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The 3 Basic Difference Between Android And iOS App Development You Should Know

Android application development

Mobile applications have reached a point where people cannot imagine their lives without these apps. Mobile apps are for every generation. Today, people want to stack up their smart devices with all the useful apps. There are no limitations when it comes to the categories of mobile apps, as they range from gaming to high end business management.

Undoubtedly, there will always be a debate among the fans for android and iOS, but from the perspective of an app developer, it is not the opinion of the fans which help to decide that for mobile app development, which among the two would best suit a venture. So, here are the 3 primary differences to explore the diversity between creating an app for iOS and Android.

  1. App Development

An app developer should consider how the developed app would behave and what would be its characteristics from user point of view. The app should also be able to adapt to the comfort of the users so that they are always driven to working with it. As far as developing a mobile app is concerned, Android and iOS development are very different constructs. Creating apps for each of the platforms require individual knowledge pertaining to a certain coding language. Android based apps are made using Java, while iOS apps are created using Objective-C. There are benefits and flaws for both of these languages. So, it is advised to go with the one which best complements your style.

It is considered that Java is a comparatively new and easier to use language. This can help programmers in desktop software development as well. The fact that Java is easy to learn makes it a popular coding language among developers. On the other hand, objective-C is an older scripting language that is generally considered to be time consuming.

  1. The App Markets

Different app platforms mean different markets for the availability of the apps. Here, the developed mobile apps can be displayed and sold as per the guidelines set by each market administrator. Currently, the largest app market favors android application development in the Google Play Store. The Google Play Store officially sells the android apps. Android covers a majority of app market shares and leads the app download rate among all stores.

However, Apple’s App Store gives a close neck competition to the Google Play Store in a number of ways. These can be listed as featuring additional security as compared with an Android device. Although there are other platforms available, Google Android and Apple iOS are the leaders of the app markets.

  1. App Testing Process

The coding platform for Apple features the affiliated tools. This makes it easier for the iOS developers to test the apps effectively after the development phase. App developers for Apple work with user-interface testing feature which enables a better control over the development in the progress.

Google android apps, have however been rated as much lower when it comes to testing. But, it can be overcome simply by using the latest testing tools to make a bug-free app.

This Is What You Should Consider Before Developing Your First Mobile App

Today, smartphones have become an inseparable part of the life of people. Driven by the wonderful applications, people cannot imagine their lives without a mobile phone. For every kind of task imaginable, one can find hundreds of apps. Mobile apps have ruled out the desktop based applications and left them far behind by enabling unmatched flexibility and mobility.

There are millions of mobile apps available on iOS and Android platform. Yet, only a few from the lot tops the chart in terms of user engagement and downloads. The steps you take for mobile app development decides whether your app would be a success or a failure.

The idea behind app development should be based on the actual needs of your target audience. Penning down the user requirements should be your primary step towards app development. You can start your research by looking at the latest trends on the app store or reaching out communities on the internet. Visit Android and Apple forums to know about the solutions people are looking out for. Create a basic model of the functionalities your app would feature to address those issues.

Selecting the right platform for building the app should be the next step. This decision should be taken by the mobile app development services based on the target audience. The android app market is ahead of iOS market by more than three times. Whereas iOS leads the global app market in terms of revenue generation.

Mobile application development services

The point to consider here is that Android platform has more developers working on it as compared to iOS. Android phones are also the first choice of device when it comes to using a smartphone for the first time. On the other hand, iOS has most of the market shares in the developed countries. Do your research on different operating systems according to the location of the target audience.

There are different ways by which mobile app development services can make money out of your app. You can either have a paid version available for users or you can make a free app and earn through the ads displayed. Other ways include in-app purchases for app users to buy some extra features. Confirm the source of revenue well in advance. Follow the guidelines of the related app store you want the app to feature in and follow the best practices.

In order to avail the best possible mobile app development, you can outsource the development to a reputed company. Outsourcing your application development will give you a niche and you can manage other important aspects related to the app such as marketing. Hiring professional app developers can cut costs and enhance the app quality.

Why There is A Surge in Enterprise Mobile App Development?

Mobile applications have grown out to play a very crucial role in business development, and that too in different sectors and these different fields are administration, resource planning and also B2C and B2B communications.

