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Xicom offers professional enterprise resource planning (ERP) applications and solutions.

The Next Generation Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Solutions

XFrame 3.0 is a next generation ERP which extends its functionality beyond common, legacy ERPs. In addition to handling all functions of an organization such as Sales, Materials, Finance, Human Resources and Payroll, Production and Planning among others, XFrame 3.0 offers a unique ability to integrate your functioning with that of your customers, suppliers and multiple branches or manufacturing locations. Using the latest technologies, XFrame 3.0 has the ability to offer you all benefits of Enterprise automation along with benefits of e-commerce, including collaborative computing, CRM and SCM.

XFrame 3.0 Enterprise Resource Planning functionality covers Sales, Sales Force Automation, Purchase, Inventory, Finance, HR & Payroll Production & Planning, Costing, Equipment Maintenance, Fixed Assets and Customer Care.

XFrame 3.0 Net Applications are focussed on enabling an enterprise to go beyond the traditional, inward focussed ERP implementation. Features include tools for creating e-commerce components such as e-transactions with buyers and suppliers and remote employees, web-based chat and email, knowledge management and other productivity tools such as diary, calendar, sticky notes and reminders. These translate into immediate cost savings and productivity enhancement and further reduce the payback time for investment in ERP. Features such as Employee Self Service for net based leave and expense management and organizational knowledge bank speed up internal transactions and information dissemination tremendously. The net applications link up seamlessly with the ERP data.

XFrame 3.0 's unique architecture can be used for moving your company into e-commerce, allowing CRM and SCM. Legacy applications, which are not net enabled can use XFrame 3.0 for moving selective data to the internet for opening new business avenues. XFrame 3.0 can even be used for creating an e-marketplace.

Application Features

Technology Implementations: XFrame 3.0 uses Java and related technologies for the Net Applications and Oracle database with Oracle's own development tools for the ERP. The ERP can be deployed on the internet as well as on the intranet using three tier technology. XFrame 3.0 is WAP enabled which means that you can access vital data on your mobile device anywhere in the world. However, if you feel that putting your data on the internet may not be feasible for your organization at this stage, you retain the option of moving to the internet at a later time. Use of internet is not essential for using the ERP functionality of XFrame 3.0.

Customize your requirements: XFrame 3.0 has over a thousand reports, but if you want to have some more which may be specific to your business, a very powerful and flexible tool allows users to generate their own reports, with very little training.

Catalyses operations, info based decisions and management and control: XFrame 3.0 impacts all aspects of the organization, bringing operational efficiency by reducing effort for repetitive tasks, and enables error free routine operations. Tasks, which normally need large effort such as voucher entry, invoicing, salary calculations, taxation or other statutory requirements are easily automated freeing up valuable human resources for more productive work. Managers at all levels can get meaningful data and reports which can help them taking informed decisions instead of relying on memory or guesswork. Senior and top management can control critical organizational parameters with ease from their desktop as well as monitor all aspects of the organization health instantly.

