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CRM Solutions - Customer Relationship Management Application

Web CRM is a 100% web based software for contact management, marketing and sales support, project tracking and other CRM (customer relationship management) related tasks. Web CRM enables all users to share a central contact manager and project database, either over the web or within a corporate intranet. Users may share and update contact information, customer histories, hot leads, projects and pending tasks from any location, with any web browser.

Web CRM - Modules and Functions

Using Web CRM is like surfing on the internet, due to it's simple navigation and intuitive user interface.

Companies (Contact Manager Module) Projects (Project Tracking Module)
This is a kind of smart address book containing information about companies and attached persons. For easy contact management the lists can be filtered through freely defineable filter criterias (e.g. country, category, business ...). An unlimited number of actions (tasks, memos, ToDo) may - optionally - be linked to each company, thus providing a complete customer interaction history including documents, quotes and other files. Projects can be used in many ways to track project oriented work. Projects are a way of grouping related Actions for a specific project, lead, opportunity etc. An unlimited number of actions may - optionally - be linked to each project, thus providing a complete project history documenting the complete project lifecycle.
Actions/Activities (Task Tracking Module) The Reporting Module
Actions (ToDo's, Memos, Meetings) are stored in the "Actions List ". Actions can stand alone or - optionally - be linked to a company, a person and a project. Actions maybe assigned to a certain user and will then automatically appear on the users worklist. Files can be attached to Actions. The reporting module contains functions for generating reports and for downloading data from the contact manager and project tracking module in CSV (MS-EXCEL) format. This data can then be used for further offline processing. (e.g. generating mass mailings to all customers ).
The Administration Module
The ADMINISTRATION module contains functions for user management and access control. All administration is done through a web based interface. User access is managed by a group based profiling system, which allows different access levels for different users. Users can be locked on the fly, which will then prohibit any further transactions for this user.

System Requirements and Installation

Web CRM is a browser based application. Once the system is installed on a (web) server, all users can immediately access Web CRM over the web or within your corporate network. No software installation is required at the users computer. This makes the rollout and maintainance of Web CRM very simple.

Installation Scenarios

Installation on a hosting provider's webspace
In this scenario Web CRM is installed at your web hosting provider's webspace (web host must support Apache, PHP, MySQL). All Web CRM users with a valid user/password combination are able to access the system over the internet. All data is stored on the server of your hosting provider.

Installation on your company server
In this scenario Web CRM is installed on your company server. If this server is also connected to the public internet, then all Web CRM users will be able to logon to the system from any location, where they do have internet access. If the Web CRM server is not connected to the internet, then all users will only be able to use the system within the company network (intranet).

System Requirements
Prior to the installation of Web CRM, the following software modules must already be set up on the server and work properly:

  • Apache webserver or IIS webserver
  • PHP-Module
  • MySQL-database

Versions required: Apache = 1.3.x, PHP = 4.0.6, MySQL = 3.23.xx

Install Web CRM on your company server Install Web CRM at a web hosting provider
Choosing this option assumes that you are familiar with setting up the required system software on your server (APACHE-WebServer or IIS, PHP-module, MySQL-Database).

NOTE: Apache, PHP, MySQL is often pre-installed with many popular linux distributions. Binaries are also available for download from the internet for all popular operating systems (see sidebar for details).

Once Apache, PHP and MySQL are set up, installing Web CRM is easy:

Step-1: Create a database on the MySQL server and set the appropriate access rights.

Step-2: Load the database with an inital load script (provided with install package).

Step-3: Copy all Web CRM modules to your webservers publishing directory.

Step-4: Edit the database connection parameters in the Web CRM configuration file.

Thats all, you are ready to go!

Admin user can now define additional Web CRM users through the online administration panel.

Web CRM can now be accessed within your network/intranet. If your server is connected to the internet, then Web CRM can also be accessed over the internet (web access). In this case we strongly recommend to also install a firewall software for server and network protection. Unix/Linux has built in firewall capapilities, for Win 2000/XP servers we recommend using WinRoute from Kerio.
This option is recommended if want to access Web CRM over the web and if you do not want to operate your own server (see sidebar for some examples of hosting providers).

First you have to sign up with a web-hosting provider for webspace where you will install Web CRM. The provider MUST support APACHE, PHP and MySQL (which is the case for most serious web hosting providers). There are numerous web hosting providers on the net, we can assist you in finding the right provider for your area. Just ask.

Installing Web CRM at hosted webspace is very simple.

All you have to do is creating the Web CRM database (this can most times be done with the ONLINE tools that come with your webspace account) and then load this database with an initial install script. Now upload the Web CRM modules to your webspace with FTP (file transfer program) and you are ready to go !

Web CRM can now be used from any location where you have internet access.

Remote Installation : Upon request we will also do a remote installation of the system on your providers webspace. In this case we need FTP access and access to your MySQL database.