Nowadays, we have enterprise mobile apps that are growing out to become the larger part of the software which is being used by several enterprises for covering all the aspect of these operations.

They have emerged as quite an incredible platform that can help the business owners to stay connected. The Internet has enabled access data at everyone’s fingertip and therefore allows them to take immediate actions quite easily. For those who might be wondering whether to go for an enterprise mobile application development or not, we have brought a solution for you. In this blog, we have discussed major points that support why mobile apps are great for enterprises and why one should go for them.

1. Enterprise Resource Planning

All the enterprise operations have now become virtual, and all the credit goes to the software developed for enterprise resource planning has made it easy for the developers to streamline the proper function and helps to gain optimum resources.

Some of the well-known software Odoo ERP, the internal ERP system are quite handy resources that are quite good for the complete organization as they help to get the complete tally of how many resources are utilized within the company. We now have  Java and internet based mobile apps that allow the users to get a hold of the ERP data on their mobile devices even when they are traveling.

2. Managing the content

Content management is quite an important aspect of any business, and this leads primarily to generate data, access it as well as protect it. Moreover, you need to know that the data is relevant only if you can access it on time whenever it is required, when one can access it on mobile devices something which is important.

Microsoft SharePoint and Alfresco that are two platforms that also offer their mobile extensions which can be added to the user devices and after dropping proper authentication, data access is allowed while rendering extranet and internet portals.

3. Managing Customer Relationship

When it comes to customer-centric businesses, market conditions there are quite dynamic, and this is what makes the market trends very obsolete at a quite faster rate. The marketing team thus need to stay abreast with all the sentiments, the sales team must have the capability to reply at a faster pace and in order to manage issues that are related to customers can be easily dealt with customer relations team and  can easily deploy the data as per relevant department and also allows a point for accessing data at a common point.

4. Handling Business Communications

Talking about the communication applications the common features comprises of video conferencing, data sharing, instant messaging,  as well voice messaging and calling. These tools that make sure to render instant communications have lowered the importance of emails and have brought to a secondary position, where quite critical data that include big data files that demand proper documentation are sent easily.

SharePoint and Liferay are quite well-known platforms in enterprise communication applications development. These platforms are great in order to create mobile apps that not only performs well but also can be accessed seamlessly or mobile devices of different screen and orientation as well as desktop computers.  Another common factor in mobile app development for enterprises is that they are designed to make decision-making quite agile in business.

This is quite a  strong motivator talking about all new business operations as well as several businesses that aim to expand and mobile app development is the crux of their strategy to develop a comprehensive business strategy for development. Whether you need to stay connected in a B2B or B2C environment, mobile apps are being used extensively by enterprises so as to manage data as well as communicate all the matters related to business.

Are you seeking a Mobile App Development Company?

Mobile app development needs something which is quite essential for today’s business. With growing competition, we can see that every business owner  thinks of developing a mobile app. This is the reason you need a proficient mobile app development company that can develop the best mobile app for your business.  We being into the business for more than a decade now can help you to develop quite a competitive application for your business.

Feel free to drop us your queries!

Internet of Everything: Evolution or Eviction

Evolution is the biological phenomenon which has been taken very seriously by tech leaders. These gadgets are now interconnected to form a space called internet of everything. Talking about the monetary perspective, Cisco CEO has stated that Internet of Things has a bright future, and the market is supposed to soar to $19 Trillion. The company even deems Internet of Everything as the biggest transition in the Internet space. Moreover, it can be seen that the global profits will increase to 21 percent by 2022. Moreover, it can be seen that 50 billion objects will get connected to The Internet.


IOT Evolution




IOT is paving a new path of innovation, making a new gamut of devices where machines and the digital world are connected to deliver high speed and efficiency into various sectors such as healthcare, travel, automation, household and more. Here I have discussed whether IoT is here to stay or will face abrupt exit.


Easy connectivity

There were many questions regarding what is the role of mobile apps in IoT. The crux is that mobile being the most used devices thus ultimately you need to develop a mobile app which is the central controller of your IoT. For there can be enterprise app can make use of several apps that can be the used for getting real-time updates from an industrial plant, and this might comprises of getting information from the sensors that are present in the manufacturing equipment. These sensors are fitted into the machine to get precise information regarding the variances in pressure or temperature of the machine that might require any further diagnosis and subsequent preventive maintenance. Mobile apps are certainly the integral part of IoT and will experience a significant boost along with this hyper-connected environment.

