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3 Main Updates In iOS 10 Every iPhone Developer Should Know

Apple introduced the most awaited iOS 10 at its WWDC 2016 event held in San Francisco. While the event saw the introduction of many new software features for the four different platforms, the milestone update which was able to steal the show was undoubtedly the iOS 10. The Developer Preview for iOS 10 is already available to download.With plenty of bug fixes and performance tuning, the latest Apple operating system has tremendous new features. If you are associated with an iOS app development company there is a lot to catch up with the introduction of iOS 10. The operating system has featured a number of new API and services that lead to new application types. If an iOS app developer wants to lay hands on iOS 10, he would need to do the coding using Swift 3 and also have Xcode 8. These two are the primary requirements for building the iOS applications. Here are the 3 key development related features in iOS that a developer should know of:

ReplayKit Has Been Improved

iOS 10 has introduced new features to the Replay Kit, which was introduced in iOS 9. iOS 10 has components of live broadcasting the Replay kit streams. Now, a user can broadcast media through other websites and applications which will help a user to sign into a service and put up a broadcast. iOS developers need to create ReplayKit Broadcast Activity View Controller which would allow users to opt for the streaming service they want.

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Voice Recognition Classes And Siri Integration

A new API has been launched with iOS 10 which supports regular speech recognition. This will enable the developers to build new iPhone apps for speech recognition purpose as well as translating it to text. Advanced classes have been introduced in the new API in Speech framework such as SFSpeechRecognizer, SFTranscription etc. which makes it possible.

With iOS 10, it is now possible to use voice commanding in most of the apps like payment, calling, gallery and messaging. Development companies should consider this when they hire iOS app developers because Apple has focused on simplifying the iPhone usage. All these new features are performed with the integration of Sirikit in iOS 10.

Enhanced User Notifications

iOS 10 features User Notifications. framework and User Notifications UI framework. This has put an end to the existing UILocalNotification. This framework helps in handling notifications, which can be local or others. iOS developers can use these framework classes for modifying notifications when they are received on the device.

The display of remote and local and notifications can be customized with by User Notifications UI framework. With the help of these two frameworks, Apple has improved the functionalities of the notifications along with changing the local and remote notifications. The biggest change which can be experienced with the new notification system is that it enhances the process of message arrival and device display.

Alluring New Features That iOS 10 Has To Offer

According to a latest update iOS 10  was announced for iPads and iPhones at 2016 Apple’s Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC). iOS 10 is estimated to be released quite soon, and operating system offers features that have created quite a lot of buzz in the mobile space.

Here I have brought you the main highlights of iOS 10 that can prove to be quite helpful for iOS app development companies to develop new app and regardless to mention the users who were waiting for new improved features.

1. Raise to wake:

There are times when we desperately need to check in the notifications on our phone. This even helps you to check the notifications quickly on your phone without even touching your home button. Apple allows you to do so easily with its new feature called‘Raise to Wake’. iOS 10 offers an accelerometer that responds as notifies you by lighting up the phone and displaying your notifications as you pick up the phone. Earlier users felt that previous versions of iOS with hyper-efficient Touch ID feature of iphone6S and 6S as this became quite difficult for them to view notifications.

A touch is something that takes the users directly from locked screen to your home screen. From starting to the ending, they are allowed to see the notifications and can get engaged when they to choose.

2. Using Applications via widgets:

3D touch-enabled home screen widget allows you to easily sideline opening up of new apps. iOS 10 offers ample lot of shortcuts to certain functions of the apps. It offers a 3D Touch enabled home screen widget that allows you to sidestep opening the apps completely.

Lock screen of the iPhone will allow the users to display easily data and the notifications that we get from the app.

Apple users can easily get data from the apps and can respond to notifications directly from the lock screen even without unlocking your device. This is 3D touch which is quite good for the development.

3. Updated Map App:

Another proper advancement in Maps as they have been redesigned to make them quite intuitive as well as useful. Maps have now opened up for developers.
This advancement allows you to easily book your Uber as well as use OpenTable so as to integrate bookings in your map using extensions..

4.  The new and improved Apple Music App:

Another development is of Apple Music. There is a change in the interface, and this has resulted in quite simple and the design has also become quite subtle.
This is a ‘Library’ tab that allows you to store your playlists, and also can look for the artists, albums as well as downloaded music.

