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Linux, Apache, Mysql And Perl/php/python (lamp): Defining Open Source Web Platform

Even web development services talk of Linux as synonymous to the open source market. For a long time advocates of open source have identified the open source market with Linux. Now a set of open source software programs has provided a common platform for open source developers to converge. Linux, Apache, MySQL and Perl (or PHP or Python), better known by the acronym LAMP, is the collection of free software programs that are used together and in common to run dynamic websites or servers. The combination of these programs defines the open source web platform, including database system, a programming paradigm of developing software, web server infrastructure, and a software distribution package. It opens up a whole new area of opportunity in web development service.

But with time, the combination of these programs became so common and popular that they came to be used in common and the acronym LAMP was coined. These programs were not originally designed by their developers to form a combo software pack. These programs come as a bundle in many Linux distributions. Also, their acquisition is so low that they have become ubiquitous. Web site development service providers can also benefit from LAMP since they represent the open source web platform.

It is reliable and stands solid. Many offshore web development services rely on LAMP for cheap and reliable software products including web applications. This free software collection also acts as platform for development as well as deployment of web applications, which are high performance in nature. Web development services India are also cashing on to the advantages of this software set. If you use Apache as an indicator, then LAMP sites predominate. Many popular websites run Apache on Linux and have mod_php or mod_perl installed. Many other servers also use a combination of Linux+Apache+MySQL+Perl..

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