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Open Source Web Development Solutions: Complete cover for all your web development needs

With the rise in global economy, most corporate bodies need a website that is versatile in every aspect. They also require companies to have the expertise of developing custom applications including online payment solutions, email newsletters, blogs, RSS feeds etc.

The transition of the internet and the latest industry developments has resulted into demand for more professional-looking websites. Open source development solutions have certainly opened the doors for any web development company to meet the growing demands of the corporate bodies.

Open source application solutions are widely acceptable these days because they provide hassle free programming and debugging. The source code can be accessed without paying a dime. Source codes are also open for editing. As a result, web developers have a wide array of choices to edit codes and upload pages in real time.

There are several open source development tools including LAMP, WYSIWYG, Jhoomla, and RIAs that are widely used for free of cost. LAMP (Linux-os; Apache-web server; MySQL-database server; PHP-programming language) is one such tool. WYSIWYG (What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get) helps developers to edit in real time. Microsoft Technologies’ open source tool RIAs is also used in web development due to its interactivity and rich functions in developing desktop applications and web applications. Further, application software like Jhoomla has certainly brought a welcoming change in the web development arena.

Open source application solution such as Jhoomla is a stylish, simple and professional solution for web development. It is a content management system that has an infinite number of open source codes and templates for web developers. These tools can easily customized by web developers in the web development process. Since it is a content management system, it keeps track of every piece of content including widgets, music, videos, text, images and documents. Jhoomla assists a web development company to build websites with the most advanced online applications.

Jhoomla not only provides a variety of code samples, templates and documentation but also ensures that every user, whether novice or expert, gets the chance to dabble with its technology. Another major aspect of this award-winning content management system or CMS is its free availability.

Nowadays, most social networking sites and online shopping websites take the advantage of open source development solutions. Sites such as Yahoo and Amazon stores are opting for open source applications software to make it user-friendly and simple for online shoppers. Open Source content management systems have helped web development companies to concentrate on important activities. The future of web development certainly relies on such technologies.

Xicom provides a broad range of web development services and application development services to help you harness the power of technology, consulting and maximize your online business investment.

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