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Communicating Your Requirements To A Software Development Company

Offshore Software Development CompanyIt might seem a very simple and straight forward task but effectively communicating your software requirements is a much more critical and planned task. A lot depends upon it as effective communication is essential for acquiring useful solutions.

Mentioned below are some tips that will help you in effectively communicating your requirements to a software development company.

  • Mention a few similar websites to the web development company. Also mention things you like about them and things you don’t like about them.
  • Also inform them about your competitors.
  • Define your website in terms of adjectives such as sophisticated, classic etc
  • Inform the web development company about the data to be entered by the user and the information that the application is expected to produce.
  • If possible, gather and provide all the related documentation for your website.
  • Describe all the major features of your website in detail. Each feature should be explained clearly with inputs for all the possible usage situations.
  • If you wish to develop a part of the solution yourself then inform this to your development partner. Tell them the responsibilities that you will be handling and discuss how it will function along with the solution developed by them.
  • Finally check whether all the information has been conveyed or not. Even if you feel that a particular detail is very small, still you should convey it to the web development company.

Xicom technologies is among the top 100 web development companies in India where clients from all over the world come for solutions regarding their web requirements. Xicom, a prominent software development company believes in delivering total client satisfaction and understands that it is only possible if proper and effective communication is maintained between both the parties.

Xicom Offering Full Fledged Software Testing Services

Software testing is an essential and unavoidable phase of software development life cycle (SDLC) which involves various methods and techniques to ensure the quality of the product. Various errors and bugs are encountered in software testing which must be carefully documented and sent to the development team for correction or removal. The product is checked by comparing its features with those mentioned in the requirement documentation created initially. Testing also helps in determining whether the application will be applicable and useful in the real world usage.

Xicom provides well conceived software development services along with reliable software testing services to ensure an impeccable software solution for its clients. The full fledged software testing services provided by Xicom allow them to deploy software solutions to their clients with full confidence. Apart from the testing for self developed softwares, Xicom technologies also provides testing services for softwares developed by other development companies. This methodology has been found to be very effective in obtaining a high quality solution with no error or short comings.

To power its software testing services, Xicom employs a team of more than 50 highly skilled and experienced software testing engineers solely dedicated to software testing and ensuring error free delivery of solutions to the clients. Various testing methodologies are followed by the software testing engineers depending on the software, level of testing and the requirements of the client. With more than a decade of software testing experience, Xicom exhibits a strong command over various testing procedures and techniques including Agile development and Rational Unified Process. The huge resources and extensive experience allow Xicom to provide unmatched software testing services in shortest time durations.

Xicom is a reputed software development and software testing services provider delivering business centric error free software solutions to its 500+ clients, including fortune 1000 companies. It is a global service provider and leader in software development services with clients spread all over the globe.

The major testing services offered by Xicom technologies are:

  • Software testing
  • Web applications testing
  • Functional and Regression Testing
  • GUI and Usability Testing
  • Accessibility Testing
  • Compatibility Testing
  • Performance Testing
  • Installation/Configuration Testing
  • System/Integration Testing
  • Security Testing
  • Automated testing
  • Compliance Testing (508, UK and European accessibility standard, etc.)
  • Quality control

Xicom believes in achieving total client satisfaction in every project. The software testing services help Xicom in making sure that the primary goal of the company; i.e. client satisfaction is delivered along with the developed solution.

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The Right Choice And Decision About The Web Design Company Makes The Difference

Web development and web design companies have come up with customized online solutions for different companies for profit enhancements. Web technologies are now backbone of commerce as use of internet and World Wide Webs indispensible. E-commerce is no more a new concept in nations like India where common people have been highly benefited after its implementation, but now it is the time of initiating better web presence. Selection of the proper website design company and the right web developer indeed matters. Websites are designed and tailored for a specific target audience and it is indeed a good idea to seek advice of the experienced website designers before launching or revamping a site.

