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All You Need To Know About Custom iPhone Apps

Mobile applications have certainly grown luxuriantly, and the surge has been exceptional in this last one decade. This phenomenal growth in the field has encouraged more and more developers to come up with incredible apps and also smoothen the development platforms such as Android, Java, BREW and several others.

They now aim to design platforms that can render more flexibility to the developers and save their time in developing regular functionalities of an app. This will help to render high quality apps and also has the flexibility to develop the best of all the development. This can help you to create high quality custom apps for the development.

Applications that are based on technologies such as Android,  iPhone, Windows Mobile,  J2ME Mobile, Blackberry, Symbian as well as iPad come under the category of high-in-demand category. Mobile application development has introduced an all new way that has changed the way how people easily communicate, create as well as share useful data or information.

Various business owners now hire several developers that make is easy for them to market their business on mobile devices. Professional iPhone app development for any business can certainly work as a great marketing tool for businesses.  Talking about the popular app category, we know that gaming applications are the most popular apps that are being downloaded, and they are the most used apps across the globe and downloaded by an ample lot of people.

Moreover, with games, the best factor is that there is a saturation level of these games. The best part about gaming apps is that their fever increases very easily and eventually it also fades away very quickly.

Looking at the profitability of this field we can see that there are an ample lot of companies in the market that have joined the field of iPhone Games Development that self-proclaim themselves to render the leaders in game development. However, you need to go thoroughly through their prior work in order to get to know their caliber and then render their services to them.

One can certainly not ignore that people do have a fetish for buying online games and the graph shown below suffices that.

How to retain the users?

Companies that involve in Mobile app development  must actively research on the kind of behavior users show while browsing through their app and in accordance with this they must keep on upgrading their app via launching new features.

Moreover,  we know that there are iPhone applications for various purposes such as business and finance,  corporate, banking for big corporate houses. We now have mobile applications for educational purposes such as encyclopedias, etc. that are made for a different category of iPhone users.

Along with this, we have other apps such as news, weather forecasting, travel,  lifestyle, etc. that are popular among all sorts of mobile users. GPS navigation is another quite an incredible app of which there are several smartphone users.

Software companies are now eying at developing augmented reality based apps as well as wireless internet security solutions.

Mobile application development

Businesses, as well as corporate organization, need a business application that can help them to keep their employees connected. Apple Mobile application development renders easy process that can help the organizations to opt for a network for their employees through their iPhones.

They render an easy platform that can help the employees to smoothen the communication process, share files as well as documents while they are working in the same office that are even at distant locations. For this task, all they need is a professional software development company that can help any business in order to develop a customized application that meets your business expectations.

Awaiting Microsoft’s Office for iOS and Android? Wait Until 2014!

Over the past one year or so, we all have been ears to numerous speculations about Microsoft Office making ‘the big launch’ on Android and iOS platforms. And if you are one of those avid Office suite users, you must be keeping pace all this while with any updates relating this news. Why not? After all, aplenty users are hungry to have a bite of the accessible and workable mobile version of Microsoft’s Word processor. But it seems that it will take Microsoft another year to serve your appetite.

According to a recent report, the iOS and Android versions of Microsoft Office, may not surface until the fall of 2014. According to ZDNet’s Mary Jo Foley, who’s got a chance to sneak peek into the actual roadmap devised by Microsoft, Outlook for Windows RT as well as Office for iOS and Android will surface in the mobile marketplace during the fall of 2014. This happens to be a year and a half away, by the way, farther away from what anyone could expect or hope. As noted by Mary, this roadmap which is codenamed as ‘Gemini’ indicates the following:

Gemini Wave 1.0, Scheduled for October 2013: In this phase, Windows Blue App will get updated

Gemini Wave 1.5, Scheduled for April 2014: Windows phone support refresh, Office RT refresh, Office for Mac and Perceptive Pixel support

Gemini Wave 2.0, Scheduled for October 2014: Release of Office for iOS and Android, Outlook RT scheduled

Windows official refrained from commenting on this roadmap, but Mary’s sources reveal that this roadmap was devised as recently as the beginning of 2013.

Amidst all this, it is essential to make a mention of one thing- very recently, i.e. in last October, a Czech subsidiary of Microsoft made an alleged promise that the launch of Office for iOS and Android devices will take place in 2013. However, Microsoft backed off from this promise. In an official statement the company accepted that the information shared by its representative in Czech Republic wasn’t accurate. It also refrained from making any further comments on the matter.

Disappointed? Don’t Be!

The news isn’t that good after all. It might have caused a wave of worry and disappointment amongst users and Android and iOS developers alike. But according to Ms. Foley, there isn’t any point in giving up on hope so soon. After all, release calendars and roadmaps are extremely flexible and subject to change. She notes that even after shipping targets in roadmaps, things can change and do change quite often.

Let’s hope that being hopeful helps and the iOS and Android versions of the Office Suite are released soon. After all, a year and a half is a long way to go!

How to Hire an iPhone Developer or iOS Developer

In-spite of all the competition and rumors, iPhone is still the most popular mobile platform available in the market. iOS, the operating system behind every iPhone is among the best mobile operating systems available for smart-phone users. iPhone still holds the largest share of mobile users in the Smartphone category and is now kind of a status symbol for users. The wide reach and user base of iPhone has attracted many individuals and organizations that develop and launch their own apps for iPhone users. The primary aim being profit making from the apps whether it is directly or through marketing and promotion.

Hire iPhone Developers or Hire iOS Developers India

iPhone Application Development

Most of the individuals and organizations hire iPhone developers from an experienced and reputed iPhone development company and get their applications built by them. However, hiring iPhone developers could be time consuming and tough if clients don’t have proper knowledge. Mentioned below are some tips that will help you in hiring iPhone developers.

Register yourself and get an Apple ID: The first thing that you need to do is to register yourself as an iPhone developer. iPhone applications are first approved by Apple and only then they are made available on app store. Your developer ID will help you in configuring your bank account for direct deposit of profits that you generate through your app. However, 30% of the sales amount goes to Apple Inc.

NDA: Make your iPhone developers sign the non disclosure agreements. NDAs are very important in situations where you have a unique idea and want to protect it from getting misused by anyone else. However, you can avoid the NDA if the idea has already been implemented and an app exists for the same in the app store.

Define the Requirements: One of the most popular methods of hiring iPhone developers is by putting the project on various project bidding websites where service providers bid on projects that they find interesting. Make sure that you have defined the requirements of the project in such a way that each iPhone developer who is bidding on your project is able to have fairly similar estimate about the functionality and features of the application.

Be serious for your Project: You will be filling a lot of quote forms on websites and posting the project on bidding sites. Make sure that you are available on the phone numbers that you leave in there. Check your mails regularly and send prompt and proper replies to them. Do proper research about your project, its requirements and estimate a realistic budget and talk about it in detail with the iPhone development company that approaches you.

Agree on the budget and decide the payment schedule: Make sure that you have finalized the exact development cost of the application and got it in writing before you start with the project. Further, decide the payment schedule and how it will occur. The industry standard is 50% down payment followed by two payments of 25% percent each. The first occurs after the completion of a decided milestone and the last occurs at the time of application submission to Apple.

The above procedure is a well tested and effective strategy to hire iOS developers or an iPhone development company. It has now become a standard industry norm to follow the above mentioned strategy for hiring iPhone development companies. We hope that it will help you in hiring iPhone or iOS developers for your projects.

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