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Top Mobile app development trends not to ignore in 2018

Investing in mobile app development has become a necessity which shouldn’t be ignored at all if you want your business to reach the heights of success. Mobile application development is one of the effective marketing tools which can be built at very affordable prices.

The mobile application development sector is growing like wildfire and thus, we can see the importance of getting an app developed!

Mobile app development is not a consistent sector. The trends keep on changing with time. The advancements in the technological world keep on influencing the mobile application development services also.

mobile app development

Apps are divided into various categories namely:

  • Lifestyle applications
  • Entertainment
  • Shopping and Ecommerce
  • Productivity apps
  • Gaming and many other categories are there.

Here are the topmost factors that push every other company to get a mobile app created:

  • Marketing Strategy
  • Branding Identity
  • Customer Engagement
  • Customer Interaction with awesome GUI

However, it’s not too much easy to attain success and gain revenue if the trends of the mobile application development are not followed.

1. World is getting smarter with IOT:

Connectivity is everything in today’s world. If the smartphones are not connected with the things around us in our home or the appliances and electronics near us, what is the use of apps to make our life much easier? So the idea of making everything more smarter like home, city, retail and health sector will be very popular in 2018. IOT apps are very popular. To our surprise, Google launched Android Things specially for iOT apps.

2. Things are Getting Easier with Location-based apps:

Be it real estates sector, healthcare or education, travel or retail, Geo-based apps are getting on the trend of 2018. Travel apps are really getting popular. Thanks to the location-based Beacon technology that can create amazing and miraculous apps for the clients and businesses. This trend is not going to stop any soon because travel apps are insanely famous.

3. Faster is always better with AMP:

In this fast paced world, no one has the time to wait for the pages to load. So, it has become important that the pages should be accelerated as AMP technology is made to make the things faster. Google has launched this feature and it is bound to make this trend more famous. Match with the past-faced world so that you are not left behind.

4. VR and AR: The trend to rock on the charts!

It’s not just the gaming industry that is flooded with Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality, but the mobile app development sector sees huge potential in these 2 features. It is forecasted that VR will reach another side of the mobile app world with this entering into travel, shopping online, food ordering online and even other daily activities.

It is a sure thing that these kind of apps are made to revolutionize the App Store and the Play Store apps. They can now be used to diversify the app categories.

5. Devices with Wearable Technology:

Wearable Technology is getting more popular these days and devices are also being invented to use these apps. Whether its fashion, fitness or medical, textile and eCommerce. Options are increasing at the endless speed. All over the world, devices are also being invented so that these types of apps are used by the users across the world.

6. Animated designs which are self-descriptive:

Dynamic app is the way to a successful business because static apps are a thing of past. Motion designing helps to give a very engaging and robust visual appeal to an app which is liked by every type of bonus. Everyone likes to see something in motion in an app so that they can get influenced by it and the audience is converted into a lead.

To conclude:

Whether it’s an iOS application development or Android application development, getting an app created for your business is sure to bring you more customers and thus, increase more sales.

Outstanding Mobile App Development Trends to Stay

The usage of the mobile apps are increasing day by day. So is the demand for developing mobile apps for every business is also increasing. The facts prove that there are almost 180 billion app downloads in a smartphone every year.

mobile_app development

This fact is enough to prove that mobile app development industry is not going to stop anytime soon. Astonishingly, there is 15% rise in the downloads of the mobile app every year and 25% increase in the time spent in the usage of smartphone apps.

Also, the top billing sector is also the mobile app development sector. As we all know that to do any work online, what all is needed is an app. Whether you want to edit your pic or make a fun collage, whether you want to order something online or book a ticket for watching movie. Everything can be done online within a few clicks.

Without further ado, let’s talk about the latest mobile app developing trends which every mobile app development company seems to follow these days.

The key to a successful mobile app is amazing layouts and stunning Interface designs which are a part of mobile application development. More and more apps are being launched on daily basis because companies know the importance of an app in converting the business into leads.

A mobile app should be able to give a WOW experience to the user of the app.

  • Material Design is an old but gold classic design:

This type of UI trend is very much in vogue. Material design is basically used which can be used to showcase the designing abilities of every designer. Designers can showcase the capabilities and their potential in the most creative and innovative way as possible. This design is based on Google format and so it is an advanced trend which will stay in the upcoming years also. Every mobile application development company is bent upon following this trend so that they can create something unique.

However, there is one thing that is to be remembered that only the expert developers at this technique should be hired so that there are no glitches in the future.

  • Animated designs which are self-descriptive:

Dynamic app is the way to a successful business because static apps are a thing of past. Motion designing helps to give a very engaging and robust visual appeal to an app which is liked by every type of bonus. Everyone likes to see something in motion in an app so that they can get influenced by it and the audience is converted into a lead. Self-descriptive animations give amazing look to an app and this trend is here to stay in 2018 and upcoming years also.

  • Touch ID should be used dynamically:

Touch ID was used in the past especially in iOS devices to unlock the smartphones but now we see that these are used in the apps also! This is also an awesome trend which a mobile app development company is incorporating into the mobile apps so that the users can have the best UI and user experience.

Smartphone app developers are always looking out for more advanced features so that they can gain the interest of the audience so this is one feature that vouches for the interest of the visitors.

  • Menu bars which are hidden save a lot of space:

As we know that the space on the mobile app is already restricted, so there is no way than to have a hidden menu on the app in a creative manner.

