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Why should you hire a reliable web development firm?

It is very much true that today a website acts as the face of your company in the web sphere. A good and efficient internet site can provide you with a huge amount of global exposure and clientele that will surely take your business to greater heights. Not every site on the web receives a lot of visitors. To attract the global audience you need to come up with a portal which is different from others especially in terms of looks and functionality.

To make your site unique, you need to hire professional developers who know in & out of the web development process. Several software development service providers have shifted to internet development market due to the financial benefits associated with this field. It has become quite essential to rope in skilled designers who possess latest tools and techniques in their arsenal as these things assist them in developing feature-rich and stable portals for their clients.


Given below are the few reasons why you should hire a professional for your web development project :  

Appealing Design :

Only a skilled web developer knows the right tricks involved in designing visually appealing and fully functional websites. The design of a website is the first impression, and if your portal is not designed in a proper manner then the customers won’t be returning to your site. The designer knows how to customize the features all in one to get the best possible look.

Error-free Coding :

Once the initial design of your portal is ready, your website will be taken over by the developers. A website is nothing if the codes running in the background are not working properly. Coding a portal is a very tedious task and only a reliable IT Outsourcing firm can provide you with error-free codes. If you wish that your site loads quickly then you should hire an expert for this job.

Easy Optimization and Promotion :

Even if you come up with the most attractive, easy to navigate and quickly loading portal, it will not be successful if it’s not optimized and promoted. A dedicated web development company will properly optimize and market your business site so that you can gain large exposure in a very less time. Apart from boosting SEO, you should also indulge in different promotional activities as well to help your website grow.

A professional web development company will make sure that your company website is easy to read and find. Only a good design & development is not important, the internet site should be optimized and promoted well so that it can be easily found in the search engines.


With the exponential growth of the internet users, having a good site has become indispensable. A website helps in promoting your business so you should launch a unique portal. In my opinion, it will be good that hire a skilled professional that can give you the best deal.

Xicom Technologies, now in London

xicom-ukThe software development industry is expected to grow three times by the end of the year 2020. If you are also planning to get yourself a customized software, website or a mobile app then you need to hire someone who can provide you exactly what you need. Xicom Technologies, a leading software development firm has a proven track-record in offering app development, tech consulting, & IT outsourcing solutions.

Started in 2002, we have till now invested 14+ years in this sector. In all these years we have been able to improve and expand ourselves in an excellent manner. It all began from a small office in New Delhi, India and just a handful of experienced and skilled professionals, within few years we were able to open our offices at several international locations. We recently came up with our new office on Daws Lane, London, United Kingdom.

The reason behind opening an office in the UK was easily reach out to European markets in a better manner. Our new office is located at the center of the city so that our clients can quickly reach out to us for a face to face discussion. With our localized approach you will never feel like that you are hiring an offshore company.

Our productivity and level of customer engagement helped us gain good amount of national and international customers. Our company is backed up by a strong and trustworthy team of 350+ full-time & part-time developers. Today Xicom Technologies has become one of the leading names in the software development industry.

The experts working at Xicom have a right blend of creativity and technical knowledge which allows them to offer a wide range of software design and development solutions. Our professionals can go an extra mile just for the satisfaction of your clients. Being professionals we strive hard and focus on building a transparent environment by deploying each & every resource efficiently.

Given below are the few special features of our company:

  • We offer 24/7 technical support. Customer satisfaction is our first priority.
  • We concentrate more on providing robust solutions as per the client’s requirement.
  • Xicom assists its clients in deploying a software or an app that adheres to ISO 9001 processes.
  • We gained market reputation by delivering quality services that too at affordable prices.

About Company

Xicom Technologies Ltd is a CMMI Level-3 & ISO 9001: 2010 certified offshore software development company which is headquartered in the New Delhi, India. It has over 350+ well-experienced and skilled developers who can deliver innovative, secure and stable IT solutions to small and medium size enterprises spread across different geographical boundaries. Xicom has over 500+ clients engaged in diverse business verticals.

Contact Information:

Daws House, 33 – 35 Daws Lane London, NW7 4SD, United Kingdom

Phone :  +44.20.8906.6761

Value Adding Web Application Outsourcing Services by Xicom

We dwell in a day and age where technology changed even before we can take hold of it. Hence, it becomes quite a task for the business owners to manage and maintain the applications, given the rapid changing nature of the present day technology. Owning web applications which add significant value to the business and are well under the budget, have now become quite an overbearing task. However, no having the perfect applications at our disposal would invariably result in needless burden on the core staff, plummet the productivity and shall endanger the quality of the output.

As the leading IT Outsourcing Company in India, it has been one of our ambitious endeavors to provide exceedingly up-to-date and smart web applications, which assist the corporate houses to meet the challenges of their business environment and discover the best of the human productivity and technical excellence.

Below, we shall provide you with the brief snippets of our web application development solutions and capabilities:

Product engineering solutions – we provide our clients with a fine amalgamation of product engineering and global delivery model, which enables them to stay ahead of their competition.

Excellent and much sought after cloud solutions – bringing your business closer to the IT capabilities, we provide fault less cloud computing solutions.

Managed IT solutions – in our enriching existence spanning over 10 years, we have provided our various clients, including the Fortune 1000 companies, with excellent managed IT solutions.

Dedicated teams model – our very own DTM model gives enough liberty for the clients to have various technical resources at their disposal.

Application outsourcing services and Xicom edge!

Being one of the top-notch Web application development companies, we have developed various client servicing models and processes, which allow our clients to completely concentrate on their core business areas while we take full charge of the entire development project, without a glitch. The web application outsourcing services offered by Xicom yield the following advantages to the corporate houses:

Unparalleled technical expertise:– For a successful web application development, the technical expertise assumes the role of paramount importance. At Xicom, we are blessed to have the teams of some of the most excellent and talented application developers, who have mastered various technologies. Having an average experience of over 11 years, our self-driven and passionate developers have mastered various development technologies such as Asp .NET, Java, Ruby on Rails, SharePoint, LAMP solution, various open sources and CMS solutions, and mobile application development platforms like Android and iOS etc. With Xicom, you get the team amongst the 150 highly competitive technical experts, who are regarded to be best in the industry.

Engaging and self explanatory user interfaces :– With over 11 years of experience in developing web application for our offshore clients, we almost intuitively come up with well planned user interfaces which only add value to the core management functions. Our designers and developers work hard to provide systematic layout, AJAX based interconnectivity, and self explanatory UI to all of our applications.

Scalable applications:– We at Xicom understand that the needs are subjected to change. With our well laid development models and vision, coupled with a deep routed understanding of the industry, we are able to offer highly flexible and scalable solutions to our clients. Our applications are without a doubt poised for future growth and expansion.

Cost effective solutions :– owing to the geographical location of ours, we are able to offer much advanced IT Outsourcing services at exceedingly competitive prices. Businesses benefit from our moderate pricing, quick turnaround times and unmatched technical expertise.

In a day where web applications are as important to a corporate entity, as neurons to human body, it is highly paramount that you own one, or plenty, to elevate the potential of your enterprise. Get in touch with the Xicom Technologies to receive thoroughly scalable and excellent web application solutions for your business.

Xicom Technologies Ltd.

Founded in the year 2002, Xicom is a CMMI Level-3 and ISO 9001:2008 certified offshore software development and web application development company with a strong team of 150+ highly skilled IT experts, catering result-oriented and cost-competitive solutions to SMEs across the world. Let's Work Together!