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Creating a Mobile Friendly Responsive website with PHP

Mobile and digital technology had seen lots of advancements recently. Also, the desire for responsive web development has gone up too. Responsive websites have become important for businesses which want to have an online presence as they want to offer the best experience to visitors and customers. Some of the important elements in responsive websites are effortless navigation, easily readable content and seamless responsiveness on different devices such as PCs, Laptops, smartphones, and tablets. Now, most of the businesses and developers are aware of the benefits of PHP development, millions of websites have been built by this amazing platform including the most popular social networking sites like Facebook.

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Due to its success now PHP Programming is becoming more and more popular to build the sites. Hence if someone is thinking of a web development project then getting a responsive website using PHP is like doing the most pertinent thing. We are presenting before you the important things that need to be considered for a responsive web development in PHP.

  • Excellent and Smooth Navigation

Special emphasis must be on the viewing design and following instructions on the website. An attractive, clean and well-ordered navigation is important to make sure that the visitors get more interested to explore more and more on the website and to go ahead from a page to next, and check contents from the image icons. For better surfing experience you have to put content and images in the proper places. You should also use vibrant and catchy colors, related symbols, quality visuals and more information with few clicks.

  • People like Well Structured Webpage Layout

For a PHP Developer who is creating responsive websites, it is important to create well-organized layouts. For responsive websites, the developers should decide a structure and organize elements in the pages in a way that they are automatically put at the right place as per the screen size of the browser. Developers of the responsive site either use modular GUI design or structured page layout for perfectly organized pages.

  • Adaptable Adjustments to Screen Sixes

There are many devices with different screen sizes, resolutions, and orientations and many of them are even capable of switching from landscape to portrait modes on user’s wish. Hence you need to create a website that is adaptive to all of these situations. You should design pages for both landscape and portrait views and you also need to enable different orientations for the instant switch to different modes.

  • Responsive and Flexible Images

For responsive websites, the images should be flexible and they should be adaptive to any type and size of the screen. The best technique for responsive images is setting the maximum image width to 100% of the browser or screen. Using flexible images will let the browser to resize images itself instead of mentioning particular height or width in code.

  • Simple Source Code

It is important to have a simple source code in responsive PHP development which assures dynamic output. You can also add some amazing features including animators or floating widgets on the site.

  • Flexible Content Appearance

One of the important parts of responsive websites is its ability to shrink content and rearrange them to make everything fit for all types of screens. It is not easy to make the content which is on a large screen viewable on small screen. Hence content management flexibility is important and for that you can use CMS based software interfaces and content editors.

  • Conclusion

We have discussed the important aspects of a responsive website. Also, the developers or website owners should test a responsive site on various screen resolutions to make it a perfect fit. There is no doubt that using PHP with other open source technologies, businesses and organizations can make a perfectly responsive website which is optimized for all types and sizes of desktops and mobiles devices.

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