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Bringing Revolution in Healthcare, Here is how Internet of Things is making a Difference


In this modern era of technologies, evolution has been a constant source of serving.

Evolution tells us where we came from, not where we can go.
– Jerry Coyne

Of-course it has no effect on death and taxes, but a major part of human lives is dependent on evolution. We have witnessed its power in our daily lives, be it body or health monitoring too ( like literally). In other words, evolution in technology has become a growing seed in the healthcare sector.
It would probably fill us with gratitude by learning that modern technologies is extensively improving the health care of the patients out there. To entangle these technologies (like AI and machine learning) in a particular concept, one can efficiently put them under the IOT umbrella.

From smart fit wearable to monitoring patients daily health chart, Internet of things or IOT undoubted has transformed the face of modern medicine.

Even the future marks to be bright. According to a research done by market research engine, the IOT in healthcare is expected to exceed more than US$ 271.50 Billion by 2024.SO what makes it so desirable that everyone is trying to adopt it?

In this article we would take a closer glance at the purpose and benefits of IOT, and why it is booming in healthcare sector and beign adopted by leading IoT development company. At the end of the article you would have a detailed knowledge on:

  • What is the role of IOT in healthcare?    
  • Where is IOT used in the healthcare industry?    
  • Benefits of IOT in healthcare    
  • IOT healthcare app development solutions    
  • Challenges faced by IOT in healthcare       
  • What is there in the future?

Let’s Begin

Role played by IOT in Healthcare: What place does it hold?

Internet of things is described as the network of devices that allows these devices to interact and exchange data.

This data is tracked and gathered in real time, which provides the user with detailed analysis of material. In regards with the healthcare industry this means that regular hospital can be turned into a modernized smart version. This means that the medical IoT app development services have the power to automatically gather essential information from the patients and rectify the disease or problem in order to prevent them. Imagine a place where everything is tracked and managed with a centralized database system that not only improves the efficiency, but also presents with a budget friendly environment.

Astonishing right?

Hospitals and doctors now recommend addition of sensors that detects data in real-time, without the need of nurse taking the reading or updating their charts, all this is possible only with the help of IOT.

Where is IOT used in the Healthcare Sector?

iot healthcare inner 4

Providing stats and saying good things about IOT in healthcare is one thing, but to prove this point do we have use cases to show it to the audience that it is actually a widely useful technology? Well! Yes, we do. Here are some of the mobile app development services that vividly tell us that IOT in healthcare is not only powerful, but life changing too.


We all have come across or used fitness band, blood pressure monitoring devices or heart rate checking cuffs once. These devices have allowed the users around to monitor their daily activities like calories burnt, hearth condition and even the tracking up of necessary health activities. These popular gadgets not only help patients to collect data of their medical condition, but it also aids in sending notifications to family members or considered person about the change in routine or any variation in the heath.

RTM or remote patient monitoring

RTM or remote patient monitoring devices are the devices that help in tracking the record of patients heart beat or diabetes chart. Some of the most popular devices that are RTM based are:

CGM: NHS ( a non departmental public body of department and healthcare) announced in the year 2018 (on world diabetes day) that it would fund the continuous blood glucose monitoring system to support diabetes induced patients and improve their treatment solutions. CGM or continuous glucose monitoring system is the device that is used to monitor data. The data IS easily accessible with the help of mobile phones or any iOS system. It is basically a sensor (that is inserted in the elbow) which helps in sending information about the condition of the patients to the doctors. This help in the prevention of cardiac arrest and all sort of seizures.

Insulin Pens: It is the device that is used to monitor blood glucose level, and then send the entire data to the smart-phone apps. Patients with diabetes can easily track their blood sugar level with the help of this device.

Ingestible Sensors

iot healthcare inner 5

According to a study by world health organization about 50 percent of the medicines that are prescribed are not taken in the correct manner. Therefopillcamre, to solve this issue proteus introduced with a device called ingestible sensors. An advanced creation that helps to reduce the senseless consumption of medicines. These sensors takes the place of the prescription and send a signal upon dissolution in the stomach.

There are various smart pills that also have a tiny camera that allows a vivid visualization of the environment inside the body. One such example is pillcam from meditronic.

