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How to build web services using C# and ASP.NET


The term ‘web service’ is has been used quite frequently; you will hear people talking about how good web services are and how soon they will dominate in the internet development market. But what exactly are the web services, and how you can create them? In this article, you will read about the features of ASP.NET Web Services.

What is a web service?

The term “web service” refers to the form of a component that can be accessed remotely. Well, Microsoft offers two different web services in there .NET web application development: the first one is XML web services and the second is .NET remoting. When .NET developers refer to the web services they usually mean the XML web services as just the standard web services. It will be good that you hire someone who has a good amount of experience in providing fantastic web services that too at affordable prices.

The web services request remotely using the SOAP or HTTP-GET and HTTP-POST protocols. The internet services based on the XML which usually return an “answer” to the client in XML format. Web services come loaded with all the advantages of the components plus much more that help in making the internet development more efficient and less time-consuming. The most significant benefits include:

Language and platform independence: The best thing about these web services is that it can be build and consumed on any operating system just as long as that particular operating system adequately supports the SOAP protocol and XML. This feature also makes the web services more accessible. You can also look out for .NET Developer who will develop an excellent web service for you.

Automatic upgrades : Just like components, if a web service needs to be updated then that up-gradation is propagated to all the other applications consuming that particular web service immediately. As the original methods and properties of the web service are requested from the web server remotely, each function contained within the service appears to be like the “black box” to the client. The customers aren’t concerned with the way the functions does its job as long as it provides good results.

Other web service features

Web Service Attribute: While developing the for the real world, everyone wants to offer a description of the internet services. You can also change the default namespace and can quickly give your web service a different or unique name. All these changes can be done using the Web service attributes.

Protocols : Another good thing about ASP.NET web services is that it supports three different protocol types:





The web service is a mechanism that offers data as a service or response over the HTTP protocol on the request of some other programs. It is nothing just a software function that assists us in communicating with some other programs over the networks using HTTP. It will be good that you take help of a reliable developer who is proficient in handling web services related projects and offers you cost-effective solutions in a hassle-free manner.

What is .NET Web Development And Its Benefits!


Microsoft has built an entirely new platform for development. This platform was written from the ground up to master many of the problems common in application development. Namely: inability to change applications quickly, long development times, ease of deployment and high total cost of ownership of software.

Different Types of Applications you Can design with .NET

It is imperative to know some of the applications that you can create with .NET, before jumping into the real benefits of .NET web development and that’s why we have curated a list of the types of applications that can be created using the .NET platform.

– Warehousing applications using hand-held devices
– Accounting applications
– XML Web services
– Value chain/supply management
– Customer relationship management Product/inventory applications
– Websites
– Integration with partners through the Internet
– PDA (hand-held) applications

There are a plenty of benefits of using .NET for web development. Some of which are :

Cross Platform

With .NET developers you can develop an application that can run on browsers, desktops and also on smartphones and tablets. Even your designers can re-use a lot of the same code for those requests. Also, they can use the same development environment and the paradigm for development.


Many organizations started with small infrastructure but grew into a giant. When it happens, there’s a big burden on the existing IT infrastructure and the applications that run on it. But .NET was designed with scalability in mind so that when your company grows, your web existence can scale and support the additional load. Hence, less time is spent on re-working and re-developing applications.


Reducing the total cost of control of software is crucial. It’s clear that the initial up-front cost savings of an application aren’t of any value if the maintenance costs surpass those savings. It’s why .NET applications are very maintainable because of the configuration settings that you can modify without re-writing the code. It ensures the maintenance quicker and easier, thus lowering the total cost of ownership.


The .NET Framework is an incredibly strong and efficient engine in application’s production. .NET has various built-in balances and checks that ensure your online presence stays up and running throughout its time on the internet. It makes sense as you don’t want your e-commerce sites or applications failing or seeing any downtime.

Services-Oriented Architecture

Today, Web services and integrating with their customers is a common talk among users and .Net is one of the leaders who has made that possible. It has a Services-Oriented Architecture to develop small reusable services to use and re-use from many different applications. It allows your company to publish a specification that will enable your suppliers to communicate with you in a much more effective manner than the traditional methods.


.Net Framework has a well-designed security system to reduce as much vulnerability of your web presence as possible. Because its developers know that even one security loophole can give a hacker the advantage of getting into a website and sabotage howsoever wanted, there is no such flaw exist in .NET.

Wrapping it up :

Many organizations have already selected .NET and are on their track to an efficient organization. Companies such as Barnes, Noble, Levi Strauss and many others have either deployed or are deploying .NET applications. You too can start and avail the benefits.

The Best Coding Tips For Programmers

Coding is one of the most critical aspects of web and software development. It would be not entirely wrong to coin it as the soul of a web development project. All the functionalities and features of a web application are controlled by codes written for each function. Whether you provide PHP web application development, .Net development, Java web development or any other web development services, you will be required to write code for each and every one.

However, it has been observed that most amateur developers (even some experienced ones) tend to write their code without thinking much. This kind of impulsive coding is not considered appropriate for developing quality solutions. Mentioned below are some of the best coding tips and practices for all web application development professionals.

Avoid Rewriting The Code And Try To Rework It: Most of the developers find it easier and appealing to just clean the system and start writing their own code based on the knowledge that they have gained till then. This might not be the best practice for writing code as there is another more effective and easier way of doing it. Try to work at one piece at a time. Understand them from inside and then change them right from the core. Try working on one piece at a time and you would do great.

Understand The Requirements Before You Start Typing: Even before you type a single line of code, it is required that you first understand everything about the solution. Make sure that you have grasped the idea correctly and could imagine exactly how the solution would work. It has been observed that most of the amateur developers end up creating poor solutions that do some part of the required function as they started working on the project without completely understanding the requirements.

Start From Small And Then Build Upon It: Never jump upon complex solutions immediately. Programmers working in a software development company should understand that solutions are developed through simple ways and not by making things complex. Start with small things and then build upon them. It would be better to use iterative development methodology.

Evaluate Your Ideas By Consulting Experienced Developers: A developer having more experience than you in software development services is likely to have already came across the kind of situation that you are dealing with. Try out your ideas and concepts on such developers before you move forward with them. Further, search articles and blogs related to your project’s complexities in order to get proper information.

Coding of a web application development solution holds huge importance in the success or failure of a project. This makes it very important for developers to take it very seriously and conduct it with proper care.

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