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Why Do People Say Mobile App Development Is A Money Making Business ?

Since the of smart phones and tablets popularity of Android applications has increased Hundreds of new and advanced applications feature in the app store, adding flexibility to the lives of the people. The applications are made by researching the needs of the people or for entertainment. Regardless of the use, these apps provide a comprehensive service with the help of android platform.

In the times, when android devices are in the days of glory, investing in android app development is the choice of the wise. Mobile application developers have already understood the potential of the market and are creating applications. For a Mobile application development company, who plans on entering the app development business, here is a list of facts to ensure that it is a good deal

Flexible And Versatile Development Procedure

Android development provides great flexibility to the app developers. The fact that the android platform can be customized to ground level gives freedom of development. Web integrations are easy in Android and changes can be made with ease. The Android platform is versatile. Which means that a developer can make any kinds of changes without much restrictions.

Android Apps Are Low Budget Projects

For new firms, that take up the app development, it comes as a surprise. The cost to develop android based applications are nominal. This is because the SDK, or the software development kit for android can be availed from the internet, without any costs. Tools required for app development can be simply downloaded without spending a dime. The only reasonable charges are associated with the fee of the developer. And by hiring any offshore developer, the costs can be further reduced.

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Play Store Is A Flourishing Market

Google Play Store is the busiest digital market in the world with thousands of app downloads taking place every minute. It has become the common man’s store to get the best apps. Google Play Store is the chief host for android applications.

Google Play Store has a never ending process of android device users coming in and picking the desired applications. This makes the android apps more reachable to the potential audience.

Unbelievable Graphics Support

Graphics play a major role in targeting the audience. A good user interface of an app works as an eye candy that attracts the users towards it. Android platform has built-in features for graphics in 2 dimensions as well as 3 dimensions. This is important to encourage more people to download the app.

Adaptable Platform For Future Modifications

Java is used for android app development, which is the basic programming language. Hence, any developer who has sound knowledge of Java can make android apps. In future, if the app reports bugs of any kinds, you do not need to reach the same developer who wrote the codes.

Any developer who has experience in Java programming can resolve the issues and even create the latest versions of the existing app.


The Android operating system is the leading OS for new age Smartphones that have already taken the market by sweep.The android devices are the future because the price-to-features ratio is remarkable. So it is reasonable, in every aspect, to get into the app development business and create breathtaking apps.

Major Reasons Behind The Increase in Need For Mobile Optimized Sites

The use of mobile devices for accessing the Internet has increased to an extent – that brands wanting to expand their web presence can’t afford to ignore a mobile optimized site. Most importantly, having a mobile-optimized site is crucial for ranking higher in the Google search results.

But, if you are marketing professional and facing difficulty in explaining the significance of having a mobile site to someone, you’ll certainly need some assistance. This article will help you learn about some of the biggest benefits of a mobile website.

1. Enhanced UX (User Experience)

We often get links in a text message or email by friends or known people, but as soon as we click on it via a mobile device, we are presented with a load of messy and unorganized content. Now just imagine what happens when your visitor tries opening any of your site links via their phone? Needless to say, they might decide not to re-visit your site on seeing unnecessary bloat.

Simply put, if a user can’t browse your site seamlessly using their mobile device, they will abandon your website. According to a recent report, it was concluded that “61 percent of users do not wait much longer and leaves a site that isn’t optimized for mobile.” But thanks to a mobile site, you can provide your clients with an optimal online experience.

2. Keep Users Engaged

As users are becoming increasingly impatient and need access to everything in a jiffy, a mobile site can help them seek any information on the go. In short, having a website optimized for mobile users will keep them engaged. Moreover, making it easier for visitors to navigate your web pages via any mobile device will help in converting those visitors into potential customers.

3. Faster Page Loading Speed

Speed is among the most important factors that can help a visitor stay or leave your site. In fact, study shows that “users abandon a website if it takes more than 3 seconds to load.” So, it is essential for you to improve the page load time of your site. But, a general website that is not optimized for mobile devices will run slowly than a mobile website.

4. Better SEO

It has become imperative to have a mobile-optimized site, just after the release of Google “mobile-friendly update”. Also, the search engine giant considers responsiveness of a site a great factor to boost SEO ranking. Put it simply, having a mobile website is most likely going to help you rank well in the SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages).

5. Helps Gain Competitive Advantage

Lastly, having a mobile website will give you an advantage over the competition. Well, there’s a possibility that some of your competitors might still be planning on creating a web solution to cater to mobile users’ needs. And so, a mobile site will help you stand ahead of those competitors, which eventually will assist in strengthening your market position.

Wrapping Up!

So, if you are confused about explaining to your superiors or other users about how a mobile site will prove beneficial for them, just read out the points mentioned above. This will help them in making an appropriate decision.

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