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How To Choose The Best Testing Method For Your Custom Software

Every testing method is good in its own way to find out the errors and bugs in a software. For example, one of the advantages of using structure-based techniques is that the method is better in finding out the malicious codes in the program and other harmful agents.

However, if there are some missing chunks of the specification in the code, specific techniques are to be used to bring out the errors. For the pieces of code missing in the custom web development from the specification, only specific techniques can highlight it. Here are the main goals of testing that will help you determine which methods for testing are best for your software testing.


Objectives Of Testing

If the objective of testing is simply to have confidence that the software will perform well as per the typical operational tasks, then ‘use cases’ would be a feasible option. If you are aiming for a thorough testing, then more advanced and detailed techniques should be preferred.

Models Used In System Development

Since the choice of testing methods for offshore software development is based on the models used for system development, it will be a deciding factor as to which testing techniques can be used. For example, if the system contains a transition diagram, then transition testing would be a better technique to use.

Content Of Documentation

The choice of testing techniques is affected by the requirement specifications, whether it is available or not. The content and description of the documentation also affects the choice of testing.

Accessing The Risks

The more the risk, the greater is the need for advanced and formal testing. For complex processes, commercial risk are influenced by quality issues. Here a thorough testing is more apt. For time-to-market issues, elementary testing is reasonable.

Administrative Requirements

Some firms have administrative standards and certain guidelines that impacts the testing techniques. Testing for high integrity systems requires a certain level of tools, depending on the level of integrity required in the testing tool.

Your Budget And Deadline

The deadline of the project will always affect the kind of testing techniques that would come into play. When you have more time, you can go for more complex techniques. Likewise, when you are running short of time, you will be limited to the best known testing methods by you.

The Knowledge And Experience Of The Tester

The skills and expertise of the tester about the system and testing techniques will clearly impact the choice of testing methods. This knowledge and experience will determine what kind of procedures the tester would be comfortable in and determine the testing of the system.

Professional Web Development – A Competitive Necessity

Making a decision that could affect your marketing plan and your revenues can be a tough call and hence requires due attention be paid while selecting a web development company. Every website is built with a purpose and has its own target audience; therefore it is of utmost importance that your website is designed to serve its main purpose. You can hire a proficient web design company for fulfilling all your requirements including web design, web development, flash design work, php web development India, graphic design etc.

Based on your predilections, they will devise web development concepts that fit into your marketing strategy to showcase your products/services to your targeted audience; after all target audience matters the most. A professional in web design India can help you design a website that focuses on your comparative strengths and advantages.

A web development expert will offer you maximum value-growth through an aggressive growth strategy based on through assessment and understanding the market behavior and corresponding requirements. They perform thorough research, work in partnership with clients to assess the objectives to draft your business strategy, and finally develop feasible and perfect web development solutions for your online business. They will explore your business econometrics to present you a custom-made and beneficial viable result.

You can select any server side scripting languages like ASP.net, PHP etc to design your website. An experienced PHP web development company can help you create fascinating website that will attract your potential clients. With changing technology, PHP web development professionals develop website as per the search engine algorithms, thus the search engines are successful in indexing PHP based or dynamic websites.

Not only that, if you specifically want your website to be designed with flash technology, than there are various flash development professionals who will experiment with and achieve various possibilities of effective animations through inbuilt functions. Experts in flash development can create attractive and compelling flash sites that are informative and captivating for the users. Your website should have a perfect balance between its various components and the information it intends to deliver. The site should have enough design elements components like Flash, images, icons to provide a good visual feel to the user but should not get in his way of seeking the information he wants.

Xicom provides a broad range of web development services and application development services to help you harness the power of technology, consulting and maximize your online business investment.


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Growth and popularity of Web Design and Web Development

The growth and popularity of the internet and the development of the World Wide Web has created various occupations related to creation of websites such as web design, web development, web programming, etc. The information technology fields have generated employment opportunities to a great extent that require highly trained individuals to be proficient in diverse job functions. The computer specialist includes web designers, programmers, database administrators, and network administrators and so on. More and more occupations are evolving each day that are related to the web design india in some way or the other. New areas of specialization require able and learned individuals to perform sophisticated jobs. Web design and web development has become very popular professional trends and thousands of websites are being created each day. In that respect the web designers are also worth mentioning. The webmasters are accountable for maintaining the performance and integrity of any website by taking care of the technical aspects. Whatever may be the job, it requires both efficiency and proficiency to perform them and achieve best results. Only theoretical knowledge is not enough, good amount of practical knowledge is also required to solve major issues that somebody may have to come across while performing a particular job.