The trends that we discussed above are catching interest with the people and mobile app developers also. There is no way that any business should ignore getting an app developed for the business.

Rising Mobile App Development Trends to Catch Momentum in 2018

Mobile app developers

New and fashionable apps are ruling every smartphone in the world. With so many people getting into the mobile app development and mushrooming of a mobile app development company in such a large number, one can easily witness the growing trend of the mobile apps which is here to stay.

“The competition in the mobile app development arena is absolutely getting tough. To emerge successful in the future app industry, it is indispensable to follow the mobile app development trends which are seen getting popular with the people around the world!”

With the awareness of the kind of apps which get popular among the people, entrepreneurs are very much cautious of what will work and what will not, each mobile app development company is trying to grab attention by keeping up with the latest trends on the floor.

You have to decide first which kind of app will suit your business- a hybrid app or a native app or still, a web app. Accordingly, HTML, CSS, JS can be used to develop apps of your choice.

Let’s discuss which app trends rocked the app industry in 2017 that will continue to rock in 2018.

Mobile e-commerce apps- The Next Big Thing:

A striking trend which is gaining a fast boost in the mobile application development industry is the online shopping trend. Its popularity is on the rise because of the increase in the spending limits of the people these days. People are more leaning towards buying online because of safe and secure payment gateways and transactions. Ease of navigation and one step checkout in the apps is making the online shopping experience fast and easier than ever!

Cloud Technology- A Revolutionary Sweep!

Cloud technology has taken the web app development world by storm and it has taken a huge leap in 2017 which will continue to rise in future because of the vast potential. Why this technology gained so much hype? It’s because of the fact that cloud technology helps make lives simpler and faster. Cloud technology is easy to implement and fast to use. Some of the great instances are- Google Drive, DropBox etc. We think that people are going to hire mobile developers to build these kinds of apps in upcoming years.

Some more trends are:

– Virtual Reality apps and Augmented Reality apps.
-In-app purchasing feature is on the rise because the iOS app owners are cashing in on due to the very best features are premium features.
-Geo apps or location-based apps are continually on the rise. Instances of this kind of apps are very commonly used by the people like Uber and Ola apps are completely based on location.

Final Words:

Mobile UI business trends are to be followed by each and every mobile application development company in every manner possible. Not just 2018, but the following mobile app trends are in their initial stages set to boost the app industry for many upcoming years. Investing into mobile app development is a compulsion that will only bring positive changes to the business growth and revenue. The best mobile application development company will always ensure that your business goals are achieved with the investment into building an app.

Cost Estimation to develop a Restaurant App like Zomato?

Mobile development Company

Zomato is a popular social mobile application which connects food lovers and restaurant. Now Zomato doesn’t need an introduction as it has spread to 24 countries already. Zomato is an app which allows you to find nearby restaurants, check its menu and prices, check reviews and ratings given by users, view images and much more. Zomato was launched in 2008 and now it has become one of the most popular restaurant app. While Zomato grew in features and size but its core features remain the same, i.e. Discovery of restaurants and user reviews and ratings. Using the huge user base Zomato also provides sponsored content across the platform. Now Zomato has spread to over 10,000 cities across the world and is currently being used by more than 50 million people.

You can contact a professional mobile app development company if you want to build a mobile app similar to Zomato. Now Lets discuss about what makes Zomato so popular.

  • Search every restaurant in the city

When you open the app you will have all the details about each and every restaurant on your phone.

  • Restaurant which provides home delivery

Zomato app provides information about the restaurant which provides home delivery alongwith their charges.

  • Get Reviews

If you hire mobile developers then they can provide this feature of getting reviews. Zomato allows it users to give their reviews and feedback about the restaurant for their taste, quality and service. Hence users can check the reviews before stepping into any restaurant.

  • Booking a Table from app

Using Zomato you can book a table in the restaurants hence you won’t need to wait in the queue.

  • Get directions

After choosing the restaurant you can select the map view to know how to reach there.

  • Get more information

You can also get more information like the menu, prices, pictures, contact numbers, food delivery etc.


You can do a specific search in Zomato about a specific food or specific restaurant.

Some of the more features you can incorporate in your mobile app are:-

  • Payment integration within app
  • Geo-targeting with iBeacons
  • Reserve with cab booking option

All of the above features can be included in the mobile app which you want to develop. Zomato can be the ideal example for you to follow.

When we are talking about building a complete Zomato like app then it requires to create four separate solutions:-

  • Web Service
  • Restaurant finder app
  • On-demand food delivery app

The business app which allows restaurant owners to manage their presence and listings.

Hence before you go for development, you have to decide which functionality your mobile app should have.

Zomata has login and signup options which offer social media integration options and offer users to import their contacts from Facebook/Google+ as Zomato puts a lots of emphasis on the social component. Actually it’s a community of food lovers and not just a app to discover nearby restaurants. You can also offer Instagram integration which will allow users to share their food pics along with reviews.

Final Cost Estimation:-

As we have just discussed, the costing of any mobile app depends upon the features which you want to integrate into the app.

Let’s look at how much it will cost to design and develop an app. Mobile apps can be classified into three types:-

Basic mobile app – $ 1000 -5000

Moderated mobile app – $ 5000 – $ 15000

Complex mobile app – It depends on various factors

A rough estimation for restaurant app like Zomato would be around $ 15000- 25000 which can vary based upon the features and complexities involved. Normally this type of app can take anywhere between 16-20 weeks to complete. In this type of app, the ad engine and the elaborate backend are the most expensive features.

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