Wireless & PDA Application


Fast & reliable wireless and PDA application system for financial manager application.

Wireless Application - Financial Manager

Finacle 3.2 is a financial manager that you can carry in your pocket. Now you don't have to write down all your day's expenses and transfer them to your desktop PC financial manager later. Enter your expenses into Finacle 3.2 on the spot and forget about them, Finacle 3.2 will remember them for you. Entering a transaction is a two-click business, since Finacle 3.2 has a built-in autocompletion feature.

Application Features

  • NEW! WM2003 SE and SE/VGA support
  • Powerful Register View
  • Transaction Splits
  • Autocomplete
  • Customizable Reports
  • Budgets
  • Transactions Scheduling (Standard edition only)
  • Pop-up Notifications for Scheduled Transactions(Standard edition only)
  • Categories and Classes
  • Multicurrency Support
  • Data Encryption
  • Today Plug-In
  • QIF Import/Export
  • Data Backup (Standard edition only)
  • Synchronization with Quicken (Quick edition only)
User Registration Reports: Account Balances
One of the main Finacle 3.2 views is the Register view. It shows transaction list for a selected account (you can also choose to show all accounts).

You can also choose one of many sorting methods:

  • By date
  • By category
  • By money amount
  • By payee
  • By reference
  • By cleared status

For each of these methods select ascending or descending order.

These reports allow you to follow the evolution of your account balances for a chosen time interval. You can specify accounts, categories and classes to build the report for as well as to customize the currency to use.
Account List Reports: Profit and Loss
This tab displays the list of all available accounts. You can view all accounts at once or just of a certain type, and sort them by name, type or balance. You can add a new account by tapping "New" in the command bar. Some reports can be represented with a table. Here is an example of a Profit and loss Report representing your profit, loss and difference between these two values, for every month of a chosen time interval. All report specific options, such as, ccount/category/class filters are available.