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About whaabaam

WhaaBaam is a unique app that instantly captures the personal profiles of anyone within your immediate surroundings. It provides you immediate answers regarding where they are from, what they do for a living, married or single, contact information, and so much more. The app works on the premise that each user can be anywhere in the world and potentially use this app to find out immediate information about each other in close proximity and the Information such as, location of residence, occupation, married or single, contact information etc. You can share as much or as little about yourself to those around you. We all want immediate information about those we meet without having to ask and whaabaam is the answer to all of these requirements.

Key Challenges

  • Maintaining complete privacy of the users and their personal information.
  • Needed an option of Real Time Chat within the whaabaam app.
  • While using the whaabaam app there should be no disturbance to the people using it. Therefore, Xicom has provided a block feature in the app so that the app users can block any user who is disturbing them.
  • If the whaabaam app is in off mode, then user location need not be shown and others users nearby him cannot find him.

Proposition & Solution

  • Designed and developed the Android and iOS mobile apps and a representative landing page website for whaabaam using the latest cutting edge tools and technologies for developing the project.
  • Worked hand-in-hand with the whaabaam founders to design and develop mobile applications that would accommodate the full information of the users. Special filters are provided so that the users can customize their search and connect with the right people they are looking for to connect with.
  • Designed the mobile apps for Android and iOS in such a way that all of the personal information of the users remain private, safe and secure.
  • Provided a block feature in the app so that any user can block a person who is disturbing them.
  • Provided a powerful feature of Real Time Chat within the app.

Results & Benefits

The solution designed and developed by Xicom met all of the requirements of whaabaam owner and his vision and it quickly gained a userbase of 25,000 registered users within a short period of less than 3 months.

  • Whaabaam was delivered the mobile apps and website on time thus allowing them with appropriate time to market their product.
  • The client is extremely satisfied with the outcome of this project, and the quality of the mobile apps and the website delivered to them as they met all of their expectations.
  • New features introduced within the system were taken up and Xicom ensured the faster delivery for the same to take the system to the next level. This overall dedicated effort from us along with the overall software quality procedures enhanced client satisfaction, thereby increasing customer retention.
  • The Android and iOS mobile applications developed by Xicom have been appreciated a lot from all kinds of users and the app owners and they have gained very high reviews from the users, further strengthening whaabaam relationship with its users.
  • Whaabaam worked with us by hiring dedicated resources (DTM Model) and fully utilized the flexibility to bring change in scope so as to get the final product as per their requirement and meeting all the standards of their respective business domain.
  • Whaabaam was extremely satisfied with the Quality Assurance Analysis (QA) efforts provided by Xicom.
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  • Technology Stack: IOS: Swift
    Android: Java
  • Website and Backend: Laravel with HTML5

The solution was developed in Laravel using PHP/MySQL on server side and HTMML5/CSS3/JQuery was used on the client side. For chat feature in the apps, QuickBlox SDK was used. The entire web application was hosted on Amazon cloud servers (AWS) and the database indexing and database/application level caching was implemented to improve the overall scalability of the application.

Client Reviews

We choose Xicom after thorough research hence we were pretty sure that we have chosen a right partner. In our first interaction itself they had understood the concept behind our mobile app whaabaam very well. Moreover, they had even given their inputs which were quite useful. Right through the development process and after the launch of whaabaam app, we found Xicom approach to be totally professional. Finally, they had delivered the suite of Android and iOS apps and the website which were perfect to launch our business. Straightaway we started getting lots of users and good reviews on the App store. We are completely satisfied with the way Xicom has developed and handled our project right from the start.

Founder, (Whaabaam)