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GenCrowd is an online marketplace which allows people to crowdsource ideas, content, and feedback for their business needs and help alleviate some of the issues that entrepreneurs, startups, and small businesses face while starting up, or running their own businesses.

Key Challenges

GenCrowd wanted to connect people with resources who can help themselves start and build their own businesses and help startups and entrepreneurs get individual, unique ideas, feedback and perspectives for their businesses.

Proposition & Solution

Xicom designed and developed a professional online idea sharing website for GenCrowd which helped the users collaborate within the system and bring the useful point of views according to the required business solutions for other users. Our solution included the following features:

  • Problem posting and solution providing modules with keeping the statistics updated for every user as per their profile.
  • Development of Messages module, Transaction Module, Account Settings Module, Profile Module.
  • Payment module for taking the making payment and receiving funds from Solution Seekers and Contributors respectively.
  • Search module for searching problems and their solutions on various criterion.
  • Extensive admin reporting for managing entire site activities.

Results & Benefits

Our solution met the exact requirements of GenCrowd and helped the site gain huge traffic in a small span of time of 2 months. Following were the key benefits that we as a contractor successfully provided to GenCrowd.

  • GenCrowd was able to launch and market the product timely as we as a contractor ensured that the deliverables were provided on time so as to meet all the deadlines.
  • GenCrowd is extremely satisfied with the outcome of this project and the quality of the finished product overall was very high meeting their expectations.
  • GenCrowd worked with us using the DTM Model whereby they hired dedicated resources and had the flexibility to bring change in scope so as to get the final product managed with the changing scenario of online learning platform.
  • Faster delivery of new features and higher overall software quality increased the client satisfaction, thereby increasing our revenue and customer retention.


Site was developed on MVC architecture using ASP.NET 4.0 Framework and MSSQL 2008 database.

Client Reviews

Amazing work done; I see now why they are known as the best provider in the web industry. This was not an easy project, and the way they have continued to stick with it till now is absolutely commendable. Xicom is just awesome - I have been really impressed by the diligence, patience, and professionalism that they have shown so far while communicating my requirements to their team. Coming to the team, they are a bunch of rockstars - they completely understood the scope of the project, and went above and beyond to develop and iterate the site to our satisfaction, while sticking to a timely schedule and budget. This is, without a question, the one of the most talented and organized group of people I have worked with, and I'll definitely keep using their services for my future needs. Thank you!

Barun Rath (Founder & CEO)