Sales Purchase
Sales is the most important and essential function for the existence of an organization. XFrame 3.0 sales handle all the activities for domestic and export sales of an organization. The customer and product database is maintained. Sales Force Automation is an important feature of XFrame 3.0 Sales. Capturing enquiries, order placement, order scheduling and then dispatching and invoicing form the broad steps of the sales cycle. Stock transfer between warehouses too is covered. Besides all this, important analysis reports are provided to guide decision making and strategy planning. Export documents are also generated. XFrame 3.0 Sales is integrated with Inventory, Production Planning & Finance. XFrame 3.0 Purchase aims at making available the required materials of the right quality, in the right quantity, at the right time and at the right price, for the smooth functioning of the organization. All purchasing and subcontracting activities starting from inviting quotations, purchase order placement to the supplier after supplier evaluation on various parameters like quality and price, order scheduling and billing are covered in this module. Order tracking is made easy for the purchase department by the various reports and MIS that are available in XFrame 3.0 Purchase. Import of goods is also handled by the system. XFrame 3.0 Purchase is integrated with Inventory, Finance & Production Planning
Inventory Finance
XFrame 3.0 inventory covers all stock related functions of an organization. Stock management and valuation activities, which form the backbone of any organization generally, take a lot of time and resources. XFrame 3.0 Inventory handles all the store activities of issues, dispatches, receipts and quality control. The lot wise stock of each item is maintained and various MIS are provided for tracking stock movement. XFrame 3.0 Inventory is integrated with Sales, Purchase, Finance, Customer Care, Equipment Maintenance, Production Planning and Production. XFrame 3.0 Finance streamlines the financial operations of a company. Chart of groups and chart of accounts are defined here. All vouchers related to journal entries, sales, purchase, receipt and payment are recorded. Using XFrame 3.0 Finance a company can generate balance sheet, general ledger, trail balance, profit & loss statement and daybooks besides many other transactional reports. XFrame 3.0 Finance is integrated with Sales, Purchase, Inventory, Costing, Customer Care and Equipment Maintenance.
Costing HR and Payroll
XFrame 3.0 Costing is useful for project costing. Expenses are allocated to project heads in different cost centers. Comparison between budgeted, forecasted and actual costs can be carried out. XFrame 3.0 Costing helps an organization to monitor the projects closely and to economize on costs XFrame 3.0 Costing is integrated with Finance. Employees are the main assets of an organization. XFrame 3.0 HR & Payroll facilitates all the HRD, Personnel & Payroll related activities of an organization. This module is suitable for any type of salary structure and reporting structure. Detailed employee database is maintained along with the details of salary, attendance, leave and appraisal/promotion of each employee. XFrame 3.0 HR & Payroll also generates the income tax plan for all employees taking into account the investment and other details. XFrame 3.0 HR & Payroll is integrated with Sales, Finance, Inventory and Customer Care.
Executive Information System System Administration
XFrame 3.0 Executive Information System provides top management-level critical information related to different departments like Sales, Purchase, Inventory, Finance and HR & Payroll. XFrame 3.0 System Administration offers role-based security, defining users and roles to the various Branches of the Company
Production Planning Customer Care
XFrame 3.0 Production Planning helps an organization plan production with the optimum utilization of all available resources. Material Requirement Planning is done based on the production advice generated by the sales department. Feasibility of production is evaluated using details like raw material availability and procurement time, machine availability and capacity. A production schedule is generated for all machines where the scheduling in an optimized fashion based on the priorities of production. XFrame 3.0 Production Planning is integrated with Sales, Inventory, Purchase & Production. XFrame 3.0 Customer Care offers efficient after-sales service. Customer complaints are recorded and tracked to closure. Details of each complaint like no. of field visits made, engineer assigned, spares replaced etc help in building up a database, which can be used for troubleshooting in other similar complaint cases. Customer billing is done wherever the warranty is over. AMCs can also be recorded. XFrame 3.0 Customer Care is integrated with Sales, Inventory, Finance and HR & Payroll.
Production Shares
XFrame 3.0 Production records the actual production against the planned production in the job cards. Downtime details are captured and analysis is done on the same. All produced items go through quality control before being passed to main stores. The shop floor inventory is maintained separately. Important reports to analyze the variance between actual and planned production, consumption analysis and rejection analysis is available. XFrame 3.0 Production is integrated with Sales, Inventory & Production Planning. XFrame 3.0 Shares handles all transactions of a company related to shares accounting. The member database with their share details is maintained here. Transfer of shares in different stock exchanges, issuing of duplicate share certificates, split and consolidations of share certificates are few of the transactions that are covered. Correspondence letters can be printed from this module. Also share certificates and dividend warrants can be printed.
Fixed Assets Equipment Maintenance
XFrame 3.0 Fixed Assets takes care of an organization's assets logistics. Depreciation can be calculated using either Straight Line Method or Written Down Value method. Both Company-law and Income tax law are available. Important reports are generated through the system, which give a record of the depreciation for different group of assets. XFrame 3.0 Fixed Assets is integrated with Inventory. XFrame 3.0 equipment maintenance helps in maintaining the fixed assets of an organization. Contracts with service providers can be made after which service requisitions and job orders are issued. The periodic as well as unscheduled maintenance details of machinery can be recorded. Maintenance bills can also be generated here. XFrame 3.0 Equipment Maintenance provides reports, which help in analyzing the data pertaining to maintenance activities of the machinery. XFrame 3.0 Equipment Maintenance is integrated with Inventory and Finance