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The Most Applauded Software Development Trends of 2012

It is almost time to bid adieu to the year 2012. The year has been quite crucial, especially for the software development industry. There have been several breakthroughs. Some technologies have been shelved while several new technologies have emerged. Those who have been associated with a software development company you are probably aware of the numerous ups and downs that the industry has faced through the year. Talking about the technologies that trended in 2012, the list is quite long, but some technologies have left a mark like none other. These can be referred to as the trend setters of the software development arena that took the development processes to a higher plane. This post discusses the top five software development trends of 2012 that were accepted by the community with arms wide spread:

1.) Cloud Security: After the introduction of cloud technology in 2011, there weren’t many takers of the technology at the initial stages. In 2012, however, there was a sudden surge in the popularity of cloud. Several cloud operators forayed into the limelight and launched their solutions. Most IT consumers have either started using cloud or are planning to migrate to cloud in the near future. Accessing, managing and storing data in cloud has taken special precedence.

2.) Data Analytics: The need of using analytics and gathering the right form of data was not felt until very recent. With social media emerging as a strong online marketing tool, marketers are now realizing the importance of using analytics and data to target the right set of audience.

3.) HTML 5: HTML 5 represents the fifth edition of HTML that are the recognized standards established for the right publication of content on the World Wide Web. The main role of HTML 5 will be to support multimedia content on meekly powered devices such as tablets and smart phones, keeping in mind the changing preferences of the internet users. Though the technology is still under continuous development, it’s demand for low-powered internet enabled devices is increasing four fold.

4.) Agile ALM: As the need to save on both time and development cost increased in 2012, Agile ALM gained immense popularity. Developers started working in collaboration in order to deliver efficiently and quickly. The demand of web based tools such as ALM’s and IDE’s also saw a steep increase in order to support agile methodologies.

These were the trends that took the year 2012 by sweep. As the New Year 2013 begins, it’s time watch out for some more engaging software development outsourcing trends.

Benefits of Software Development Outsourcing

Software Development Outsourcing activities have been prevalent since more than a decade now. In the past decade, organizations started realizing that they cannot do everything on their own and it is better to outsource the non-core activities rather than struggling to manage them in spite of lack of knowledge, expertise and resources. There are many advantages of hiring a software development company and outsourcing your IT work to them. Some of the most prominent benefits that attract organizations in developing countries for outsourcing their IT work to offshore locations are:Outsource Software Development

Cost savings: The most important factor that attracts organizations towards software development outsourcing is the cost benefits offered by it. Organizations save the money that would have been otherwise spent on infrastructure setup and employee hiring. Further, maintaining a development centre and the related resources is also very costly.

Quality solutions: A software development company can offer much better and reliable solutions compared to the in-house solutions. They have proper knowledge, experience and resources to complete the work in time and accurately.

Extra funds for core activities: By outsourcing their work, clients save a lot of money which can be invested in various core functions of the organizations and thus enhance their performance.

World-class technology: Developing software solutions is the core function of software development companies therefore it is mandatory for them to maintain a state of the art development center with all the latest and popular technologies. With these technologies they can deliver a highly reliable and unique solution that can help clients in boasting their performance.

Focus on core activities: By outsourcing their IT requirements organizations can save a lot of time and focus on their core business activities. With extra resources and time, organizations can perform much better and enhance their business.

There are many more benefits of hiring a software development company from offshore locations but the above mentioned ones are the most important ones. Today, software development outsourcing is a very common practice in organizations and businesses. This requires them to be very careful while hiring the software development company for their business requirements.

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