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Build A Successful Enterprise Application For Your Business

Build A Successful Enterprise Application For Your Business

In this digital-driven era, innovative technology and advancements have revolutionized business models. Gone are those days when businesses relied on traditional models and manually handled their operations. In the wake of digitization, enterprise applications are creating a buzzword in the business world. From streamlining the business process to assisting in business expansion, enterprise solutions act as off-the-shelf solutions. For this reason, more and more businesses are inclining toward enterprise applications. 

But before you decide to build an enterprise application, here are the few major questions that must be hitting your mind:

  • Is It Worth Investing in an Enterprise App For Your Business?
  • How to Create a Success Enterprise Application For Your Business?
  • How Much Does It Cost To Build an App? 
  • How Can We Help You?

Let’s drill straight into the details of these points for better understanding…

1. Is It Worth Investing in an Enterprise App For Your Business?

In recent years, the pandemic has caused a significant change in customer behavior, forcing organizations to rethink their business models. As we all have started with the new reality, now has become a time to embrace digital transformation. While the pandemic has brought uncertainties to many businesses, some marketers recognized business apps as an opportunity to pivot that provide additional value to their users. Moreover, the truth is, having a mobile presence in your business has become an essential need for your survival. 

If you are still wondering whether investing in enterprise app development with being worthy, then here are a few statistics that you need to know:

Key Statistics of Developing an Enterprise Application for your Business in 2022

  • As per the statistics, the enterprise mobility management market is expected to generate revenues of 2.9 billion US dollars which is more than a 150% increase from the year 2014. 
  • 67% of companies agree that enterprise mobility is a growing priority.
  • 66% of companies plan to invest in mobile enterprise apps in three years.
  • It is reported that 35% of ROI increased when companies invested in mobile enterprise apps.
  • Enterprise applications can increase customer satisfaction by 23%. 
  • 21% increase in employee loyalty when empowered with enterprise mobility apps. 

With these statistics, mobile enterprise apps are growing in popularity. And with the growing demand and usage of mobile apps are encouraging businesses to customize an app. The increasing thirst for bringing some innovative solutions and implementing advanced technology into business operations can help you expand your business reach.

So whether you are a startup or a leading enterprise planning to leverage the benefits of enterprise application, you must be wondering how to create an app. Let’s proceed further to the next point.

2. How to Create a Success Enterprise Application For Your Business?

There are a plethora of business apps available in the market, but each application is tailored to the specific needs of the organizations. All the businesses have now defined a particular enterprise app development methodology process. Therefore, if you plan to create an enterprise application for your business, here is a step-by-step app development approach for you. This guide will help you predict the accurate time for the completion of the project. This blog has gathered such facts and will help you bring transparency to your business process.

7 Stages of Developing a Successful Enterprise App

Stage 1: Define The Scope of Enterprise App and Its Requirements

Developing a mobile app for your business can increase your excitement, but soon that excitement will turn into a blunder. Therefore, it is worth sparing some time to analyze the business requirements. This is the stage of software development where you need to define the project’s scope, along with the blueprint of the app development plan. Prepare a plan that includes your project requirements, schedules, timelines, deliveries, cost estimations, and app development team requirements. Here is a brief of each plan:

  • Project Plan: Prepare a detailed plan of the enterprise software on paper. It must specify what tools, technologies, programming languages, operating platforms and more. This will help you outline the software’s outlook. 
  • Schedule and Timeline: It is worth setting realistic deadlines to avoid unnecessary delays in the app development project delivery. This is where you can get onboard a development company that will depict how much time it will take to develop each application phase. Moreover, the realistic timeline of the project will help you market your app on time.
  • Cost estimation and Budget: Decide how much your budget is to invest in the app development because the application can be developed at as low as USD15,000 to USD50,000+. Depending upon your budget limit, you can decide the app’s complexity and prioritize the list of features and functionalities. 
  • Development Requirements: Depending upon the app’s complexity, prepare a list of the tech stack you need to start your development project. It must include tools, hardware and other resources required to create a mobile app.

 Stage 2: Choosing the Right Technology

Developing an enterprise application for your business is a complex task, and making it run smoothly on multiple platforms will require implementing the right technology. Here are a few tips that help you pick the right toolkit for the developers:

  • Most enterprises host an ERP system in the cloud or on the local server to streamline the business process to ensure data security.
  • Choosing the right programming language for developing successful enterprise software. JavaScript frameworks are considered perfect for frontend development and Node.js for the backend. 
  • Choosing a reliable database for storing massive data. For this, it is recommended to use Relational/SQL databases for small businesses. 

