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Why Is ASP.NET Better For Web Development Than Other Frameworks

The choice of web framework varies from one business to another. Some organizations prefer the web framework according to their specific needs. Whereas others go for the popular open source frameworks for project development. According to the latest statistics of framework usage, ASP.NET is the most popular framework among the commonly used web frameworks like Ruby on Rails, J2EE or Adobe ColdFusion.

Microsoft recently introduced several improvements in ASP.NET to make it better than other web frameworks. Along with being an open source and cross-platform, Asp.Net facilitate many features that enable a .NET developer to create modern web applications. The framework was already good but some latest modifications has taken the technology in a different dimension.


While working with ASP.NET, developers have the ability to choose from three different runtimes, which are

  • Core CLR
  • .NET CLR
  • Cross Platform CLR

The core CLR runtime enables the developers to simultaneously run new and old version of a code. At the same time, Cross Platform CLR enables to run the .NET development applications on other common platforms like Windows, Apple OS X or Linux. By default, .NET CLR lets the programmers to make applications that can work on existing .NET frameworks. Thus, the developers can choose the runtime according to the compatibility and requirements of the application.

In the present time, enterprises use cloud services for development and deployment of necessary web applications. As a result, the developers have to work extra to deploy the projects in cloud. ASP.NET come with cloud-ready configuration. This makes it easier for the web developers to set up the applications in cloud easily and in less time. More time can be saved during project deployment by transforming the project to an azure cloud project. This way the project is deployed directly.

Modern websites have a complex nature. This makes the web developers to reach out for different frameworks and code models at the same time. Most of the frameworks require different code models. So the developer has to switch from one language to another. A developer can save himself from getting into the fuss with the help of ASP.NET. The technology features a combined programming model called model view controller (MVC). The MVC has multiple frameworks including

  • MVC
  • Web Pages
  • Web API
  • SignalR
  • Identity

The unified MVC code model makes it easier for developers to create a website without making any modifications to the code. Some other benefits a developer can get from MVC are built-in dependency injection, better routing and controller creation from any class.

Microsoft has recently updated the Visual Studio in accordance with the requirements of current web based applications. The featured benefit the programmers to slash the project development time. The latest version of Microsoft Visual Studio enables the programmers in creating client-side by using popular frameworks like

  • Bower
  • Gulp
  • Bootstrap
  • Grunt
  • AngularJS

Being an open source framework, ASP.NET can be used by enterprises to power their brand. Businesses can take advantage of the robust technology to add latest features in the web applications with little to none investment.

Xicom Tops the List of Best ASP.NET Development Companies, Worldwide by CrowdReviews.com

CrowdReviews.com has announced the list of Top 10 ASP.NET Development Companies across the world and Xicom Technologies Ltd. has secured the first position with an overall score of 41.1. The survey was conducted by the reviews of the customers they experienced during their work encounter with the companies, and the reviews were based on their comments. Clients gave their full contribution and were forthright while expressing their opinion on these firms.

Crowd Reviews utilizes its proprietary analysis methodology and in-depth research to identify the leading IT companies, which consistently offer high performance software development services. The evaluation was done across a range of five parameters viz. Review Strength, Engagement Strength, Verified Status, Profile Strength and Reviewer Strength.

On this achievement, we asked the take of Xicom’s CEO, Mr. Rahul Mahajan and he said, “It’s an honor that all out clients deem us fit to serve them, and this would not have been possible without the commitment put in by our team, so a big round of applause to them. I would also like to thank CrowdReviews.com on behalf of Xicom to provide such an excellent platform through which we can directly reach out to those who need genuine services.” He continued saying, “We strive hard to provide robust, interactive and dynamic ASP.NET Development services. We are grateful to our loyal clients for writing true reviews to the survey sites like CrowdReviews.com. It builds a close relationship with them.”

When asked about the key ingredients for their success, he added “The Web and mobile development has inflated so much that there is no particular formula, as the requirements of each business are distinct. So in short you need to improve your tensile strength and meet up to their expectations, and the credit goes to our development team that renders competitive solutions to our customers. I would also like to thank our clients for taking out time from their schedule and shower on us their reviews through firms like CrowdReviews.com. This instills us the confidence to keep up the job.”

About CrowdReviews.com

CrowdReviews.com is a reliable US-based platform that helps software consumers in finding the most suitable software vendors worldwide. The platform openly discusses on the quality of the goods and services amongst the buyers and providers and generate unbiased reviews based on the genuine customer feedbacks.

About Xicom Technologies Ltd.

Xicom Technologies is a CMMI Level-3 and IS0:9001 certified software development company headquartered in New Delhi, India. It has a strong team of over 300+ highly skilled developers to deliver innovative, reliable and secure IT solutions to SMEs across the world. The company holds the trust of over 500+ clients across diverse business verticals.

Microsoft Contrives the Future for Enterprise ASP.Net Development

As Windows 8 surfaces in the virtual arena with a bang, Microsoft has fasten it’s seat belts and is all set to improvise it’s array of development tools, in order to facilitate the developers to harness the best capabilities of the new OS. A range of new products including .Net 4.5 and Visual Studio 2012 are being shipped, but there are still numerous enhancements required, as far as enterprise ASP.Net development is concerned.

Towards the closing of October, Microsoft finally unveiled its roadmap towards the development and incorporation of new features and functionaries in ASP.Net and Web Tool 2012.2. The to-be-introduced features are sure to set the expectations of the developer fraternity soaring, however Microsoft presses that these additions are just in the planning stage. Possibilities are high that some of them might never see the daylight.

The most considerable addition to be embraced by the .Net framework is SignalR. SignalR will use WebSockets and other low-level transports to add real time functionaries to web based applications. The first version of SignalR will enable developers to add hubs and item templates to ASP.Net applications. It will be capable of integrating with both ASP.Net Web API and ASP.Net MVC. Speaking of Web API, Microsoft plans to make the support system of Windows Apps Stores more robust, add enhanced OData functionality and enable simple monitoring and tracing. MVC will also experience a facelift. The new additions to MVC will assist the developers in building applications mapping from Single Page Applications, Facebook Integration, Applications featuring Azure and real-time updating using SignalR.

Finally, Microsoft plans to add membership features to ASP.Net. The addition of this system will improve the support for modern authentication methods such as Open ID or OpenAuth. Plus, it will provide improved support for local user name and password.

ASP.Net development is likely to see new daylight in the near future. The developer fraternity is likely to be gifted with brand new functionaries that are likely to enhance the productivity of every web development company which relies on the .Net framework for all its major developmental requisites.

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