‘For You’ tab has been given a discovery mix. It also offers a daily playlist curated and also a place to check out what your favourite artists have been posting. Browse tab also allows you to go through top charts, several genres, as well as listed music, etc. Radio tab is catered in more than 100 countries. ‘Now Playing’ tab also refers to Album’s Cover Art,  play/pause buttons, previous button, next button and it also offers a volume slider. After scrolling it down it allows you to see the new lyrics feature – which allows the users to read the song’s lyrics which they are listening to.

5. iMessage became more advanced:

Apple has added new features to its iMessage. It also offers quite deep links. Now you can even share as well as play songs and along with it, you can even share a video link as well as play a video in your chat. The size of the emojis have also increased. Due to which they appear three times bigger. Along with this, you get to have automatic suggestions using which you can easily replace specific words using emojis. Moreover, any congratulatory message or wishes will cover up the whole screen into virtual balloons, fireworks or confetti.

6. Advanced Photo App:

In this OS version, you will now get quite a smarter photo app. The app now uses local, AI detection and facial recognition in your photographs.

7. Improved Phone App:

Apple’s phone app allows you to get voicemail transcription. Your voice mail will then be converted into text that can help you to check it out at your leisure time.

8. Allows you to delete intrinsic Apps:

iOS 10 users are allowed to remove inbuilt applications from their Home screen. Removing the app allows you to remove the user related data as well as the configuration files along with it. Apps such as Calendar, Calculator, iBooks,   Compass, Reminders, Podcasts,  Stocks, Tips, etc. are allowed to remove on your Home screen.

9. New improved Siri:

Siri, the famous voice assistant app of iOS, is also updated and is now open for third party developers.

This will allow you to activate apps that are not Apple’s that supports Siri through voice search. Soon it will be launched for Mac.

Wrapping up!

These were some tantalizing new features of iOS 10 that will lure to switch to this new version. For more updates stay tuned!

Major Reasons Behind The Increase in Need For Mobile Optimized Sites

The use of mobile devices for accessing the Internet has increased to an extent – that brands wanting to expand their web presence can’t afford to ignore a mobile optimized site. Most importantly, having a mobile-optimized site is crucial for ranking higher in the Google search results.

But, if you are marketing professional and facing difficulty in explaining the significance of having a mobile site to someone, you’ll certainly need some assistance. This article will help you learn about some of the biggest benefits of a mobile website.

1. Enhanced UX (User Experience)

We often get links in a text message or email by friends or known people, but as soon as we click on it via a mobile device, we are presented with a load of messy and unorganized content. Now just imagine what happens when your visitor tries opening any of your site links via their phone? Needless to say, they might decide not to re-visit your site on seeing unnecessary bloat.

Simply put, if a user can’t browse your site seamlessly using their mobile device, they will abandon your website. According to a recent report, it was concluded that “61 percent of users do not wait much longer and leaves a site that isn’t optimized for mobile.” But thanks to a mobile site, you can provide your clients with an optimal online experience.

2. Keep Users Engaged

As users are becoming increasingly impatient and need access to everything in a jiffy, a mobile site can help them seek any information on the go. In short, having a website optimized for mobile users will keep them engaged. Moreover, making it easier for visitors to navigate your web pages via any mobile device will help in converting those visitors into potential customers.

3. Faster Page Loading Speed

Speed is among the most important factors that can help a visitor stay or leave your site. In fact, study shows that “users abandon a website if it takes more than 3 seconds to load.” So, it is essential for you to improve the page load time of your site. But, a general website that is not optimized for mobile devices will run slowly than a mobile website.

4. Better SEO

It has become imperative to have a mobile-optimized site, just after the release of Google “mobile-friendly update”. Also, the search engine giant considers responsiveness of a site a great factor to boost SEO ranking. Put it simply, having a mobile website is most likely going to help you rank well in the SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages).

5. Helps Gain Competitive Advantage

Lastly, having a mobile website will give you an advantage over the competition. Well, there’s a possibility that some of your competitors might still be planning on creating a web solution to cater to mobile users’ needs. And so, a mobile site will help you stand ahead of those competitors, which eventually will assist in strengthening your market position.

Wrapping Up!

So, if you are confused about explaining to your superiors or other users about how a mobile site will prove beneficial for them, just read out the points mentioned above. This will help them in making an appropriate decision.

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