Database administrators are the individuals who have to take care of the integrity and organization of data. In order to manage huge volumes of data and ensure security against any loss or theft of data,database administrators must possess good amount of knowledge of data handling. With new and advanced systems being discovered every day, the database administrators are required to integrate date into the new systems without any error. It is also on the hands of the database administrators to modify data and troubleshoot any problem related to data according to situations. Creating backup systems and coordinating data needs thedatabase administrators to be aware of the functioning of the latest database management system software. Since most of the business concerns follow a distributed architecture, job of network administrators are quite complex and therefore requires good command over that subject. There is wide range of communications starting from that between the rooms of a particular office to multinational organizations that exhibit globally distributed networks. Network administrators are on the threshold of analyzing and developing network models to comply with the area and structure of any network which requires both hardware and software solutions at hand.

Web Programmers play a very important role in building websites as well as application software with advanced features and functionalities. Web programming and web design is a very flourishing profession and requires individuals to be considerably accustomed to all the latest technologies and programming languages. Both for web programming as well as web design, individuals need to have good amount of knowledge along with the power of creativity and innovative ideas. To stay ahead in the competitive atmosphere, the web professionals must keep on enhancing their knowledge and productivity unimpeded.

Xicom provides a broad range of web development services and application development services to help you harness the power of technology, consulting and maximize your online business investment.


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Web Devlepoment – Why to choose PHP?

PHP is a high level scripting language originally designed for creating dynamic web pages. In the web development era, PHP adds more functionality to website allowing website visitors to interact with your through scripts. PHP stand still as the third most popular programming language after JAVA and C.

PHP development has many advantages over other programming languages as it is free, low development cost and gives high performance. Moreover, the PHP code is very simple and straightforward thus easy to include and understand. PHP is widely-used by web developers and programmers for frameworks and to design a structure.

Some PHP features:

  • Helpful in content management system
  • Used for command line scripting
  • Used in relational database management systems
  • Provides design structure to promote rapid application development
  • Allows developers to write extensions in C
  • Used in all major operating systems including Linux, Microsoft Windows and RISC OS
  • Allows users to transfer specific files from their client computers to a web server
  • Flexible in database connectivity

There are lots of service providers in India who provide outsourcing PHP programming services with highly qualified and skilled IT professional. They are providing best services at affordable rate and always ready to fulfill all your requirements. If you’re getting good service provider then you can fulfill all your requirements and you can also earn long profit form that because the future of PHP is very amazing.

There are good numbers for PHP programming companies in India who provide outsourcing PHP programming services with qualified and skillful IT professional. They provide the best services at lowest rate possible and always ready to carry out your requirements. If you hire a well reputed PHP programming company then you will be rest assured that your all requirement will be fulfilled with personal services and in a long run you will earn good profit because future of PHP is very bright. Thus, it is very important to find a well reputed PHP programming company.

Xicom provides a broad range of web development services and application development services to help you harness the power of technology, consulting and maximize your online business investment.

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What Job Does Web Development Performs In Internet?

New trends and discoveries in the computerized world have made the world more advanced in every sphere of life. The most important discovery known as internet has become an essential part of technology. Internet is an interesting thing which can be compared to a deep well in which once the person enters and then is fully drowned. Now a days the latest discovery in internet known as Web Development has added more flavor to the computerized world and especially to business zone.

Web Development is playing an important role in every sector like an educational sector, business sector and domestic sector but most of all its use is increasing more and more in the every corporate sector. In actual the meaning of Web Development is a process of developing the website. Whatever transactions and promotions are carried out by the companies are through internet. In the internet Web Development has a genuine value. Web Development includes a single page or multiple page intended with complex graphics and scripts.

It includes the creation of the mesh pages, their designs, layouts, and also must be web content. At the first segment Web Development aims at drafting a web site. While creating the website with the help of Web Development you must take it into consideration that the Web Development undergone by you is profitable for the company’s notation. The graphics designed by the Web Development must be attuned with the theme of the company so that it may be used for the Web Promotion. The color format of your netting location must be able to understand the instant desirability of the spectator. Just developing a website is not sufficient but the Web Development also takes into concern the creation of web content.

