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Why Investing In iPhone App Development In 2017 Makes Sense


Did you know that the total number of new iPhones around the globe surpassed one billion in mid 2016? The numbers are based on the number of Apple devices that are regularly visiting the App Store and the iCloud. This clearly means that if you already do not have an application available for any Apple device, like the iPhone, then you are missing out on opportunities for market your brand and reach out for more potential customers locally and around the world. Hence, companies should consider investing in custom app development for iPhone if they want to boost ROI.

The iPhone is the most popular smartphone in the world. An app developing company should consider investing in custom iPhone app development to increase the consumer domain of the business. Till date, the App Store has more than 500,000 apps for the iPhone. This means that your iPhone app development must be unique of standing out from the rest to beat your competition. Only a skilled custom iPhone app programmer can ensure that your app is built according to your as well as requirements of the customers.

With the help of elite developers, your custom application can make the most of the features of iPhone, ensuring user engagement, efficiency, and interactivity of the user. Developing an iPhone app is not as easy as it seems, so it is advises to hire a professional application developer that has been creating iOS based apps. Professional iPhone app developers follow a streamlined procedure for giving rise to the perfect custom apps for the iPhone.

The development process typically starts by defining the target audience and determining the purpose of the app. Then, the type of content the app must have is taken into consideration. Later, the developers design a premium user interface that is easy to use and alluring to navigate.

iOS developers are skilled and experienced in arranging various views in the app and create the storyboard. iPhone app developers handle the initial development process, the alpha and beta build. The build is also finalized by the developers.

By investing in custom iPhone app development, a business saves a lot of time and money. The process has an assurance that experts are working on the app. You do not have to hire your own iOS developers to add up on your payroll if you hire services that work remotely.

You can outsource the development process to professional services who can guarantee a high end iPhone app that would be approved by Apple to feature in its App Store. Similarly, you can be sure that the iPhone app will help you create a stronger relationship with clients who will buy and use your app.

3 Main Updates In iOS 10 Every iPhone Developer Should Know

Apple introduced the most awaited iOS 10 at its WWDC 2016 event held in San Francisco. While the event saw the introduction of many new software features for the four different platforms, the milestone update which was able to steal the show was undoubtedly the iOS 10. The Developer Preview for iOS 10 is already available to download.With plenty of bug fixes and performance tuning, the latest Apple operating system has tremendous new features. If you are associated with an iOS app development company there is a lot to catch up with the introduction of iOS 10. The operating system has featured a number of new API and services that lead to new application types. If an iOS app developer wants to lay hands on iOS 10, he would need to do the coding using Swift 3 and also have Xcode 8. These two are the primary requirements for building the iOS applications. Here are the 3 key development related features in iOS that a developer should know of:

ReplayKit Has Been Improved

iOS 10 has introduced new features to the Replay Kit, which was introduced in iOS 9. iOS 10 has components of live broadcasting the Replay kit streams. Now, a user can broadcast media through other websites and applications which will help a user to sign into a service and put up a broadcast. iOS developers need to create ReplayKit Broadcast Activity View Controller which would allow users to opt for the streaming service they want.

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Voice Recognition Classes And Siri Integration

A new API has been launched with iOS 10 which supports regular speech recognition. This will enable the developers to build new iPhone apps for speech recognition purpose as well as translating it to text. Advanced classes have been introduced in the new API in Speech framework such as SFSpeechRecognizer, SFTranscription etc. which makes it possible.

With iOS 10, it is now possible to use voice commanding in most of the apps like payment, calling, gallery and messaging. Development companies should consider this when they hire iOS app developers because Apple has focused on simplifying the iPhone usage. All these new features are performed with the integration of Sirikit in iOS 10.

Enhanced User Notifications

iOS 10 features User Notifications. framework and User Notifications UI framework. This has put an end to the existing UILocalNotification. This framework helps in handling notifications, which can be local or others. iOS developers can use these framework classes for modifying notifications when they are received on the device.

The display of remote and local and notifications can be customized with by User Notifications UI framework. With the help of these two frameworks, Apple has improved the functionalities of the notifications along with changing the local and remote notifications. The biggest change which can be experienced with the new notification system is that it enhances the process of message arrival and device display.