Stage 3: Hiring a Skilled App Development Team

Look for the pool of talent that help you implement the right enterprise software for your business. To build a successful mobile app, you need to hire a team that may consist of a Business analyst, project manager, app developer, QA engineer and UI/UX designer. The right team of professionals can handle the app’s complexity, implement it right and maintain it.

Stage 4: UI/UX Design of the Enterprise Application

The app design is the heart and soul of the software product. If your project is not well-planned or well-executed, it will be in vain. When designing and developing an app, gather information such as the complexity of the app, user’s needs and target audience. Always keep in mind that simple and easy to navigate design. Before finalizing the design, you can hire mobile app developers to create a prototype and provide approval. The architecture of the software might be complicated but make sure it is straightforward.

Stage 5: Software Development

Developing an enterprise app creates the right balance between software excellence and business value. Any gap between app development can put your entire thing on the wrong path. Once you finalize the development tools and development design, it’s time to start coding. The app development team you have hired can now start coding the project and end up in the right timeline. 

Stage 6: Testing and Quality Assurance

Before you deliver an app and launch it to the app store, test an app thoroughly on different modules. Test the enterprise application through different aspects to eliminate errors and bugs. Various software testing tools are available that make the testing easier and seamless. All you need is to understand what to test.

Here’s the testing tips to ensure the appropriate quality of the app

  • Code Testing: To eliminate the bugs and crashes, make various alterations in the app code and ensure it is readable.
  • Integration Testing: This testing reveals any bugs or loopholes in the interaction between integrated units. To ensure smooth performance, make sure all units are thoroughly tested.
  • Performance Testing: App performance is all you need to launch a successful enterprise app. Coders should check the app’s speed, response time, reliability, resource usage, and scalability. This will ensure that the app will run on multiple platforms smoothly. 
  • Security Testing: Developers run security testing to expose any threats, vulnerabilities or security risks. Security testing will help you eliminate the risk of security bugs in coding. 

Stage 7: Launch an Enterprise App

You are now ready to launch it on the app store at this stage of app development. The app deployment phase is all about getting manual approval to deploy an app on the app store. Now here, you need to understand which platform you choose to launch an app. The guidelines of publishing an app vary on the choice of the operating platform. Some companies use automated tools to deploy software, such as Application Release Automation (ARA). Before you launch an app, make sure you decide the operating system to launch an app and follow the guidelines accordingly.

Now you are ready with an app Now, you must be wondering how much it costs to build an enterprise app?

Let’s get an answer to this question…

3. How Much Does It Cost To Build an App? 

When it comes to developing a mobile app, its cost and time projections are always a real concern. Whether you are a startup or a leading enterprise, the one straight question that sticks to your mind is how much it costs to build an enterprise app for your business?

If you are eyeing up the standard app development cost, you must be mistaken as there is no online calculator that will estimate the cost without knowing the business requirements. If you are planning to create an enterprise app, you need to consider various factors that affect the app development cost.

The major cost influencing factors are:

  • Complexity of the application: Decide whether you plan to create an app with basic functionalities or advanced technologies. The cost will vary from USD 17,000 to $35,000+ depending on the project’s complexity.
  • Operating System: Whether you are planning to create Native Android/ iOS application or cross-platform application for your project. If you are planning to target both native platforms, it is worth looking for a cross-platform app solution that saves you upto 40% cost and time.
  • Features and Functionalities: Prioritize the list of features that you need to implement in the app. Depending upon the choice of features and functionalities, the app development cost can greatly fluctuate. 
  • UI/UX Design: The complexity of the app structure is always affecting the app development cost. The simpler app design will take less app development time and cost less. 

These are the few major factors that greatly impact the app development cost and time. So if you are developing an enterprise app, you need to evaluate these factors. And if we conclude the average app development cost then it will range from USD 15,000 to USD 25,000+ and may take 4 months to 9+ months in app development. It will depend upon the business requirements and its complexity. 

How Can We Help You?

Developing an enterprise app for your business is a never-ending process if you don’t know what to consider and how to build it. But hopefully, with this guide, you can understand the major stages of app development and how much it costs to build an app. While there is no perfect way to develop an app as different businesses have different requirements. Therefore, there is no standard solution for all businesses. That’s where it makes sense to hire a mobile app development company to kickstart your next enterprise software development solution. At Xicom Technologies, being rooted in app development services for years, we are transforming business app ideas into robust solutions integrated with advanced technologies and methodologies.

Since we have a portfolio of creating enterprise apps for various business verticals, our experts can guide you from ideation to successful app launches. If you have any app development requirements, you can contact us or drop a query below. 


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