Online commerce is the way of attracting consumers across the borders and with clicks of computer mouse now people from all parts of the globe can buy products. While planning for a website it is best to make a comparative analysis with the competitor sites, this actually provides an enhanced idea and planning while seeking service from the website design companies. Though there are expert web design companies and web designers remaining in all parts of India, it is wise to mention that the best of the breed work from Delhi. And Delhi is considered to the ideal destination of web design. The website design companies can even suggest regarding the best suitable solution while anyone wants to launch a site. Selection of the tools, use of the server during hosting and navigability of the site must be analysed and compared with different existing sites.

An attractive interface indeed helps. Usability analysis is a step that most of the web designers follow. The project coordinators keep an eye on the aesthetics and look and feel of each and every site that are under development. There are several aspects that are thoroughly scrutinized by the expert web development professionals. Web development companies played an important role behind popularity of electronic commerce and they involve web designers in a consistent research process.

Actually research helps to be aware of the changing scene and changing use of technologies. There are different web development companies that have come up with alluring templates and in case you are not having ample of Dollars to go for a complete web page developmental process, it is best to select a suitable template.

Xicom provides a broad range of web development services and application development services to help you harness the power of technology, consulting and maximize your online business investment.

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Growth and popularity of Web Design and Web Development

The growth and popularity of the internet and the development of the World Wide Web has created various occupations related to creation of websites such as web design, web development, web programming, etc. The information technology fields have generated employment opportunities to a great extent that require highly trained individuals to be proficient in diverse job functions. The computer specialist includes web designers, programmers, database administrators, and network administrators and so on. More and more occupations are evolving each day that are related to the web design india in some way or the other. New areas of specialization require able and learned individuals to perform sophisticated jobs. Web design and web development has become very popular professional trends and thousands of websites are being created each day. In that respect the web designers are also worth mentioning. The webmasters are accountable for maintaining the performance and integrity of any website by taking care of the technical aspects. Whatever may be the job, it requires both efficiency and proficiency to perform them and achieve best results. Only theoretical knowledge is not enough, good amount of practical knowledge is also required to solve major issues that somebody may have to come across while performing a particular job.

Database administrators are the individuals who have to take care of the integrity and organization of data. In order to manage huge volumes of data and ensure security against any loss or theft of data,database administrators must possess good amount of knowledge of data handling. With new and advanced systems being discovered every day, the database administrators are required to integrate date into the new systems without any error. It is also on the hands of the database administrators to modify data and troubleshoot any problem related to data according to situations. Creating backup systems and coordinating data needs thedatabase administrators to be aware of the functioning of the latest database management system software. Since most of the business concerns follow a distributed architecture, job of network administrators are quite complex and therefore requires good command over that subject. There is wide range of communications starting from that between the rooms of a particular office to multinational organizations that exhibit globally distributed networks. Network administrators are on the threshold of analyzing and developing network models to comply with the area and structure of any network which requires both hardware and software solutions at hand.

Web Programmers play a very important role in building websites as well as application software with advanced features and functionalities. Web programming and web design is a very flourishing profession and requires individuals to be considerably accustomed to all the latest technologies and programming languages. Both for web programming as well as web design, individuals need to have good amount of knowledge along with the power of creativity and innovative ideas. To stay ahead in the competitive atmosphere, the web professionals must keep on enhancing their knowledge and productivity unimpeded.

Xicom provides a broad range of web development services and application development services to help you harness the power of technology, consulting and maximize your online business investment.


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Affordable Offshore software development services in India

In today’s world Offshore Software Development is becoming more popular among corporations, who are looking to increase their international business. Frequently sending an offshore software development projects can save money because of its inexpensive development cost. Henceforth, this saving can be used in other software development projects.

A need of systematic approach like analyzing the scope and structure of your services for better co-ordination is must. This eventually will reduce the operating cost of your offshore software development services. Certain elements of software development services require constant attention. Maintaining constant transparency through fine communication channel will increase the performance of your offshore software development services. For effective communication management, ensure to discuss each problem on a daily basis.

Lots of the software development services fail because of cost, budget and presentation targets. Good Professional management skill is required to outsource a project of software development. You must have excellent relationship management in order to successfully deliver your offshore development services to client. By implementing a proper management structure, you will be able to maximize your benefits from outsourcing services. Managing with clear considerate of project guidelines will put you in a position to command and control your outsourcing software development services.

