is also known as Google Play features a collection of over a million apps. These applications are divided into different categories like entertainment, games, shopping, travel, social media, personalization and much more. Thanks to the Android powered smartphones Android Application Development has gained immense popularity across the globe.
Given below are the few advantages of hiring an app development company which is essential for building a feature-rich and fully-functional app:

mobile application development services

1. Open Source SDK:
The Android OS is based on the Linux Kernal and uses object-oriented JAVA as its primary code development language. Android comes with an open-source SDK (Software Development Kit) that consists of an extensive range of inbuilt libraries and API’s that assist in designing & developing feature-rich mobile applications. These open-source SDK’s are readily available to the developers.
2. Low on budget and high on returns:
If you own a recently started business and planning to create a mobile app to reach out to the huge amount of consumers, it’s best that you hire the services of an Android app development firm. You can also outsource your app development project which will help you save both time and money. By outsourcing your work to an Android Development Company, your can easily get high returns on your investment.
3. Intuitive Design:
To further enhance their performance the Android applications use core functionalities of the hardware. The apps developed using the Android SDK are quite user-friendly, have intuitive controls and navigation panels which make an app easy to use.
4. On-time Delivery:
All the professional app development firms understand the importance of delivering the projects on time. It will be good that you hire an app developer who is known for on-time delivery of apps. Before you officially launch your app make sure you test it properly and eliminate all the errors and bugs so that you can provide your users with an app which is free from any form of technical glitches.
5. Skilled and experienced team of technology experts:
It will be good that you hire a team of experienced developers who have complete knowledge about the ongoing and upcoming market trends. Make sure the company which you are hiring offers customized services, best ideation and uses professional development tools and technologies to develop an app as per the requirements of the clients.
If you want to take your business beyond geographical boundaries, then a mobile app is a perfect tool for doing so. You will reap multiple benefits by hiring the services of an app development company. Make sure you are hiring professional developers who procure proper skills and tools that are necessary for the development of a perfect mobile app.

Is Android An Up And Coming Development Trend Or Another Fad?

Undoubtedly Android is holding the position of the most widely used mobile operating systems in the current development world.

Talking about the global market share it hold a whooping 80% of share. Device Independence is one of the main reason what makes this platform such a widely used one. This implies that you do not need a proprietary hardware to access this particular operating system unlike it competitor such as iOS.


It is an open source software that can be installed on numerous devices of developed by different manufacturers and models. Though this might be quite a challenging task for those who develop application for this platform . The reason being is the varied range of devices due to which the developers need to make sure that the devices and all its functionalities are in accordance to the and are can function well on all the devices.


Further we know that the mobile market is also a volatile market which means that the trends quickly come and go. We up with new device every now and then and this is the reason why we consider the mobile market as a volatile market. This is one of the main reason why it is quite a task for the developers to match pace with the trends.




As per the statistic we know that smartphones have a global market share captured by mobile operating systems since 2009 and as recorded in 2014 is considerably rising. Talking about individual market share we have Symbian that holds a share of 46.9 percent back then in 2009.

With this there were about 296.65 million smartphones purchased by users in 2010. However, as per the first quarter of 2012, Android took the control and had a market share of 56.1 percent among all the smartphones.



According to current statistics we can say that Android sure has a gleaming future, but this ever-changing technology you never know what future has in its store. In this blog we will take a look at all the feature of Android app development that can help the developers to face the future.



According to Google, the complete Android ecosystem has seen a great change after the introduction of Android Lollipop. Apart from this there are numerous wearable devices that can allow you to the operating system keeping the base. Apart form this we have Android Studio that has worked in order to considerably improve the way people work in using traditional IDE – Eclipse.



Apart from this we have automation tools are also introduced from Google. It greatly helps programmers to fragment their mobile apps into different fragments and assign configuration settings for improving the speed. Material design is also growing in its popularity with the fame of Lollipop, this design has also been incorporated into the UI of Lollipop operating system as well.

This design has completely redefined the user experience. Apart from this smart watches were also introduce that have proved to be a watershed for the development. This has considerably improved the way people now program and have improved the way they now program. When it comes to evolution we are well aware of the fact that wearables are going to be the next stage of mobile app development.

All in all!

The past statistics we know that the Android has become one of the most up and coming operating system in the development world. Apart from this there are ample lot of avenues for programmers such as wearables that are shaping up the new level of development. This implies that Android certainly has a gleaming future and is not just another fad.

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