Easy Connectivity


Everyone is ranting and raving about the usefulness of this system and talking about the usability is not in the scope of thing blog (perhaps it would make it quite clichéd).


Risks involved

My concern here is that as sensible data is being entirely accessible online and malicious users also have easy access to the end points that are open to malicious users prying on the internet makes security a primary concern and cannot be missed by an oversight. Those who have the foresight can see all the possible advantages of the things, however yet concrete steps are to be taken when it comes to the connection so many devices. Moreover, they are still using the obsolete security measures such as Public Key Infrastructure, which is not strong enough to handle 50 billion devices and that too on an industrial level. Looking at the luxuriantly increasing devices which will react to 20.8 billion by 2020, brings security to the forefront for a perpetually connected, high-traffic, decentralized hyper-connected gadgets.

It is quite crucial to handle security before crying over the spilt milk as it is estimated that the cost of cybersecurity will soar to $3 trillion in the forthcoming years. Moreover, looking at the increasing number of devices we can see that it can reach to 20.8 billion in next four years. This brings to us the concern that whether the utility offered by this hyper-connected the world worth the damage it can cost?


Utility vs. Damage

The more we are count on the digital world the more is the dark world that comprises of cyber criminals, and nefarious hackers are growing simultaneously. Consequently, problems and stigmas attached to it such as operational disruption, public embarrassment, loss of intellectual property and cyber attacks are becoming more prominent.


Let’s solve the problem!

Let’s be very pragmatic on this, and indeed I believe that there are not IoT networks which are not prone to danger. As the IoT is a different system, therefore, it demands a different approach. For this, you need to detect the breaches, and then you need to know when and how the data was changed. This is an issue of integrity — and therefore, the key focus should be on the modern security as we are dealing with the age of “connected everything.”


IOT Solve The Problem

Therefore, as we now focus on the integrity, we would think of a new approach and tools. Those who need to focus on data integrity can have schemes such as scalable provable data possession (SPDP), the dynamic provable data possession (DPDP) blockchain, and Merkle hash trees that are the right places where the industry people can focus. Now rather than just scaling the level of IoT we need to work to make it more reliable. Thereby is a requisite for endpoint security for the industry. Rather than spending on resources to recover the losses, it is better to devote time to taking an advance step for when not when they occur.


IoT: Evolution or Eviction

Looking at the plausible advantages, we are confident that people would like to trade-off security concerns. Moreover, there concerns will not be put to oversight, and people will strive hard to come up with secure and reliable solutions. These points culminate the discussion to the point that the IoT will evolve to grow out to be a more connected system and is will certainly not get evicted as it is a future proof technology.

How Business can harness the power of Mobile Apps

In recent years, it has been noticed that a vast number of retailers and businesses have started focusing more on mobile apps than the native web. Many companies are found to be chilling with the burgeoning usage of a smartphone with 3G and 4G data options and Wi-Fi access. Few of the America’s top retailers such as Amazon, Walmart, Target and Best Buy are gaining maximum profits through mobile traffic.

In a recent survey, it was found that 85.9 million prefer to shop online from mobile applications. Once the customer downloads an app, s/he will always be logged in. This will allow the brand to collect user-specific data such as repeated purchases, time duration of browsing, a preferred platform to share information, etc.

Chris Dixon, a general partner at Andreessen Horowitz, shared some interesting stats in a post last year:


This data is itself alarming! One can easily see the steep rise in the usage of mobile apps. Are you still not convinced?

Here are some of the ways businesses may harness the power of mobile applications.

Be Visible to Customers at All Times

The best thing about the mobile application is that it gives ample opportunities for companies to engage with their customers in real-time, by location. It also provides the complete information about the user.

Creates Strong Brand Image

A strong brand image is critical for every business these days. Nowadays people are constantly available on social media. Almost every app includes social sharing capabilities, allowing consumers to share anything with friends on social networks. This leads to build a good brand image in the mind of the customers which further lead to customer locality.

A brand that does not have a mobile app appears outdated and isolated from modern day trends. A lack of mobile app leaves a not-so-good impression about a brand on potential customers. This indirectly affects a brand’s current business performance and prospects.

