Insurance Solution Application


Insurance solutions & application services for brokers and insurance advisors.

Insurance Solution Application - Brokers and Insurance Advisors

INSUREX 2.1 is a software tool aimed at insurance brokers (life, health and short term) and asset managers, who use it for, amongst others, the management of the assets and insurance portfolio of their clients (persons and organizations). It allows advisers to efficiently manage their detailed client and product information in a powerful, yet easy to use, database.

INSUREX 2.1 also offers visual aids, charts, graphs, tables, and other sales presentation tools which may be used to show individual clients the current state of their insurance and asset portfolio.

The latest version of INSUREX 2.1 is developed using state of the art software technology for workstations and laptops. It is written 100 % in Java and runs on most computers and operating systems, including Microsoft Windows, Linux and Unix. For the underlying database we have chosen the most time and memory efficient system available.

Application Features and Benefits

Powerful Data Management

  • Automatic gender recognition
  • Automatic generation of initials
  • Auto postal code completion by typing in a suburb or a city in SA
  • Link up to clients any document on your computer
  • Full history of old, new and future address details
  • Unlimited capturing of
    1. Phone & fax numbers and e-mail addresses
    2. Organisations and their subsidiaries
    3. Family members, friends and referers
    4. Brokers responsible for a client
  • New captured data can be linked to existing data - No double capturing!
  • Import and Export of your data
  • Exchange your data with associates

Insurance (Life, Short-Term and Health) and Asset Management

  • Product templates to create and maintain user specific products with build in automation
  • Easy selection of coverages, discounts and loadings for compiling insurance policies
  • Unlimited maintaining of benefits for insurance policies
  • Assignment of owners, insured persons and assets, beneficiaries, etc. to any insurance policy, asset or liability
  • Change mass portfolios in one go
  • Apply multiple signatures to accounts, assets and liabilities
  • Track switching of portfolios
  • Get relevant reports about growth and success of your recommendations
  • Generate Schedules and Portfolio Overviews in the relevant currency


  • Full electronic record keeping
  • Prove of actions done for and with clients
  • Full history of any amendments
  • Full history of all payments and their sources
  • Full history of actual and expired insurances and assets
  • Generate signable forms for clients


  • User interface has the same appearance as the Windows Explorer
  • No locked windows - every window is accessible just via one mouse click
  • Unlimited opening of windows either with the same or with different clients
  • Forward and backward buttons allow moving through the last accessed data
  • User-specific format settings of date, currency, monetary decimals, percentage
  • User-specific default settings of currency, nationality and reminder period
  • Create links to external documents, letters and calculations from and for your clients
  • Pop-up calendar for convenient date handling
  • Benefit from our experience of over 8 years in the broker industry

Below you see some topics of the design in INSUREX 2.1 . An overview of the features in INSUREX 2.1 is provided later in this product introduction.

Features of INSUREX 2.1 Install Web CRM at a web hosting provider
  • Client Management
  • Contact Management
  • Comprehensive Help File
  • Product Template Base
  • Comprehensive Product Management for all Types of Products Like
    • Life Assurance
    • Health Products
    • Short-Term Insurance (Domestic and Commercial)
    • Unit Trusts and other Funds
    • Any Type of Loan or Finance
    • Securities (Shares, Bonds, Futures, etc.)
    • Real Estates
    • Banking Products (Accounts, Loans, Investments, etc.)
  • Full Commission Tracking Facility
  • Support for Scanned Documents
  • Customisable Printing, Emailing and Exporting
  • Client Data and Statements
  • Portfolio Overview
  • Birthday and Anniversary Lists
  • Labels
  • Claim Reports
  • Telephone and Address Lists
  • Charts and Graphs
  • Production Grouped by Product Supplier
  • Total Premium, Sum Insured, Cover and Invested Amount
  • Portfolio of a Client
  • Claim Related
  • Company and Insurance Rating Management
  • Track of Multiple Valuations for Companies and Any Type of Asset
  • Individual Settings via Options & Settings
  • Multi-Currency System
  • Recycle Bin
  • Technical
  • Password Protected
  • Secure Data Encryption to Keep Your Confidential Information Safe
  • Importation of Your Existing Data
  • Versatile Modular Design
  • Platform Independent
  • ODBC/JDBC Support
  • Possibility for Customisation
  • Open API on Mutual Agreement