Xicom Technologies is an India based Information Technology offshore web Development Company that specializes in providing web development, offshore software development, programming, database, or Website Development Services to global customers.

Xicom provides a broad range of web development services and application development services to help you harness the power of technology, consulting and maximize your online business investment.

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Why Web Development in India is Most Successful?

Web Development in India is one of the major outsourced services through out the world. The website design and development business is India has been thriving on a huge amount of outsourced work from different corners of the globe. The thorough professional insights and skilled professionals are one of the major reasons for taking the web development industry of India to such soaring heights.

The seamless professionalism bestowed on the Indian web designers and developers has resulted in a purely unique way of creating an image through the web. Never ever could one have imagined the impact of web design and development in India would turn such a big factor for almost all the major players around the world.

India has given the world, some of the finest IT professionals. Although the web development division is an inseparable part of the IT industry, still it has created its own niche today.

Let us just go through some of the biggest advantages offered by our Indian web development industry to the world by the means of creating really professional websites.

Image Building:
Sans a website? Watch out for the amount of business you may have missed till now. It’s high time that every business owner has a website. The professional web development has produced an urgency to connect to the world on an instant basis otherwise it could send negative signals to the potential customers. The websites help build a seriously professional image and send across the company’s message to the target audience.

Business Development:
A well designed and skillfully developed website is no less than your personal marketing guy generating leads and offering consultancy to your potential clients. The websites are one of the most crucial points of contact to maintain your current and potential business relationships.

Xicom provides a broad range of web development services and application development services to help you harness the power of technology, consulting and maximize your online business investment.

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An Introduction Into The World Of Web Development

Web development is a term used by many which refers to activities that relate to the creation of a website and showing it to the world of online users. These activities can be for e-commerce business development, web server configuration, web content development and many more.

One of the greatest things ever achieved by mankind is the development of the internet. Unlimited information, endless possibilities of entertainment, business opportunities and many other things are available to anyone around the world with just a few clicks of a button.

Even the simplest web page consisting of text available to the world is created using a multitude of codes. These codes are also responsible for all those flashy banners and applications we use on various websites for our pleasure and entertainment. All those activities that are meant to create the unique virtual environment in which we feel at home are part of web development. But I mentioned afore that this is different from what we know as web design. This is because web development activities are meant to make the website functional and practical, whereas web design activities are meant to make the website look nice.

Given these facts, it would be normal to assume that with the growth of the internet, lots of companies that deal with internet activities would also emerge. Some may have experience in the plumbing and wiring of websites, hence the web development part and others would specialize in making the creation more appealing to visitors.This attention is given by the members of the team, which in many cases need to be experienced. For this, veterans are there to know what to offer the clients. The veterans from the web design team are always kept on their toes by young talents that know what is new and hip on the market.

Xicom provides a broad range of web development services and application development services to help you harness the power of technology, consulting and maximize your online business investment.

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Web Development Specialized Skills And Interacts With The Customer At All Stages

IT-related services can be broadly divided into different, specific disciplines. One of the most important of such IT service is web development. Information technology (IT) is one of the most booming sectors of the world economy. Indeed, the well-being of this sector is crucial to the performance of the economy as a whole, with swings in the sector greatly affecting the economic well-being all over the world.

The web page is meant for publication on the World Wide Web (i.e., the Internet). Web development service can be defined as any activity undertaken by professional web designers, in order to create a web page. However, there is a technical difference between web development and web designing services. While the latter involves all the design and layout aspects of a web page, writing codes and generating markups form important tasks under web development.

Website development services are required for a wide range of IT-relate services. Some of the important fields that involve web development include e-commerce, business development, generation of content for the web, web server configuration and client-side (or, server-side) scripting. While the web development teams of large companies can comprise of a large number of developers, it is not uncommon for smaller business to have a single contracting webmaster. It should also be understood that, although web development requires specialised skills, it is usually a collaborative effort of the different departments of a company that make it a success.

The client side coding is mainly related to the layout and designing of web pages. On the other hand, server side coding ensures that that all back end systems work properly, and the functionality of the website is correct. These two areas of coding need to be combined in a professional, expert manner in order to make web development an effective process.

