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5 Essential Ingredients for a Great Website

Even with all the technological developments and improvements in the fields of web services, a great website continues to remain elusive to website seekers. One can have a good website – pretty design, impressive functionalities, but how do we separate the grain from chaff in the world of website design and development when there is presumably no difference between the two?

5 Essential Ingredients for a Great Website

If you have been confronted queasily by the same conundrum, well worry no more. We are here to discuss about the significant components that makes up for a unique, riveting and a great website. The research has been based on the market research and our own experience as amongst the leading offshore web development company. Please continue reading to discover these 5 elusive secrets for a great website.

Amiable and Impressive Aesthetics

The design aesthetics of your website often prove out to be one of the most critical elements of the same. Design is the first feature a user notices and unconsciously responds to while going through the website. Even with the content and usability and other features being right in place, should the website fail on the aesthetics front, the website would not recover from that blow.

User generally takes 3 seconds before developing a perception about the website, and you cannot capitalize on the same 3 seconds which your website gets as the benefit of doubt, in the absence of a sharp, competitive and cutting edge web design.

Good quality content

Haven’t we all heard in the online world, content is the king? Let us just consider this age old adage of web design and development and ensure that nothing but only the best quality, relevant and meaningful content goes live on our websites. While good quality content is indispensable for to have a great website, the converse also holds true – you may expect the rankings of your website to nose dive into the bottomless abyss, in the absence of good quality content.

And while we are talking about the content of, it is important to ensure that its quality, dialects and style is attuned to the target audiences. Keep the content colloquial and informal if your website is dealing with products and accessories for teenagers. And the content shall be thoroughly professional, formal and sharp while dealing with professional organizations.

Uber Simple Usability

Usability is an attribute of the website which allows the visitors on the web page to easily comprehend and navigate the website. Within the first 5 seconds of clicking on your website, or within the first two clicks on the page, whichever takes less time, the user should be able to get the entire gist of the website.

Various techniques such as a good navigation bar, XML site maps, and a user centric professional design go into ensuring that the website is user centric and easy to comprehend. Thus, you should either organize the contents of your website well, thinking from the point of view of the users, or hire a web development company to do the same for you.

Performance metrics

A website is often developed with certain clear cut and defined objectives right in place. It is not like playing darts in the dark. Hence have thorough objectives against which you would adjudge and administer the performance of your website. Albeit it is important to remain realistic while setting performance goals and objectives for your website, at the same time, the objectives must inspire you or your team of website admins to push off the limits.

Also, get certain analytical tools such a Google analytics etc right in place, to gain significant information about the performance of the website.

Regularly update your website

Lastly, amongst the most essential attributes of a good website is how refreshed and topical the website is? Hence, review the content ever so often, weed out any broken links, and keep it updated with recent and fresh content. A good way to ensure the same is via a weblog on your website.


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