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Advantages of cross platform mobile development over native

Mobile apps have become a necessity in this technology-driven world. When everyone owns a smartphone, whether an Android or an iOS, having an app for your business becomes so much necessary that you would definitely need to hire a mobile app developer who is well-versed in creating apps that can bring popularity and profits to any company who invests into getting an app built for the brand.

It has been always been a hot debate that whether Cross Platform Mobile Development is beneficial or is it native app development, that will yield more revenue and profit as compared to each other. Well, we can’t say that one is better than the other but it is all about the differences that we should be bothered on understanding and then compare the preferences by keeping them parallel each other.

In this article, we will try to enlist the pros as well as cons of not only cross platform Mobile App Development but native app development as well in another blog. Then, it’s up to you whether you want to choose a developer who is expert at native or cross-platform app development or a company if you wish to hire an agency for better team support and exceptional app development processes!

All you need to know about the cross-platform development

If we go by the literal term- cross-platform mobile development means that the app can be run on any platform, whether it’s an Android smartphone or an iOS app. The developers don’t need to create Android app and iOS app differently. The code is written one time and it can be used for both the platforms thus saving a lot of time and money as well. It can definitely called as 2-in-1 approach where the developer doesn’t have to write the code two times thus saving a lot of time.

Here are some pros and cons of using the cross platform approach in mobile app development

Advantages of investing into cross-platform app development are

Time-saving and cost-effective

As most of us know that the app developers charge their clients based on hours worked on developing the app. Therefore, it is completely possible to save a lot of time by choosing to develop a single type of app in place of many others. The code has to be only written once, therefore, it cuts half the time needed to develop two types of apps as only one type of app is required with this. This not only saves time but also saves cost.

Time saved on learning different technologies

With cross-platform mobile development, one can easily rule out the need for learning Android coding languages as well as iOS coding languages as well. In this, the developers don’t need different codebases for deployment thus a lot of time is saved in the deployment. Thus, the app development process is quite fast. Well, we have another profit here, the updates to the apps can be made fast as there is only one codebase that would need to be changed.

Wide range of reaching the target audience

The main profit of reaching for cross-platform apps is that one can easily cover the wide range of audience who are using different devices to access the apps from around the world. It ensures that the brand or the company investing into the app development is able to reach the highest range of global audience possible who may be using different devices.

Disadvantages of developing the cross-platform mobile apps

Issues in integration and optimization

Cross-platform applications are not fully integrated with the target operating system compared to the original applications. Therefore, some applications may not work optimally because of an incompatible connection between the non-original code and the different types of the devices.

Lack of robust user-experiences

Applications developed with one code do not necessarily provide an effective user-experience. For multi-platform applications, pure native features are not available and provide an excellent user experience.


We would definitely suggest to choose cross platform mobile development as the cons of choosing them are not as major as they can’t be overlooked.

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