Smart hospitals

iot healthcare inner 3

With the integration of IOT and software development solutions in the hospital infrastructure the database can be formed in a more centralized and automated manner. That additionally enhances the reliability in block-chain and even the contracts. The smart management system would also help in the submission of forms, relieving the patients with long queues. This kind of system would largely reduce in-house cost and hassle in the industry.

Benefits of IOT in Healthcare

benifits of iot

AS mentioned above, internet of things has countless number of benefits that significantly improves the treatments and maximizes the data collection process. Before you hire mobile app developers, see that these benefits are provided by your selected healthcare industry:

  • Cost effective: There are ample number of gadgets that help to track the condition of a patient, this means that they can track their health without the need to visit a doctor, or spend a penny on the consultancy and prescription. This only means that IOT in medical sector helps in cost reduction.
  • Accessibility: The doctors and the physicians have the ability to check the report of the patients in real time. That means they do not need to leave their office or check the patients everyday.
  • Better Results: As mentioned, doctors can access the health of a patient in real time, which means they can have a detailed analysis on the symptoms as well as the disease. This would allow them to treat the patients well, and have a better result.    
  • Maintenance of medical devices: Medical equipment tend to require a lot of care. They are needed to be looked after and managed time to time. Internet of things is the way that can help the user to track and calculate the problems that might arise in a device.   
  • Long Term Innovation: Internet of things provides the user with a fantastic long term innovation. Eliminating long hospital visits, analyzing the healthcare or tracking up of the blood pressure, everything is made possible with the help of IOT.

IOT HealthCare Solutions and Existing Case Studies

iot healthcare inner 2

Now, that we are fully aware of the importance of IOT in healthcare, and you start choosing a mobile app development company lets take a small tour on the existing case studies that has changed the face of medical studies massively.


Founded in the year 2000 ( with the usage of Digi XBee® Cellular LTE Cat 1 that was combined with 4G technology) floorbotics was an intelligent invention. It is a robotic, hardware software that labors non-sterile, intensive cleaning methodologies. The product involves a robotic cleaner that is designed to combat hospital acquired infection. The device shines a control beam (ultraviolet lights) that tends to disinfect the floor. And provide a highly sanitized floor.

The 4g connection presents with a cellular data plan that allows the customer to remotely monitor and manage the device.

Apple watch application to fight depression

People and students from Cambridge pharmaceutical company invented an application based on Apple watch that let doctors analyze the condition of a patient. In other words see the data of their depression and mood swings. Keeping in mind that today every 300 million people of all ages are suffering from depression, this application was constructed. It is able to collect high frequency data along with the psychological condition. This way the doctor are able to keep a track, and offer better treatment.

Challenges Faced by IOT in Healthcare

iot healthcare inner 1

As we know that there is always two sides of the coin, there are few downsides that come along the process. Before you hire software developers for your healthcare applications, take a look at some.

  • Privacy is exploited: Considering that doctors have the entire data of the patients and monitoring up of the condition. There is no technology that does not provide transparency of the patients. Hence playing with the privacy of the patients.
  • Malware and unauthorized access: You have to agree on the fact that the internet is full of viruses, therefore they have the tendency to affect the applications. There is also a chance that the user may face unauthorized access due to these malwares.
  • Failures: If there is one small error in the system, the affect can be seen in the health of the patient. It may cost them there lives to. Therefore,m there is a huge risk when operating these devices.

What is there in the future?

Well, one thing can be concluded for sure, the number of IOT users in healthcare is increasing day by day. By the year 2020 it is estimated that that healthcare market would be worth more 117 million dollars, portraying that it is massively increasing in every term. Thus, before you hire app developers know that the future of IOT is bright and shinning.


Starting from big data to the AI algorithm, each sector is constituting the use of IOT, and we see nothing but a bright future of the healthcare industry in it.

In the Nutshell

IoT in healthcare is the modern development, but it has the power to bring in a massive transformation. Not only would it improve the outcomes in the field of medicine, but it will also help to monitor the care. Hospitals and medical healthcare department should opt for a healthcare mobile app development company that would help them to optimize their equipment or building a more profound future for their patients. Offshore Software Development Company should be able to bring out devices that not only help the urban but the rural medical sectors. That might fail to reach them otherwise.

If you are a Software Development Company in India that has recently hired a medical sector firm, then these points would help you realize the need that is there in the health care sector. 

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