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Outstanding Mobile App Development Trends to Stay

The usage of the mobile apps are increasing day by day. So is the demand for developing mobile apps for every business is also increasing. The facts prove that there are almost 180 billion app downloads in a smartphone every year.

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This fact is enough to prove that mobile app development industry is not going to stop anytime soon. Astonishingly, there is 15% rise in the downloads of the mobile app every year and 25% increase in the time spent in the usage of smartphone apps.

Also, the top billing sector is also the mobile app development sector. As we all know that to do any work online, what all is needed is an app. Whether you want to edit your pic or make a fun collage, whether you want to order something online or book a ticket for watching movie. Everything can be done online within a few clicks.

Without further ado, let’s talk about the latest mobile app developing trends which every mobile app development company seems to follow these days.

The key to a successful mobile app is amazing layouts and stunning Interface designs which are a part of mobile application development. More and more apps are being launched on daily basis because companies know the importance of an app in converting the business into leads.

A mobile app should be able to give a WOW experience to the user of the app.

  • Material Design is an old but gold classic design:

This type of UI trend is very much in vogue. Material design is basically used which can be used to showcase the designing abilities of every designer. Designers can showcase the capabilities and their potential in the most creative and innovative way as possible. This design is based on Google format and so it is an advanced trend which will stay in the upcoming years also. Every mobile application development company is bent upon following this trend so that they can create something unique.

However, there is one thing that is to be remembered that only the expert developers at this technique should be hired so that there are no glitches in the future.

  • Animated designs which are self-descriptive:

Dynamic app is the way to a successful business because static apps are a thing of past. Motion designing helps to give a very engaging and robust visual appeal to an app which is liked by every type of bonus. Everyone likes to see something in motion in an app so that they can get influenced by it and the audience is converted into a lead. Self-descriptive animations give amazing look to an app and this trend is here to stay in 2018 and upcoming years also.

  • Touch ID should be used dynamically:

Touch ID was used in the past especially in iOS devices to unlock the smartphones but now we see that these are used in the apps also! This is also an awesome trend which a mobile app development company is incorporating into the mobile apps so that the users can have the best UI and user experience.

Smartphone app developers are always looking out for more advanced features so that they can gain the interest of the audience so this is one feature that vouches for the interest of the visitors.

  • Menu bars which are hidden save a lot of space:

As we know that the space on the mobile app is already restricted, so there is no way than to have a hidden menu on the app in a creative manner.

The trends that we discussed above are catching interest with the people and mobile app developers also. There is no way that any business should ignore getting an app developed for the business.

Mobile Gaming: A Milestone in the Mobile Android App Industry

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Maybe you all know or don’t- Talus Bones was the thing where the gaming scenario started. After this, Game of 20 Squares and Unity3D came into existence. However, you all must have heard about Tic-tac-toe because it was the most popular games of all times which evolved in the ancient Egypt.

With the passage of time, the game gained immense popularity and was played by the people of all ages. So, we can say easily that it was the board games first which became popular in the ancient ages. With the coming of chess, board games became really popular and it was the first time that a gaming community evolved.

What happened when a gaming community evolved was that a spirit of competition came in leading to a faster evolution of mobile games thus giving an impulse to every mobile app development company.

Play anytime and anywhere: Such is the power of Mobile Gaming!

Who would have ever thought that a person would be able to play football with other players at the same time sitting on a couch or a bed! No one ever. At least not our ancestors. Games were meant to be an exercise and to keep us fit and healthy. Right? A completely different scenario emerged on the gaming grounds. It was a mobile revolution and with time it turned into gaming revolution and thus every other mobile app development company emerged on the screen.

Any number of players around the world can play with anyone sitting in the comfort of a couch. No need to play outdoors. No need to be with the people you want to play the game with. Just a smartphone in the hand and that’s it!

The technology behind Gaming:

As newer games were ideologized and more dynamic and robust games came up, new and powerful technologies were used to built up these games with the latest hardware to meet the needs that games had to develop them by the mobile app development company.

The previous processors and hardware as well as software became outdated with time and had to be updated to create the best of games to get people engaged and interactive with the game.

One thing that attracts people the most is the attractive graphics and UIs of the games. Amazing graphics that are unique and creative is what people find most attractive to be connected and glued to that game. This is what every mobile app development company should aim for.

It’s not a thing to be ashamed of, but we are spilling some real truth here that mobile gaming is damn addictive. You can easily miss your bus while standing at the stop and playing Candy Crush Saga is so addictive. Of course, gaming involves some kind of too much dedication and involvement.

The highest level of dedication was seen in the Pokemon Go game because you need to find them all…Did you?

While that was something “too much engaging”, that was something truly revolutionary at every end and every mobile app development company is trying to be that fast and furious to catch the trend.

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