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Top PHP Frameworks For Web Development in 2019

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PHP is right now the most popular programming language which is being used to build all kinds of websites. Look at this statistics which says that right now PHP is used by about 79.1% of all the websites on the internet. PHP is known for its many popular frameworks that help PHP developers by providing them highly functional modules, a platform for creating robust web applications, reusable components and enabling them to build web applications rapidly. PHP frameworks also provide developers a basic structure and foundation so that they don’t need to always start from scratch. These PHP frameworks provide coding standards and developer guidelines by standardizing the process of web development. Nowadays, developers are required to build multifaceted websites and web applications and PHP frameworks offer developers an adequate solution to work in a more structured and efficient way. There are many PHP frameworks available in the market like Laravel, CodeIgniter, Symfony, Yii, CakePHP and more. In this article we are giving you top PHP framework list so that you can go through it and choose the best PHP framework for your project. First let’s look at this Google Trend which shows that Laravel still remains the most searched framework for all new PHP projects. Now let’ look at the most popular PHP frameworks one by one. All of these latest PHP frameworks are free and open source hence you can try out anyone which you find interesting. 1. Laravel Laravel was released in 2011 and no doubt it

Top Benefits of Hiring a Professional PHP Developer

Hire PHP Developer

Do you know why so many people are looking to Hire PHP Developer nowadays? It is due to the high demand for PHP based websites on internet. In last couple of decades, internet has changed completely how we live, communicate and get information. Now most of us rely on websites and internet to get most of the information. Websites are also getting more and more advanced to cater to the growing demand of people to access information from websites. Therefore, creative dynamic websites are taking place of earlier static websites as they offer more features and functionalities. Developers mostly use PHP or ASP.NET to build modern day dynamic websites but PHP has more than 80% of marketshare in all of the websites running on internet today. PHP is a server-side open source scripting language and it is easy to read, understand and write code in PHP for modern day websites.   Let’s discuss some of its benefits to build modern day websites:- PHP is very clean and organized language which makes it a superior choice as a programming language for website developers. No other programming language provides as much control over website as PHP does as it enables a well formatted and organized coding. Best thing is that PHP is an open source programming language which brings so many benefits alongwith the savings of lots of money in development. PHP works very well with all of the databases and CSS, HTML which broadens its horizon of development. PHP also does

Prefer Custom PHP Development for Stunning Websites

With the rapid-growing technology, websites can be created with so many ways. WordPress, no doubt is one of the most famous website development platforms, but it has its own limitations and restrictions. You may need to think of very flexible and versatile website development solutions with which you can get your website created with most interactive features and eye-catchy designs/ layouts. That’s why PHP programming language is the most sought-after scripting language and the most favorite for all the developers across the world. Offshore PHP development has given a golden opportunity to the PHP developers to create client requirement specific websites for best results. The websites created are focused on increasing the ROI of any business. Let’s get to know about PHP language: PHP means preprocessor hypertext language. Custom PHP development means versatile and flexible creation of websites and also, which lends programmers a power to create customized websites which are customer-focused, interactive, top-notch designs, dynamic and robust functionalities that can instantly catch the attention of the audience and push them to visit the website again and again. Benefits of investing into offshore PHP development: PHP is a server-side scripting language which is one of the most popular programming language around the world. There are endless possibilities of creating stunning PHP websites. Free and Open-source website development: As we mentioned earlier that PHP is free of cost and one can start with creation of websites very easily. It is open-source which means websites can be developed in combination of other

Creating a Mobile Friendly Responsive website with PHP

Mobile and digital technology had seen lots of advancements recently. Also, the desire for responsive web development has gone up too. Responsive websites have become important for businesses which want to have an online presence as they want to offer the best experience to visitors and customers. Some of the important elements in responsive websites are effortless navigation, easily readable content and seamless responsiveness on different devices such as PCs, Laptops, smartphones, and tablets. Now, most of the businesses and developers are aware of the benefits of PHP development, millions of websites have been built by this amazing platform including the most popular social networking sites like Facebook. Due to its success now PHP Programming is becoming more and more popular to build the sites. Hence if someone is thinking of a web development project then getting a responsive website using PHP is like doing the most pertinent thing. We are presenting before you the important things that need to be considered for a responsive web development in PHP. Excellent and Smooth Navigation Special emphasis must be on the viewing design and following instructions on the website. An attractive, clean and well-ordered navigation is important to make sure that the visitors get more interested to explore more and more on the website and to go ahead from a page to next, and check contents from the image icons. For better surfing experience you have to put content and images in the proper places. You should also use vibrant and catchy colors,

Why businesses should Outsource PHP Website Development Projects?

PHP is one of the oldest and reliable platforms for website development and has so many advanced features which other languages don’t offer. PHP is dynamic, robust and powerful. PHP is the foundation on which server-side code of most of the websites is written. PHP is equally beneficial for a start-up company as well as a for a large multinational organization. If you also want to go for PHP development for your website then outsourcing your project will be very economical for you without sacrificing on the quality. There are numerous software outsourcing companies in India, China, and other countries. Now we will list some of the benefits of outsourcing PHP website development projects:- Expert in latest Technology The outsourcing companies mostly have expert technical professionals who have deep knowledge and experience of handling vast PHP based projects. You can select the best company to outsource your PHP website development project after doing thorough research. You can find ISO certified organization which follows international standards and processes for website development. Looking at their portfolio and reading their reviews, you can trust them and hire them to develop your PHP website. You can Concentrate on your Core Business without worrying about Technical Aspect of Website This is one of the best benefits of outsourcing your PHP website development work to a professional PHP developer or to a professional organization. While they will develop your website from scratch based on your requirements and specifications, you can concentrate on your core business and

