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Web Development: The most growth intensive and developing industry of the World

During the mid 1990’s, there were only about 1000 web development companies in the United States. But, by the time we reached 2005, the statistics for web development company presence in the United States alone rose to more than 30,000 and at present the number is around 50,000 in the US. This is just the tip of the ice berg, as many other European countries and also Asian countries are also experiencing boom in this industry, as numerous aspirants are finding it highly profitable and easy to set up a web development company in their respective lands.

The depreciating costs of hosting a website and also the large number of skilled and educated work force available wide and across, is also encouraging more and more companies to join the field of website development. Previously the total process of website development, from the drawing boards to the hosting, used to cost tens of thousands of dollars. At present, the same process costs not more than a thousand dollars, for a simple website. This is the precise reason, why more and more companies want to have a website of their own, and so more and more people are coming forward with new and innovative ideas and methods of web development.

Another significant factor that has ensured the development of this field is the constant upgrading and development of the easy to use WYSIWYG web development software. With the help of this software, basically anyone can create a web page. The knowledge of HTML or XML is not necessary any more, but it is always recommended to have a good knowledge of these programming languages, to get best results.

The most recent development in this field is the launching of the .NET technology by Microsoft. By using this technology, the web is being used as a platform to run the various applications, which, a few years back, were only desktop based applications.

E-commerce is one of the finest examples of how web development has changed our lives and the world itself.

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