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Top Big Data Analytics Companies in 2019

The big data analytics industry is growing at a brisk pace and there are many established companies as well as startups – all offering technology to help manage big data business analytics challenges. These data analytics companies are changing the way your data is used to serve so many purposes in big companies, organizations, government sector, scientific community and other educational fields. Therefore, big data analytics platforms have attracted significant amount of investments from so many large firms from numerous sectors.
Big data and analytics field is still evolving and there is no established leading vendor among Big Data Analytics Companies although there are many big and many small companies doing good work in this field. You must be thinking why there is a need to Big Data Analytics? Actually most of today’s data comes unstructured and unprocessed. In such a raw form it has little or no value, it has to be processed and analyzed to become valuable. Thus, the big data analytics includes predictive analytics tools, user behavior analytics, and other methods to extract value and insights.

Best Emerging Big Data Analytics Companies

Xicom Technologies

Xicom is a full service technology, creative and business consulting company that works on web and application development, development and implementation of high quality and high performance big data analytics solutions, AI solutions and more. They have a long list of clients which have been immensely benefited from its services and solutions. Their 300+ strong global team is passionate and dedicated to their client’s success. This company is highly recommended for your big data analytics tech project.

CBIG Consulting

CBIG is a leading and award winning big data analytics company which offers high quality big data analytics and business intelligence consulting services to multiple industries and sectors. This company help their clients to collect relevant data and transform it into insights and useful information. CBIG has an expert team of professionals having more than 15 years of experience and they have transformed many companies from traditional data collection methods to big data gathering and applying insightful business strategies using this data. They have worked for big data solutions in many fields like Healthcare, Pharma and Life Sciences, Retail, Education, Financial Services, Internet and Technology etc.


Denologix is a market leader in the field of Big Data and Business Intelligence Consulting. This company offers Management Planning, Development, Integration and Support services for business intelligence systems. Efforts of Denologix help businesses to reduce cost of implementation and total time which results in removing risks related to the technical implementation of the solutions. This company has deep industry knowledge and lots of experience and it has a perfect team of professionals having right skills and technologies which can highly improve your project performance.

 ThirdEye Data

ThirdEye Data is a leading Big Data Services company based in Silicon Valley which help companies to build end to end business solutions with the help of their high knowledge and experience in implementation data science and analytics projects. They have been partnering with big brands like Amazon, Microsoft and Nokia for their IT and Big Data Solutions. This company is a one stop shop for data science, analytics and engineering services. Their solutions are highly beneficial and solve most of the client’s problems and offer actionable insights into their ongoing activities.

Pragmatic Works

Pragmatic Works is a leading company in the field of Big Data Analytics. It has a dedicated team of SQL server and BI professionals which have just one aim of helping businesses by providing effective and highly innovative Big Data Analytics solutions. They offer software that simplify the development and management of SQL server. This big data company delivers top quality SQL server training and consulting services for even the most complex Data Management, Big Data, Cloud and Business intelligence projects and solutions.


Fayrix has a large team of over 50 data scientists, data analysts and developers which are engaged in big data products for increasing sales, risk management and business process optimization. Based on Fayrix achievements, it was listed as one of the top big data companies by Clutch and Kaggle for multiple years. Fayrix combines AI and machine learning to advanced processing of big volumes of data. They offer services like high-performance computing, modelling, simulation, data governance strategy, big data infrastructure etc. Other than data services, Fayrix has also good experience in software and mobile application development.

Some of the Big Technology Companies Doing good work in Big Data Analytics Space:


Oracle has a lot to offer in terms of big data. It works on simplifying all processes with data and their cloud platform is able to unify various data operations. Autonomous Data Warehouse Cloud platform combine over 2000 SaaS applications and also provides analytics models, dashboard and machine learning capabilities. Oracle works in all of the three aspects i.e. Big data integration, big data management and big data analytics.


We have just given you a list of world’s top Big Data Analytics companies which we should watch in 2019 alongwith the tech giants which are continuously investing in the research and development work of Big Data Analytics solutions. This proves that there is lots of scope and demand for big data solutions as industries has confirmed that there are immense number of benefits of implementing such solutions in their organizations. Hence we expect to see more demand and popularity for the big data analytics solutions created by the above discussed companies.

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