Best PHP Frameworks For Web Application Development

PHP is like a boon for each web development company, which wants to create appealing and dynamic websites in a cost-effective manner. In the current scenario, it has been found that PHP is being used on aprx. 20 million websites and one million web servers. Apart from this, it is also being used in a wide range of software such as leading blog provider WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Concrete5, Mybb, and Mediawiki. With the help of PHP, you can create custom applications by using PHP such as website inbuilt Chat box. Thus, if you like to create customizable PHP web application development, than you should approach a best software development company to ensure the standard quality of PHP based web applications in your website. In your quest of using PHP web applications on your website, you need to understand top ten PHP frameworks one by one. It will give you a thorough understanding of PHP frameworks and you will be able to choose the right one for your website. 1.) Yii Framework – It is the number one PHP framework, which can be used with web 2.0 development projects. Yii framework project took place in the January of 2008 and released on December 2008. Gradually, the latest version of Yii 1.1.10 released on February 2012 2.) PhpOpenbiz Framework – PhpOpenBiz is a well known as PHP application framework, which can be used to build web-based enterprise applications. It makes use of HTTP PRC call (AJAX) for exchanging data between browser and web

Get Robust PHP Web Applications with CakePHP

In the recent years one of the most advanced business techniques have evolved and it becomes necessary for the PHP experts to keep themselves updated with the contemporary market trends. PHP in this line is known amongst all those scripting languages and open source web development technology on which the most sophisticated databases can be communicated with an ease. This language is configured with such a finesse that all the relative frameworks like Cache PHP, Cake PHP, Joomla, Drupal, Magento can also integrated to create the most robust applications. There are in fact large number of IT companies today which generally prefer to develop most of the websites on this language. This technology is feasible in creating all types of applications where complexities involved in development are immense. PHP can be used and integrated with all kinds of operating systems, multiple software platforms and multiple data base management systems. This is in fact one of the reasons why most of the software companies in the current era are doing an aggressive outsourcing of the projects. The other aspect of PHP web application development which has emerged over the years is its Cake PHP framework. It is a free, open-source, rapid application development framework for PHP. This framework being so sophisticated but yet advance doesn’t require any burrowing of external codes. The code structure is already organized and you just need to embed a few of them to get it developed into a full fledged site or applications. Being the antecedent

CodeIgniter for Rapid PHP Application Development

CodeIgniter is the most advance framework of PHP web development. The complexities involved while using this framework are quite nil. Any start up person can learn to develop applications on it without putting much efforts. It is in fact, the best tool for the developers who want to develop the most dynamic websites. This framework is instrumental in delivering the projects before the stipulated time frames. The cost involved in the project deliverance is much less and the clients in fact get the best product quality in return as well. If you as the client want to develop the project from a scratch then choosing the CodeIgniter framework can surely be the best option. It helps to integrate different technologies within the shortest span of time. Today one of the most powerful sites are running on this smart framework and these sites are getting millions of best convertible leads too. The biggest benefit of selecting this framework is that your site will always be delivered with the expected performance. CodeIgniter can prove productive to your business. It can help you to expand your operational area by providing automated functions with almost nil configurations. Additionally, the systematized and thorough documentation of the web applications can be made possible with the help of this tool. By using this Rapid PHP Application Development tool, the web structure customization can be done easily. Even if you want to create simple web applications, using this framework can most surely help you to escape you from

Need a PHP developer? Why You Should Hire Xicom Technologies?

Xicom offers highly skilled and capable PHP developers to its various clients spread all across the world. Today, the internet and information technology has affected every sphere of our life. Consumers and organizations both cannot ignore its impact and the need to adapt according to the current trend. PHP web development is the most effective and widely used technology for developing web applications now. Organizations usually hire PHP developers from a leading web development company and get their solutions custom built by them. If you also need a PHP developer for your project then you need to look for them no more. We at Xicom technologies offer most talented, professional and experienced PHP coder for dedicated hire to our clients. Here are some of the reasons why you should hire Xicom technologies: Xicom offers access to a very wide range of skilled PHP resources. Clients can get the benefits of multi-skills by hiring PHP coders and programmers from Xicom. An associate project manager is assigned for every project, i.e. for each client. This person makes sure that the work is assigned to PHP programmers at proper time and for required duration. This person communicates with the client on a daily basis and makes sure that proper flow of information is maintained. The best part is that this associate project manager is provided free of cost. Xicom maintains a state of the art infrastructure and software development centre where dedicated PHP developers can work and develop top-notch solutions. Armed with latest

Effective Custom PHP Development from Xicom Technologies

Web application development and website development are now a necessity for all businesses and organizations. It is important for businesses to have a strong and impressive online presence in order to survive in this tough competitive business environment. PHP has been one of the most prominent and widely used web development frameworks used by web development companies all over the world for developing web solutions and deploying them to their clients. Most clients hire a PHP development company from offshore locations such as India, Bangladesh, etc and get their solutions built from them. Xicom Technologies is a CMMI level 3 and ISO 9001:2008 certified PHP development company offering a wide range of solutions based on custom PHP development for online portals, e commerce websites, corporate websites, web applications, business blogs, content management systems, business applications and many more. Since last 10 years, Xicom has been offering highly reliable, effective and robust Custom PHP development solutions to more than 500 clients including clients from fortune 1000 companies spread across diverse business verticals. Xicom Technologies offers effective custom PHP development solutions that are built around the exact business requirements of the clients and allow them to extract most out of the solutions for their businesses. The web development services are offered from three fully equipped state of the art development centers located in New Delhi, the capital of India. Further, Xicom is among the top web development service providers over Elance with 100% recommendation from its users, something that is not enjoyed