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All You Need to Know About City Guide Mobile App Development

There are countless number of travel freaks around the world who are looking for local travel guides to explore something very unique and new. It is definite that when you travel to a very unique place, you are bound to face problems due to language barrier and unfamiliarity. What plays as a key factor to make any trip successful and exciting is definitely a travel app!

Yes, with the advancement of technologies in mobile app development as well as cross-platform app development, so many travel apps have been launched in the App stores and the best part is that people seem to love them.

Why city travel guides are a new milestone in mobile app development?

There is no doubt about the fact that city travel apps act as a guide for the app user. Moreover, these apps help the travelers to make their trip so much easier and exploring the best places in the city becomes so much exciting. Also, it means that a traveler saves a lot of time and money as he is notified about the best deals happening around the city in which he is traveling. He is also notified about the events in the city and major happenings as well as the best deals on hotels and food.

If you are an entrepreneur looking to invest into city travel guide app, you have made an amazing decision as these types of apps if build by a cross-platform app development company will surely bring huge dividends to your investment. Foursquare app as well as are already doing great in the app marketplace. So, there is much to get inspired and rock the floor!

Ultimate Benefits of city guide app for users in app development

Developing an app involves the first phase that is of development. In this phase of pre-app development, the market is researched for the best uses an app can provide to the users. Without any definite motive of the app, there is no use of the app!

Information that has to be included in the city guide app

  • Main tourist attractions of the city.
  • Sightseeing spots for tourists.
  • Amusement parks (along with timings).
  • Luxurious malls for shopping and entertainment.
  • Affordable local shopping areas.
  • Luxury and Average hotels as well as restaurants.
  • Cafeterias and Lounges to freshen up.

People and Organisations who are benefited from city guide apps

You may think whom city guide mobile app development is going to help and how?

  • Local as well as foreign tourists benefit a lot from these city guide apps.
  • Local administration is also able to take control of the traffic and help the people around the city.
  • Businessman and event organisers who are looking to organise some interesting events in the city.
  • Another group of people which are bound to benefit are travel and tour agencies to boost their business.

Using a travel app means the traveler or the tourist is able to make the most out of the trip, but the question arises is that how you can take further app development process of city guide app:

Choosing the platform for city guide mobile app development

The first step that one has to decide before the app development process starts is the platform of the app. It may be a difficult task to choose one platform out of the many infamous ones. Android has the biggest share in the market but iOS is the most dynamic platform one can ever imagine. There is an easy way out which you can think of and that is choosing the cross-platform app development which will make sure that your city travel guide can reach to the maximum possible number of people around and all who have smartphones to access the app. But, choosing the platform means you have to take care of the budget as well as think about your plans of launching your app to the market that is called TTM (Time to Market).

Features of the City Guide App for best user-experience

An app that is made to keep the things simpler for the travelers who are using app at places where there are hindrances in the network need to be taken care.

Therefore, following features should be integrated into the apps for best possible user-experience

1. Online as well as offline download or watch mode.
2. Updated info on Public Transport Services as well as renting.
3. Bridging Communication gaps with language translation feature.
4. All possible traffic jams and how to take shorter routes.
5. Tracking and geolocation services with parking lots.
6. Integration with the Social Media Platform
7. Option to leave feedbacks on the app and its use.
8. Impressively dynamic UI of the app for ease of navigation.
9. Search toolbar for searching just anything on the app!


This kind of app should only be developed by an expert mobile app development company which has a lot of experience in creating similar successful apps.

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