Xicom provides a broad range of web development services and application development services to help you harness the power of technology, consulting and maximize your online business investment.

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Hiring Offshore Developers for ASP.NET Website Development

Dynamic presentation of product and services in the competitive world is a first priority of every business and this can be achieved by using ASP.NET based websites for the better presentation. Using websites developed in ASP.NET is one of popular and reliable way of presenting products & services dynamically to get in eyes of customers and there are numerous offshore website developing companies offering IT professionals on hire basis. Hiring ASP.NET programmers from website development companies can fulfill all the expectations of companies looking for the quality work in website development.

It is very essential to understand business nature before taking decision of website development for the business. Presently, Professionals have gained great expertise in understanding business nature and market position that helps outsourcing companies to choose best option from available programming languages in website development for their respective business. ASP.NET is product of Microsoft that provides reliability for the users having various advanced features for the effective presentation of content on the website. Websites developed using ASP.NET results in fast working and multiple operations can be performed.

There are various benefits of hiring ASP.NET programmers that help outsourcing firms to achieve their business goals in the online market. ASP.NET professionals are offering vigorous & scalable services of website development with implementation of modern technologies.

As per compatible properties of the ASP.NET programming language professionals are offering good sensible services of mixing with other languages such as many programmers used to use C#, J# and VB.NET pages to provide their clients best suitable productive results for their business.

ASP.NET Professionals from web development companies are providing security and offering services of developing websites in various languages according to demand of clients from different parts of the world.

ASP.NET professionals from offshore service providers are offering services of integration in the website development such as in coding they are using programming models as per requirement of the project.

Offshore hiring professionals are providing their website development services in producing ASP.NET n-tiered architecture web pages for their clients.

Outsourcing companies are enjoying hiring professional’s services from offshore IT service providers as these companies are offering affordable hire basis concept. Professionals are very much proficient in rendering services like dynamic website development, project management, custom software applications, web applications, mobile games, ecommerce shopping cart etc. Developers are having great expertise in ASP.NET, Vb.NET, XML, XSL, XSLT and JavaScript.

Xicom provides a broad range of web development services and application development services to help you harness the power of technology, consulting and maximize your online business investment.

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Keys Of Good Web Development

Good web development takes a few different things. You need to have a good website, one that will make people want to stick around to what is going on and you need to have a good web host company to work with. You also need to have a good domain name. This is a key element of your overall web development. Once you have created all of your web site pages you will want to start shopping around for a good domain name. This name is going to be one that is easy to remember and simple to spell. If you do not have your web site designed yet that does not mean that you cannot choose a domain name. If you already know just what you want your domain name to be then you should get it as soon as possible. You just never know when someone might take it, get in there and don’t miss out.

The domain name that you choose is vital to your overall business. The name that you finally choose during the web development process is going to be one that is short and to the point. It should be easy to spell so that no one can forget it and it also needs to be relevant to your enterprise. You do not want a long name of letters and numbers that have no meaning, no customer will remember it and it is imperative that they remember so that when they see ads on the bus or in the paper they remember how to get to your site.

Keyword domains are getting to be more and more popular in web development. With this kind of domain you will choose a word to have as your name. This is getting to be so common because of how may domains are already used. This means choosing a name that relates to your company or your product.

If for instance you have a brick laying business you might have xicom.biz. This kind of domain name can even be helpful in getting your site picked up by the search engines. These names are also great if your company name is hard to spell or to remember. They are not right for everyone but they are definitely something to keep in mind if you are having problems coming up with a good domain name for your site.

Domain names can be really cheap, you will only have to pay a few dollars each year. You will have to pay other costs on top of that though such as your web hosting. When it comes to web hosting you need to choose carefully. This means choosing a company that has years of successful experience behind them. You should contact them with any questions that you may have before you sign with them, that way you will run into fewer problems down the road.

Take your time when you are looking for the right domain name. This is an important decision so think it through carefully.

Xicom provides a broad range of web development services and application development services to help you harness the power of technology, consulting and maximize your online business investment.