Introducing new product/ services or schemes

Mobile apps help the businesses to introduce your products /services or any offers that you want to float. Whether you are selling bakery goods or a spa owner, you need to reach your customers frequently. Thus, having an application can help the owners to communicate with your target customers. For example, instead of calling a restaurant for a table, you can book it with less than five clicks on their platform via a mobile app.

Through push notifications, you’re getting even closer to a direct interaction, and can quickly remind customers about your products and services whenever it makes sense. This may also help the businesses to enter into some new markets to sell out the products and to announce your schemes or offers loudly.

Convenience Through On-the-go Services

A mobile application is one of the best way of replacing conventional business models. It has enhanced the user experience. With an app, customers can do everything from searching for suitable products to actually purchasing them. Anywhere, anytime availability of apps will help an enterprise to deliver products in a timely and effective manner. This brings sales to businesses and improves there profitability quotient.

Collect feedback about customer behavior

Obtaining feedback from about your customers behavior is crucial for your business growth. If you want to learn how frequently customers are using your products and services and what do they prefer to buy or anything related to customer information, a mobile app can be a simple method for collecting this sort of information. With a well-designed app, one can learn more about their customers. This data could be useful when you’re tailoring communications and potential offers to them.

May help to increase website traffic

If you have an application neatly connected to your website, and the app has over a thousand downloads, it can facilitate an increase in website traffic. Many times people are likely to discover your website to find more about an app. For example, Instagram is known for its amazing photo-editing mobile app. However, people usually search for it using Google and visit the website using a laptop or desktop computer.

These were the some significant benefits of mobile apps to any business organization. So, be the first in your neighborhood to offer a mobile app to your customers. Happy Apping!

3 Tips on Improving Your Mobile App’s Visibility in SERPs

With millions of apps out there — (in the Google Play Store, iTunes and other app stores), you need a strategy that could help your product get easily noticed by your target audience. Of course, an app that appears on the top of SERPs (aka Search Engine Result Pages) can help you get more downloads. However, as a novice, you may find difficulty in improving your app’s SEO.



Below are a few SEO tips that will prove of great help in increasing your mobile app’s visibility on the SERPs:

1. Create an app name that reflects your brand

Having an app name that give users an idea of your brand is more likely to be clicked by mobile users who are interested in – and are already following – your brand. For example, niche brands such as Amazon, eBay and many others have an app with the same name. Also, you should consider including the brand name in your app download page URL.

2. Opt for mobile deep linking

The deep linking technique, basically, makes use of a URI (i.e. uniform resource identifier) that links to any particular location in a mobile application. This means that not just your app will get launched, but also, the location within the app will be displayed, whenever users request a particular page via the search engines.

Since the search engine giant – Google – rate sites on SERPs relying on app indexing and deep linking, an app that the search engine bots will locate and link to a page is bound to rank higher. Remember to make this work, your users will first have to incorporate ‘app indexing’ followed by ‘add deep link’ support.

3. Include a QR link to your desktop site for downloading the app

The chances are that your existing desktop website may be receiving heavy mobile traffic. Wouldn’t it be great if you could trigger app downloads right from your site? After all, there’s a likelihood that most of the users will prefer downloading an app when visiting your site. And, the more your app will be clicked or downloaded, the higher it will rank on the search engine result pages. One great way to let users download an app is by providing a QR link on your desktop site.

Bear in mind to compress the link prior to generating the QR. It is recommended that you should use either a link compression technique or instead just use a QR platform that displays the QR requests made by search engine bots.


So, here you have it! Three great tips to boost your app visibility in Google’s search results.

Xicom Technologies: Delivering Impeccable iPhone Applications

iPhone applications are the most in-demand mobile application development solutions today. The attractive features, sleek design and high prices have made iPhone a status symbol that everyone wants to flash around. Xicom offers highly attractive and impeccable iPhone applications designed around the specific requirements of the client. These applications further enhance the capabilities of iPhone mobiles.

Xicom aims at providing futuristic iPhone & iPad application development services to its clients that are really effective in their business activities. Xicom utilizes latest cutting edge technologies to create highly innovative and robust applications for iPhones and iPads and thus actualizes client’s ideas into real world entities.

Various tools and technologies used expertly at Xicom technologies are:

  • Xcode
  • iPhone SDK (software development kit)
  • Cocoa Touch
  • Objective C
  • Other normally used tools for designing and development

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