5 “MUST HAVE” Skills In An iPhone App Developer

Apple iPhone has, without a doubt, become the people’s platform. The incredible apps have made the digital technology cheap and accessible. Although Apple entertains every app submitted to it, there are a certain rules of the game set by them. If your app meets all the technical and security aspects of Apple, it can show up on the App Store in a month. An iPhone app is made with a perfect blend of knowledge and creativity of a developer. An ideal iPhone developer should be proficient in technical skills and someone who can think out of the box at the same time. If you are running a mobile app development company and want to hire an iPhone app developer, or wish to make a career as an iPhone app Developer, here is a check list that will come handy:

Proficiency in Objective-C

This is a must have skill if you wish to hire an iPhone developer. Objective-C is used in writing codes and programs of the apps. So, it is a necessary skill to look for in a developer. An ideal developer writes clean codes. This helps him to go back again and again to the program and make relevant changes. Now, with the introduction of SWIFT,(programming language to interchange objective-C) a developer should be proficient in it as well.

Technically sound

The developer should be proficient with hands on experience in iPhone SDK, multitouch, Cocoa framework, GPS posting, Xcode, QuickTime, IMPS, web service integration and accelerometer. He should also have knowledge of adding third party libraries and dealing with API’s.

These are the building blocks of any iPhone application. So a developer must have experience on all these platforms.

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 An Innovative thinker

Apart from being a technical savvy, a developer must understand the user interface perspective of the app. This means that the developer should make sure that there is a great UI and UX experience. People like a clean and beautiful app. It becomes a responsibility of the app developer to deliver one.

Developers with knowledge of HTML5 are capable of creating apps which are both productive and elegant.

Should understand device compatibility

A developer should also know that the apps will run on all kinds of versions of ios. With Apple being unbiased to its new and older customers, an app should come up neat on older iPhone operating systems.

Calm and active decision maker

If Apple finds bugs and faults in the app, the app does not show up in the App Store and ultimately, the app is rejected. An iPhone developer should keep his nerves in these moments and resubmit the app after resolving the issues. Since the app can be submitted any number of times, the developer should make all efforts to satisfy Apple and make it to the App Store.

A good iPhone app developer learns from his mistakes, and grows his skills to achieve success. As a developer, it is important to learn the latest technologies and understand the market trends. When a developer is able to transform the ideas into reality, great apps are created.

How to Hire an iPhone Developer or iOS Developer

In-spite of all the competition and rumors, iPhone is still the most popular mobile platform available in the market. iOS, the operating system behind every iPhone is among the best mobile operating systems available for smart-phone users. iPhone still holds the largest share of mobile users in the Smartphone category and is now kind of a status symbol for users. The wide reach and user base of iPhone has attracted many individuals and organizations that develop and launch their own apps for iPhone users. The primary aim being profit making from the apps whether it is directly or through marketing and promotion.

Hire iPhone Developers or Hire iOS Developers India

iPhone Application Development

Most of the individuals and organizations hire iPhone developers from an experienced and reputed iPhone development company and get their applications built by them. However, hiring iPhone developers could be time consuming and tough if clients don’t have proper knowledge. Mentioned below are some tips that will help you in hiring iPhone developers.

Register yourself and get an Apple ID: The first thing that you need to do is to register yourself as an iPhone developer. iPhone applications are first approved by Apple and only then they are made available on app store. Your developer ID will help you in configuring your bank account for direct deposit of profits that you generate through your app. However, 30% of the sales amount goes to Apple Inc.

NDA: Make your iPhone developers sign the non disclosure agreements. NDAs are very important in situations where you have a unique idea and want to protect it from getting misused by anyone else. However, you can avoid the NDA if the idea has already been implemented and an app exists for the same in the app store.

Define the Requirements: One of the most popular methods of hiring iPhone developers is by putting the project on various project bidding websites where service providers bid on projects that they find interesting. Make sure that you have defined the requirements of the project in such a way that each iPhone developer who is bidding on your project is able to have fairly similar estimate about the functionality and features of the application.

Be serious for your Project: You will be filling a lot of quote forms on websites and posting the project on bidding sites. Make sure that you are available on the phone numbers that you leave in there. Check your mails regularly and send prompt and proper replies to them. Do proper research about your project, its requirements and estimate a realistic budget and talk about it in detail with the iPhone development company that approaches you.

Agree on the budget and decide the payment schedule: Make sure that you have finalized the exact development cost of the application and got it in writing before you start with the project. Further, decide the payment schedule and how it will occur. The industry standard is 50% down payment followed by two payments of 25% percent each. The first occurs after the completion of a decided milestone and the last occurs at the time of application submission to Apple.

The above procedure is a well tested and effective strategy to hire iOS developers or an iPhone development company. It has now become a standard industry norm to follow the above mentioned strategy for hiring iPhone development companies. We hope that it will help you in hiring iPhone or iOS developers for your projects.

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