Website development is rapidly gaining in popularity all over the world, in the IT sector. There are quite a number of web development companies. Web development in Delhi is an extremely well-known service and the developers from this area are thorough experts in this field.

Xicom provides a broad range of web development services and application development services to help you harness the power of technology, consulting and maximize your online business investment.

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Outsource Web Development – Get The Most Desirable Web Facility

India is not only providing web developing and software solutions to their own businesses but also they are facilitating the foreign countries by their outsourced programs. By offering the best modern methodologies and technologies, India has proved its talent as well as skills and abilities which are the most distinctive qualities and which makes them different from other countries. They dont compromise on quality and keep on introducing new and modern solutions to resolve many web developing issues. Whatever problem you are facing while managing your website, India is one and only country who has competitive edge over other countries in terms of having unique solutions to resolve any type of issue.

If we look around the major IT specialist of this world then we find that India is the best country to promote different web developing ideas in true manner. India provides major opportunities to their IT students so that they can provide them unique ideas to solve numerous web development issues.

Whenever any company wants to obtain web development services, they consult India’s IT industry for having the excellent features of web development. According to one survey, India will become world’s best IT expert very soon which is the greatest achievement for an Asian country. There are countless companies running in India which have online businesses and are generating high profits day by day.

No matters, you want to get the help of extensive technical issue or your website is not providing large extent of response. All your problems will only be handled by India’s best talent and the brilliant minds. Every country is astonished by the extra ordinary abilities of India’s dazzling minds and is giving their major assignments to them. Foreign countries rely on India’s technological market because they provide them high quality work within restricted time frame. The escalating popularity of India’s IT market is affecting the economical condition as well.

In couple of years, you will observe a huge difference between present and future scenario and you will find that companies would like to obtain web development outsourcing service from different regions of this world and in this manner, India would be most promising and prominent country on earth.

Xicom provides a broad range of web development services and application development services to help you harness the power of technology, consulting and maximize your online business investment.

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Php Programmig India: Web Development Tips Which You Should Never Ignore

The field has also brought numerous opportunities for the experienced and the new web developers. The field of web development is vast and it employs many of the robust technologies that give virtual benefits to the IT and ITeS companies. However, with this ever-growing web development sector, there are some important Web Development Tips Which You Should Never Ignore, before any web development company takes a plunge and starts a new project. Remember these tips will let your business run huge profits from your competitors, and will give you high returns on investment.

The success of trade in the prevailing market scenario is the less the successful.

Affordable: Any web development project, no matter how small or big, should take into account the cost factor involved in it. Web development at low cost gives more virtues than the projects in which high costing are involved.

Spic and Span Coding Strategy: The scripts and codes used in web development should use systematic and symmetrical coding presentation. A clear coding style brings ease of detection of errors and given on the profit side, helps in fast maneuvering of the projects, with no wastage of time.

Simple Yet Powerful: One of the web development tips which you should never ignore is keeping the layout of your web development project simple, understandable with complete functionalities incorporated into it. This ensures the web developers complete understanding of the project in case of any error. Whats more, in this manner, the managing of project becomes easy too.

Time and Quality: Developing a web project without compromising on time and quality, gives an upper edge over the competitors and moreover, the web development company can retain the client for any other future endeavors. In the present market scenario, you need to deliver the projects fast and deliver quality. Only those companies, which have complete hold over their working strategies and can meet the deadlines, have good virtues stored for them in times to come.

Innovation: Web developers should have an eye of creativity, besides, technical sense. A normal web developer lacking creative programming techniques cannot do justification to project. Innovation brings difference, and this difference gives the lead from the competitors.

Foolproof and Secured: Security and flawlessness is counted amongst web development tips, which you should never ignore. A secured website is an ideal bargain for the client as his business will solely depend on it. This is particularly true in case of Ecommerce websites, where millions are invested and security is considered as one of the most important of all issues.

Incorporating New Technology: Working on new web technologies is as thrilling to the web developers as to the clients. Incorporating new web technologies brings virtues and success for the clients and their business. However, budgeting and the amount of traffic intended to visit the website has to be taken into account at the first place.

Xicom provides a broad range of web development services and application development services to help you harness the power of technology, consulting and maximize your online business investment.

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