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Case Studies

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About CampCrate

Conceived in Yosemite National Park and born in Colorado, CampCrate’s mission is to share their love for the outdoors by equipping the customers with quality rental gear, and helping them get outside. CamCrate serves as an online booking platform using which the users can book the required gears and other required things for camping in the Yosemite National Park. CampCrate works on the simple principle of Rent, Explore and Return and it provides rental gear for backpacking trips, camping, and festivals. Through the CampCrate website user can choose their adventure i.e. either Book a Crate, Book an Experience or Rent only. Each of these packages have their special price, offers and the provided gears.

Key Challenges

  • Effective and automatic management of customer’s information from different regions.
  • Requirement of a robust online shopping cart which can handle the booking requests from large number of customers simultaneously.
  • Camping and rental gear site based on the request from the customers giving high performance when customers are updating or checking details.
  • Online management of all the inventory or camping gears so that the client can manage these effectively.
  • Automatic online management of the payments made by customers.
  • The online gear booking portal required rigorous and thorough testing as the client was very particular in terms of web designs, navigation and UI/UX of the site.

Proposition & Solution

Xicom has conducted a thorough research, studied and understood core areas of camping and rental gear industry. Based on the research, we prepared the list of features which could be ideal for the client website. This case study portrays the contribution of Xicom in delivering reliable solutions to the client. Xicom has also worked on many projects similar to CampCrate before hence, we presented the following solution to the owners of CampCrate.

  • Developed a full-fledged online portal/shopping cart for booking of rental camp gears having all the features like customer management, gear booking for rental platform, gear inventory management etc.
  • Developed a separate module for delivery management which was integrated into the online camping gear website for fast and effective delivery of gears to the customers.
  • Did the research of what device will be used by the customers for this kind of website. Based on research, came to a conclusion that most of the users shall use Mobile Device as they might book it on the go hence, developed a responsive pixel perfect website for CampCrate which works perfectly on all platforms including desktop computers and mobile devices as per the specific needs of the client.

Results & Benefits

The solution designed and developed by Xicom met all of the expectations of the CampCrate website owner regarding the new fully responsive website which works perfectly on all kinds of mobile devices and desktop computers. Today, so many of CampCrate customers use the site from their mobile devices and they find it to be attractive and reliable and it has quickly gained booking requests for rental gear from over 25,000 customers within a short period of less than 3 months.

Following were the key benefits that we as a contractor successfully provided to CampCrate.

  • CampCrate was delivered the product on time thus allowing them with appropriate time to market their product.
  • CampCrate is extremely satisfied with the deliverables provided on time and within their budget.
  • New features introduced within the CampCrate system were taken up and Xicom ensured the faster delivery for the same to take the system to the next level. This overall dedicated effort from Xicom along with the overall software quality increased the customer satisfaction level, thereby increasing our client’s revenue and customer retention by huge margin.
  • The website developed by Xicom has been appreciated a lot from all kinds of users i.e. customers, camping guides, delivery managers and agents, camping booking firms etc. further strengthening CampCrate’s relationship with its customers.
  • CampCrate was extremely satisfied with the Quality Assurance Analysis (QA) efforts provided by Xicom.
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  • Front End: HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, Ajax, JQuery
  • Server Side Scripting: PHP
  • Framework: Rails
  • Database: MySQL

Client Reviews

We were already an adventure lovers and camping masters. Therefore, we saw a huge opportunity in the online rental gear booking space. But we needed a reliable, experienced and trustworthy partner to implement this project. We selected Xicom after proper research and discussed with them regarding our project. Xicom suggested for going with Magento to build such a robust online platform to book rental gears. After we gave our consent they went ahead and developed an amazing looking and high performance rental camping gear booking website. During our engagement with Xicom, we found it to be thorough professional and dedicated to their work. They have provided us with such a platform by which our business took off rapidly and within few months we had thousands of customers. We would like to thank Xicom for such a splendid work.