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Top 10 Mysql Development Security Tips

While using MySQL or PHP, you can use some 10 recognized tips to counter security bottlenecks during the construction of the code as well as optimizing time to troubleshoot and implement it. MySQL development and PHP development has always been one of the core tools for web development, and companies and people involved in custom web development solutions and services face hordes of security breach issues with their scripting codes. Hereon, we shall discuss the aforementioned tips to provide a threat-proof vest for your MySQL web development code.

Here is a list of the 10 main points to keep in mind to avert landing in a soup as far as data security and other similar issues are concerned:

  1. Do not blindly follow User Input – Do not trust the input by the user without verifying its compatibility or correctness. Checking with the strstr() and prompting that the username is not valid to the user is a good countermeasure.
  2. Validation of user input necessary from the server side – Validate the user input with Javascript from the server side as well, if you have done so from the user’s perspective.
  3. Direct implementation of user input on SQL queries to be avoided – Do not directly use the user input into SQL queries.
  4. Escape the Output – Helps you avoid XSS (Cross Site Scripting) invasions on your development code.
  5. While uploading, mime type file should be validated – If this action is not taken, a PHP file or some other application may come camouflaged as an image file and wreak havoc on your server.
  6. Up to date 3rd party code libraries – The latest version of all 3rd party code libraries should be with you to avoid jeopardizing the security of the code.
  7. Exact permissions for database users – Do not give an overload of permissions for the user, with just the ones that will do justice to user independence.
  8. Library file extensions to be PHP – Have a PHP extension to avoid others to manipulate your passwords and other confidential information and data in the code.
  9. PHP too, should be up to date – Keep checking the site www.php.net and keep consulting with PHP development experts regularly to append as well as know about fixes on security issues, regarding MySQL development.
  10. Be Well Read about Security concerns – Read books, consult web development experts and also read about the contemporary trends in security concerns in MySQL and PHP development round the world.

Implementing these measures will not make your code foolproof to security threats, but it will surely be a great countermeasure against the commonplace code security breaches in the arena of MySQL and PHP development.

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Ecommerce Website Development Services

This is a compilation of web development mistakes that I originally wrote about in the posts Web development mistakes and Web development mistakes, Redux.

The list contains mistakes that are commonly encountered on the web, along with an explanation of why I consider them mistakes. I also try to offer a way of avoiding each mistake, as well as links to more information on some of the mistakes.

  • DOCTYPE confusion
  • <span> mania
  • Visual thinking (too much)
  • Lack of semantics
  • Character encoding mismatches
  • Bad alt attributes
  • Invalid id and class attributes
  • Browser sniffing
  • Missing units in CSS
  • Browser-specific CSS
  • JavaScript dependency
  • Flash dependency
  • Text as image
  • Bad forms
  • Old skool HTML
  • Being IE-centric
  • Invalid HTML attributes
  • Unencoded ampersands
  • Frames
  • Inaccessible data tables
  • Divitis and classitis
  • Too wide fixed width
  • Vague and/or presentational class and id names
  • No background colour
  • Non well-formed XHTML
  • Incomplete colours for text input fields

That’s a pretty long list of things to watch out for. Avoid them all and you’re doing very well. If you’re currently making some of these mistakes, well, if it’s any consolation, I’ve been guilty of making a lot of them at some point. Hopefully this list will help you make fewer mistakes in the future.

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Community Web Development – Latest Trend

In the first generation web technologies were developed to tap the resources from a commercial point of view. The patrons perceived the development of the new media to bring more profits in terms of monetary gains. But as the web world advances to take over new responsibilities and roles, its very character is observing changes that are more or less inclined towards the human side.

The maxim of Web 2.2 which goes as ‘Web for the people and by the people’ clearly gives an insight of the new character adopted by the web and the emergence of community services. In the new era the developmental work as such emphasizes on increased participation of the audience member. It is this audience, the users spread all over the world that drive the web today.

In order to bring increased levels of participation and give way to more interactions, many community service programs have been thrown open to the people. At present a plethora of community services like Face book, Orkut, Hi5, etc., connect the people and communities at large. Blogs and forums have further helped as better tools and platforms for interacting with each other. Then there are Wikis that make available important online resources for the people at large.

In community web development technologies have primarily been redeveloped to make them user-friendly and interactive. On technical front both the designing as well as the scientific coding have been utilized to forge the end product for the benefit of the people at large. As of now many of these products or online services are available as free and open ended services.

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