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10 Things you need to know to become an iOS developer

Nothing can knock down the acclaimed status that the iOS devices enjoy globally! If this era will continue, it is imperative that there will be constant demand of the iOS developers- and the professional ones will be the most called for.

If you have bump into this article, chances are that you are a beginner or an intermediate looking forward to give a high flight to your career in an iOS development company.

If you think you need to learn a few fundamentals of iPhone app development before you hop onto a job, how about an internship with iOS development company.



After all! Learning is never a bad thing. Is it?

10 Things to pay heed to become a die-hard iOS developer

Do I need to invest in heavy bucks to buy a Mac or an expensive iPhone?  
Do I need to invest in over-the-counter software licenses?

You will be definitely haunted by some of the most important questions when you start to tread on the path of becoming an iOS developer- a professional one to the core! Let us help you by clearing most of your doubts and concerns in the upcoming article (or a mini guide!)

1. Buying a Mac is needed

Yes, you got it right. You will need to own some kind of Mac with you as it’s going to be the main working tool you will get your hands-on! Without Mac, you will not learn about the real things about iOS app development. You can borrow it from your fellows or just rent it for that sake.

No need to invest thousands of dollars in the initial phase to buy the latest and the most expensive one at all! Go for second hand from eBay. No offense.

2. Basics of programming

Of course, you can’t get through the whole thing without learning the basics of coding to create iOS apps for iOS development company. Swift is the most important one followed by Objective-C.

You definitely don’t want to drown yourself in the sea of worries when you have just put your first step up there in the iPhone app development. So, remember to take help from the awesome tutorials by Apple!

3. Download the software

After you are determined enough to sail into the boat of hardships- named as iPhone app development, you will now need to download- Xcode. (It is like the Android Studio for creating Android apps.) You need an environment to create the apps and Xcode is the IDE of creating Apple apps.
The best part is that it is free of cost in the Mac Apple Store for developer use. You will be doing all the code editing, writing and debugging stuff here.

4. DIY develop some simple apps

By preparing the environment and making ready the working tools, you must be excited by now to do some initial experiments yourself. But don’t do something without expert help or you can put your all the preparations in danger mode. AppCoda is awesome, also stay updated with latest iOS app trends.

It is the best thing to find and follow a reliable YouTube channel for tutorials or Apple tutorials so that you can start by creating some super simple apps and make yourself familiar with the whole stuff.

5. Start with yourself- not clients!

When you take a plunge into as big as learning a whole new development techniques, as awesome as iOS development, thinking of making it big into a giant iOS development company, you should start small. Try making a custom app for yourself that is meant to make you more confident.

Don’t commit the blunder by taking up a client project in the initial phase and delivering them nothing but a bad app.

SUGGESTION:  Why are we emphasizing on your on app creation process rather than taking up client’s work is  because of many reasons:

  • You don’t want to commit some blunderous mistakes in the start.
  • It will leave a bad impression on the client and your iOS dream will shatter into pieces.
  • You are NOT expert enough until now, to handle all the issues and debug them like a pro.
  • You are in the learning stage and experimenting by yourself- and for yourself is the best thing you can do.

So, start by following the tutorials from the experts and create apps in various niches. Stay calm. You will need them in your future portfolio.

6. Acquaint yourself with programming

Programming- Android or iOS is one and the same thing. The only difference lies in the environment and the tools using which the apps are created by the developers. There are some general rules of programming which every developer should try to make themself acquainted with thoroughly.

It takes time to learn the basics and advanced of Swift and Objective-C. In the meantime, side by side you should also focus on the rules and principles of programming which you can learn through expert blogs or even attending some events where you can throw away your queries and concerns to the expert developers. Things learned with experience can never be wrong.

Ask from the professionals in the forums or on the social media about how to attain that professional attitude when you are just in the initial phase. And yes! Ask them how to land some awesome projects after a few months pass. References from an iOS development company will help you foster your dreams faster.

7. Work hard on your app

You may ask that why is it important to put your best foot forward in your very first app? Well, we would like to inform that the first app you are working on is the portfolio to land a job in an iOS development company of your choice.

If you don’t work hard on your app, you will not be able to impress your prospective employer. Every iOS development company looks for a professional developer who has a strong portfolio to show and prove the skills to them.

Strong knowledge of creating innovative apps is all the more important as you have to create distinct apps for various clients and it’s definitely significant to have that creativity to develop amazing and creative apps all the time. We would suggest you to make the best apps to put them in your portfolio.

8. Professional testing of the app

In connection to the last point, it is not enough to just create the apps that are not worth it or display your skills. As a developer, if you do not have any team backing you, it is your responsibility to check the app for the following points:

  • App should be made with a clean code.
  • Make sure that the app is working properly. No glitches, please!
  • Use of CocoaPods would be helpful.

Other tips

  • Use GitHub in general.
  • Usage of storyboards is always good enough.
  • Code Organization.

Well, good going…it would be awesome if you can have the app in a dynamic position so that it can cast a spell on your prospective employer. At least, you can secure a Jr. iOS developer position for sure.

9. App publishing

But hey! How will you show your app to the recruiter? It is an obvious step that after you have checked your app to the core, and you have made sure that there are no visible (and invisible!) issues in your app. Go ahead and publish it on the App Store.

Wait…is it that easy to get your iOS app published on the App Store? Simply no.

You must be able to corroborate to the employers that you comprehend the end-to-end process of creating an app as well as publishing to the App Store. Although, there is a catch. You can’t publish the app to the App Store without creating your account at $99 annually. It’s not mandatory but yes, if you want to lend a job quickly.

10. GitHub is the place to be

Last but not the least, go sign up on GitHub now, if you haven’t already done so. It is the wannabe place of the developers- young and old, junior or senior! If you believe in learning from others’ experiences and want to have someone giving you back, then go for GitHub. We believe that every developer on this earth should be on GitHub.

There’s a profit…you can easily upload your app to GitHub for others to download and give you feedbacks.


it is very much crucial to demonstrate all the skills related to your work to an iOS development company. Until you demonstrate it through a proven app and upload it to the App Store, no one will trust your words of mouth. Go ahead, make the cut.

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