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This is a compilation of web development mistakes that I originally wrote about in the posts Web development mistakes and Web development mistakes, Redux.

The list contains mistakes that are commonly encountered on the web, along with an explanation of why I consider them mistakes. I also try to offer a way of avoiding each mistake, as well as links to more information on some of the mistakes.

  • DOCTYPE confusion
  • <span> mania
  • Visual thinking (too much)
  • Lack of semantics
  • Character encoding mismatches
  • Bad alt attributes
  • Invalid id and class attributes
  • Browser sniffing
  • Missing units in CSS
  • Browser-specific CSS
  • JavaScript dependency
  • Flash dependency
  • Text as image
  • Bad forms
  • Old skool HTML
  • Being IE-centric
  • Invalid HTML attributes
  • Unencoded ampersands
  • Frames
  • Inaccessible data tables
  • Divitis and classitis
  • Too wide fixed width
  • Vague and/or presentational class and id names
  • No background colour
  • Non well-formed XHTML
  • Incomplete colours for text input fields

That’s a pretty long list of things to watch out for. Avoid them all and you’re doing very well. If you’re currently making some of these mistakes, well, if it’s any consolation, I’ve been guilty of making a lot of them at some point. Hopefully this list will help you make fewer mistakes in the future.

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