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Developing a Website? – 10 Tips for a High Quality Website

Have you ever thought how can you create a great website? Excellent site means quality content, impressive designs and charismatic video. A website is only successful if it allows the visitors to stay on it for longer time duration. In other words, it should connect with people. There is a broad range of approaches to building a quality website, but few of the ingredients are quite common to develop a website. So here are few small things you need to do to create a high-quality website.

1. Quality Content
Content is referred as the king of any website. The content designed for a site should be purposeful, original and should be correctly optimized. Always remember, if the website content is not optimized, then it is of no use. The quality of the content assists in ranking better in the search engines like Google and delights your customers.

Before designing content for a website, try to establish a tone for your site which speaks to your target demographic. Once you have selected a tone, you need to make sure it is consistent across all pages. Your content needs to be sales oriented and grammatically correct.

2. Responsive
A responsive website is aimed at providing an optimal viewing of a site. It should offer an interaction experience to a reader with a minimum of resizing, panning, and scrolling—across a broad range of devices. Approximately, 70% of all web pages are viewed on the mobile devices. So there is an enormous need to develop a responsive website and also given an enormous chance to many web development companies to grow.

3. Invite the user to contact
Never forget to invite your user to communicate with you. Provide your contact details to the website or a simple contact form which should be checked periodically. You should be quick enough to respond your web users enquiries and does not allow them to wait for long.

4. Easy to Use
The User Experience (UX) design is paramount for a successful website. It plays a crucial role in helping users, to loiter around on your site. A design has several UX levels and to provide value to the site, they should be adjusted with the design.

Some of them are:

  • It is advisable to build a logical navigation architecture in a hierarchy.
  • The navigation should be as shallow as possible.
  • Put buttons, dropdowns, and other items as per requirement in the logical places
  • Avoid corporate speak, uncommon industry jargon, and advanced vocabulary. Use language that is understandable to your target audience.
  • Use consistent layouts and allow the site room to breathe.

5. Enables the user to share anything Socially
Content marketing is very essential to grow your presence on the web. So don’t forget to include a social sharing plugin. Search Engine Optimization is very great and makes it easy for readers to find the content on web. It can fetch you a high volume of traffic which includes both social networks and social bookmarking-types of services. It is also noteworthy that it can improve your search ranking. It is not necessary to have a social sharing buttons on every page. But if you have a press release, blog or article posts, educational videos, market research, infographics, or some other unique and compelling content, provide space for sharing it with social media. Most users won’t jump through hoops to share the content. They are accustomed to it being fast and easy.

6. Try using an impressive web video
Sites with web video have an 86% higher conversion rate than those without. Creating a video is a cost-effective, straightforward and easy way to get a complicated idea heard and understood. Connect with web visitors in a way that no other media can and give them a different experience.

7. Add Testimonials, they are influential
Current customers are great assets to your company because they can provide real-world case studies and can share as to how your company has helped them save time, save money, etc. So reach out to your best customers and ask for a testimonial.

8. Use clean and bold images
This is trending these days. It is because images speak louder than words. So, capture your visitors with beautiful imagery. Take pictures of your team in action, shots of the local area, or recent projects you’ve worked.

9. Add your working hours & days
Similar to the phone number as written above, when is your business open? Sometimes there are many questions in the mind of your customers while the land on your website. If they do not get complete information on the website, they either hesitate to contact you or else they leave the website. So, it is better to provide your customers full information on your site.

10. Speed is essential
Make sure that your website pages load quickly i.e. not more than six seconds. A user may turn off a slow site. Make sure to optimize your web images, minify your CSS and leverage the browser caching. It may help go a long way in boosting your website speed. One can use tools like Google Page Speed Insights which can help you see your website’s bottlenecks.

So, these were some tips to build a perfect website. Follow these steps to ensure your success.

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