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ASP.Net – Most Used Language for Web Development

A few years ago ASP- Active Server Pages of Microsoft was hot for web development and now its successor ASP.Net is hot for web development and web application development. ASP.Net is product of Microsoft which is web application frame work to build or develop dynamic websites and web applications. ASP.Net is most used web programming frame work and it is great to develop better dynamic websites and web applications to produce a great and needed output for its users. ASP.Net is built on the common language runtime (CLR), allowing web developers and programmers to write ASP.Net code using supported .Net language. This is technical overview of ASP.Net. Anyway ASP.Net is most favored language frame work of web programmers, web developers and web application developers. ASP.Net is built to create any dynamic website and web application. It is the improved and better programming language to give a best output for its users. One great feature of ASP.Net is web services. Web services means you can literally have several piece of your application on different servers all around the world, and entire web application will work perfectly and without any errors or difficulties. It is the main heart and beauty of ASP.Net. Web services can even work with normal .Net windows applications.

The good thing about ASP.Net is it is object oriented which gives the web programmers powers to built or develop any kind of dynamic websites or web applications. ASP.NET makes it simple to use XML for data storage, configuration and manipulation. The tools which are built into ASP.NET for working with XML are very easy to use. XML is excellent for storing information that rarely changes, because you can just cache that information in the computers memory after it has been initially extracted. When the ASP.NET code has been processed, the server returns the resultant HTML to the client. If the client supports JavaScript, then the server will use it to make the clients browser experience quicker and easier. Even with HTML being the limiting factor here, ASP.NET still manages to bring true OOP (Object Oriented Programming) to the Internet. As long as each ASP.NET page contains only one programming language, you can mix and match different pages using different languages and they will work together seamlessly. This means you can now have a team of developers with half programming in C#, and the other half in VB.NET, with no need to worry about language incompatibilities.

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