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Efficiency Of PHP Developers And How To Hire Them!

In this growing technology-driven world, firms have access to optimal means to take their sales to a greater height and achieve superior profitability. Out of many ways, one is the developing a user-friendly and fully-functional site. How would that be possible? By taking help of professional assistance and experienced, full of expertise PHP developer. As mentioned above, PHP development is in high demand and have paved the path for creating beautiful websites. Thus, there remains a huge demand for PHP developers in this domain by companies of all sizes.

Role of a PHP Developer in Shaping your Business

Shaping your website’s ideas into reality is the principal component of a fruitful and vigorous business strategy, and that’s why it becomes a constraint to PHP Developer as only professional developers can accomplish that for you in quick time and at a reasonable cost. Irrespective of the size of your business, fitting infrastructure for hosting your website is required necessarily. Though, it is necessary once the site is developed entirely which is possible only once you have a PHP web programming expert by your side.


Luckily, there are various experts involved in PHP development in India and abroad. The number keeps on regularly increasing because of the high demand of PHP developers & the versatility of this robust framework. As per W3tech, PHP is the most used language on the internet with more than 80% of the total websites using it as their platform. This astounding standing tells us that it is the high time to consider PHP development and hiring a good PHP developer is the foremost thing to do so.

Aspects to Consider While Hiring a PHP Developer

Hiring the best PHP developers for your project may seem like a daunting task sometimes. Few things that you can use are as:


We can classify PHP developers into three groups by technical proficiency, i.e. beginner, mid-level and advanced. A beginner has just entered the industry so you can avoid and move to a mid-level developer who has some experience in PHP development. You can rely on them and advanced level designers. Keep in mind that the higher level developers will be of high cost. The reason we mentioned not to look at beginners because most of them work under senior developers. So, why not hire seniors, directly!

Source for Hiring

Once you know the level of skills you require for your project, you should look at the correct source to hire PHP developers. First of all, consider taking suggestions from people who are close to you like business colleagues and friends. If they don’t have any suggestions, look in online portals like Google, Freelancers, Upwork, etc. There are a lot of options available in today’s date. Make sure that you search all options and when you find the developers you think are right for your project, review each of them on forums. A better option would be hiring developers from a renowned web development company.

Model-based Hiring

You can also consider the idea of hiring a developer on a model or at a fixed cost. Under a model, you need to pay according to the hours invested in developing your project. With a fixed cost, you just have to pay the set cost of a developer. Choosing a model will ensure that you pay for what you’re getting. It’s why a mode-based hiring is always advisable.

Benefits of PHP in App development


Today, PHP is the hottest scripting language used over the web. It is the secret ingredient to create an interactive and dynamic web application. Many great websites like Facebook, WordPress and Wikipedia have been designed on PHP framework. PHP application development is an investment that turns out to be a quick and stable money maker.

PHP is an open source web application that gives freedom of design state of the art applications. It provides unmatched flexibility and speed from any other scripting languages. Sometimes it becomes difficult to choose from an ocean of options to create an application. Here are a few tips that will let you explore the world of PHP application development and help you hand pick the building blocks to develop a dynamic and eye striking application using PHP.

Have a ‘SOLID’ design approach

SOLID means: single responsibility, open-closed, Liskov substitution, interface segregation and dependency inversion. This is the acronym used for the first five principles of design. It provides a framework to refactor the source code of the software to remove code smells. SOLID includes all the important design aspects like Grasp, Yagni, Package Principles, Kiss and Dry.

The lesser the codes, the better

Many developers flaunt their coding skills by writing the entire code for the application by themselves. But it is just not required. Thankfully, the vast PHP community has already solved the coding issues and the solutions are available on the internet, for FREE. Instead of creating codes for routing, data abstraction or unit conversion, it can be directly downloaded.

Use Composer while coding for an application. It creates a list of codes that would be required to develop the app and downloads the codes.

Drop the ‘ELSE’& ‘NESTED’ Statements

This method can be applied immediately in the codes of the application. Maintain a single level of coding as it is simple and easier to maintain. More levels of notch means more attention and complex code structures. Avoid ‘Else’ statements in multiple return statements. Nested Loops also makes it difficult to follow the codes.

Use the latest version of PHP

Make it a habit of using the upgraded versions of PHP for creating the application. This not only lets you avail the latest available upgrades , but also enhance speed and security. Memory usage is also significantly reduced with latest upgrades.

Use the latest versions of PHP and its extensions to avail all of its features and reduce the maintenance of the application.

Unit testing for feedback

Unit testing is the best way of getting the feedback of the codes of the application. Small tests are written in PHP that runs fast and assures that the code is running precisely.

Unit testing is very useful to get important design feedback of the application. Some of the mail unit testing tools are Snaptest, PHPUnit and Codeception.

PHP application development is a great platform to generate revenue for businesses but it is equally important to be updated with the latest technology and trends in PHP application development to make the most of it.

Effective Custom PHP Development from Xicom Technologies

PHP Development Company

PHP Development Company - Xicom Technologies

Web application development and website development are now a necessity for all businesses and organizations. It is important for businesses to have a strong and impressive online presence in order to survive in this tough competitive business environment. PHP has been one of the most prominent and widely used web development frameworks used by web development companies all over the world for developing web solutions and deploying them to their clients. Most clients hire a PHP development company from offshore locations such as India, Bangladesh, etc and get their solutions built from them.

Xicom Technologies is a CMMI level 3 and ISO 9001:2008 certified PHP development company offering a wide range of solutions based on custom PHP development for online portals, e commerce websites, corporate websites, web applications, business blogs, content management systems, business applications and many more. Since last 10 years, Xicom has been offering highly reliable, effective and robust Custom PHP development solutions to more than 500 clients including clients from fortune 1000 companies spread across diverse business verticals.

Xicom Technologies offers effective custom PHP development solutions that are built around the exact business requirements of the clients and allow them to extract most out of the solutions for their businesses. The web development services are offered from three fully equipped state of the art development centers located in New Delhi, the capital of India. Further, Xicom is among the top web development service providers over Elance with 100% recommendation from its users, something that is not enjoyed by many contractors. Xicom has earned a 5 start rating over Elance, the highest rating possible, and is firmly positioned among the top revenue generating service providers.

Xicom specializes in custom PHP development as it was one of the first technologies on which Xicom started offering its services a decade ago. Since then Xicom has delivered complete client satisfaction along with all its solutions whether it be small projects such as professional blog development or huge projects such as enterprise solutions based on custom PHP development.

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