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AJAX Development Services: Providing a Powerful Web Development Model

One of the increasingly popular web development model used in creating interactive web applications is AJAX. It stands for Asynchronous JavaScript and XML. It combines several technologies including XHTML and CSS, Document Object Model, XML and XSLT, XMLHttpRequest, and JavaScript to create powerful and dynamic web applications. Many developers and programmers now offer AJAX development service keeping in the mind the potential of this model. Its usage and popularity is bound to be increased as AJAX offers many advantages to both the website owners as well as the online surfers.

The basic advantage of AJAX is the incomparable web browsing speed it offers to the visitors. When a session is initiated by the end user, the browser rather than loading a webpage, loads an AJAX engine. The engine, written in JavaScript, performs two functions – to render the interface for the end user and to communicate with the server on behalf of the user. The engine enables the user to asynchronously interact with the application, that is, independent of communication with the server.

In the classic web development model, the response to a user action required HTTP request trip back to the server. However, this is done away with in AJAX model. The AJAX engine handles processes such as editing data in memory and simple data validation. When the engine requires something from the server while responding, the requests are made asynchronously using XML. So the user interacts with the application without any temporary suspension. The end result is that the user never sees blank browser window or an hourglass icon while waiting for the server to respond.

There are many Ajax development companies who are ready to help you and your website’s visitors. AJAX is a rapidly emerging programming technique and therefore several companies offer AJAX development service. But finding the right one is important. Always go for a company that has relevant experience. Also, the staffed should be qualified and skilled. Outsourcing AJAX development is a good option. Asian countries, especially India, China, and Philippines offer comparatively cheap and quality services for its clients from all over the world.

Xicom provides a broad range of web development services and application development services to help you harness the power of technology, consulting and maximize your online business investment.

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