Making tomorrow's healthcare industry more effective, efficient and affordable.

PinyPoint is an iPhone and web application for healthcare industry designed and developed for helping patients to specify their medical conditions easily and send it to physicians before scheduling appointments.

Key Challenges

PinyPointHealth wanted to develop an online platform by means of Iphone and web application whereby the patients can schedule appointments with the physicians and prior to that can specify their medical conditions using the different criterias in the app and send it to physicians for their review.

Proposition & Solution

Xicom developed an iPhone app for patients and a corresponding web application for both patients and physicals. Our solution included the following features:

  • Patient app allows patients to highlight specific body parts where they have pain along other parameters like pain sensitivity, current medication etc.
  • Patients can also attach pictures along with other details and upload it on website for physician's review.
  • Patient and physicians can register on website using registration module and can manage their profile.
  • Patient can view data submitted through iphone in his account panel on website.
  • Search module for patients through which they can search physicians as per their medical problem and submit data for them to review.
  • Messaging and scheduling module for physicians through which they can message and scheudle patients.

Results & Benefits

Solution met the expectations of client and the app, website is serving community by helping patients to find physicians easily. Following were the key benefits that we as a contractor successfully provided to PinyPoint.

  • PinyPoint were delivered the product on time thus allowing them with appropriate time to market their product.
  • PinyPoint is extremely satisfied with the deliverables provided on time and within budget.
  • New features introduced within the system were taken up and Xicom ensured the faster delivery for the same to take the system to the next level. This overall effort from Xicom along with the overall software quality increased the client satisfaction, thereby increasing our revenue and customer retention.
  • The mobile application developed by Xicom has gained very high reviews from it's community users, further strengthening PinyPoint's relationship with its customers.
  • PinyPoint is extremely satisfied with the Quality Analysis (QA) efforts provided by Xicom.


The iPhone application was developed using native iPhone SDK and the entire web application was developed in MVC architecture using CodeIgniter Framework (PHP/MySQL).

Client Reviews

Xicom is a professional company with a good team and has demonstrated a high degree of flexibility and scalability to enable us meet the strategic goals. The team showed sheer commitment and executed the project in a very smooth manner meeting all the requirements and in the timeframe provided. Will defitely use them for further projects.

Jason Begleiter (Founder)