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Top 10 Mysql Development Security Tips

While using MySQL or PHP, you can use some 10 recognized tips to counter security bottlenecks during the construction of the code as well as optimizing time to troubleshoot and implement it. MySQL development and PHP development has always been one of the core tools for web development, and companies and people involved in custom web development solutions and services face hordes of security breach issues with their scripting codes. Hereon, we shall discuss the aforementioned tips to provide a threat-proof vest for your MySQL web development code.

Here is a list of the 10 main points to keep in mind to avert landing in a soup as far as data security and other similar issues are concerned:

  1. Do not blindly follow User Input – Do not trust the input by the user without verifying its compatibility or correctness. Checking with the strstr() and prompting that the username is not valid to the user is a good countermeasure.
  2. Validation of user input necessary from the server side – Validate the user input with Javascript from the server side as well, if you have done so from the user’s perspective.
  3. Direct implementation of user input on SQL queries to be avoided – Do not directly use the user input into SQL queries.
  4. Escape the Output – Helps you avoid XSS (Cross Site Scripting) invasions on your development code.
  5. While uploading, mime type file should be validated – If this action is not taken, a PHP file or some other application may come camouflaged as an image file and wreak havoc on your server.
  6. Up to date 3rd party code libraries – The latest version of all 3rd party code libraries should be with you to avoid jeopardizing the security of the code.
  7. Exact permissions for database users – Do not give an overload of permissions for the user, with just the ones that will do justice to user independence.
  8. Library file extensions to be PHP – Have a PHP extension to avoid others to manipulate your passwords and other confidential information and data in the code.
  9. PHP too, should be up to date – Keep checking the site www.php.net and keep consulting with PHP development experts regularly to append as well as know about fixes on security issues, regarding MySQL development.
  10. Be Well Read about Security concerns – Read books, consult web development experts and also read about the contemporary trends in security concerns in MySQL and PHP development round the world.

Implementing these measures will not make your code foolproof to security threats, but it will surely be a great countermeasure against the commonplace code security breaches in the arena of MySQL and PHP development.

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