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Why Do Businesses Should Invest In Enterprise Application?


Whether you are struggling to streamline your business operations or looking for ways to increase your business efficiency, enterprise mobile applications are the perfect solutions to look for. 

Gone are those days when businesses were managing their work pressure with a traditional business model. In this highly competitive world, meeting deadlines and maintaining quality is the key to success. While chasing these objectives, enterprises are looking for innovative ways to reduce work stress and be able to increase productivity. That’s where mobile enterprise apps are quickly taking the center stage in the business world. 

Realizing the urgent needs of implementing the digital solutions in the business model, many organizations have already integrated such types of mobile solutions at their workplace. The simple purpose of implementing these solutions is to keep your employees and clients stay connected with the projects. But when we are talking about enterprise applications, they are a bit different from applications that are usually used to track employees and monitor project status. 

If you are wondering how they work and benefit your organization, then this blog is for you. This blog guide will help you understand the reasons for implementing Enterprise applications for your business.

Let’s move straight to the topic and start discussing the logic of enterprise application integration…

How Does Implementation of Enterprise Application Can Improve Your Business?

No matter if you are a startup or a leading enterprise, your prime goal is to look for the ways that automate the business process and lead to higher productivity. Apart from that , data security, its portability and scalability are the other few major aspects that you can’t afford to ignore. Therefore, integrating enterprise applications to your business process is the perfect way to look for. But the question is, what are the major benefits of investing in enterprise applications? 

Here’s how your company can benefit from an enterprise application:

  1. Enhance Employee Performance and Engagement

To improve the productivity and engagement of your employees, it is important to integrate such systems in place that help them stay connected more effectively with each other. And enterprise applications are the perfect solutions that allow you to upload all such information at a central place. The EAI system helps in increasing employee’s productivity and work efficiency, therefore organizations are quickly looking forward to hiring a mobile app development company.  With the integration of this system in place, all employees can make seamless communication with one another. Since this system is accessible from mobile or any other device, therefore, businesses and employees can upload all the important information on the go and are able to save the data anytime any place. 

Furthermore, the productivity of the employees also increased as the data can be easily accessed in a real-time scenario. This saves time in processing and arranging data. Also, this will cut down the need for a regular manual data maintenance process. Overall, this will improve employee performance and productivity.

2. Improved ROI and Generating Better Opportunities

One of the key reasons for implementing Enterprise application is it empowers your organization with the solution that helps you stay ahead of the market trends and provide better solutions to manage organization issues. In addition, decision-makers and stakeholders of the organization can access the business insights that enable them to identify and respond to the unique opportunities at the right moment. 

3. Lower Data Management Cost

While developing enterprise apps, organizations spend more capital on the design as well as development to provide a seamless user experience and easy navigation. This leads to less maintenance cost, updates on a regular basis  as well as higher user engagement with enterprise apps are some of the amazing factors that boost the return on investment of your business. 

4. Better Control On Information Flow

Enterprise app integration provides you with unmatched solutions for better control over the information flow. Being a startup or enterprise head, you can keep an eye on every data movement. Harnessing the richness of these solutions. a business head can have an eye on every data the employee consumes and you can also ensure that no one shares confidential data outside the organization. Also, it becomes easy to monitor whether the IT process and marketing strategies are working smoothly or not. 

5. Ensure High-end Security

When it comes to integrating the digital solutions, the biggest concern is to ensure data security. Whether you are a startup or a leading entrepreneur, you never want to compromise on the app’s security. Since enterprise apps are highly encrypted with security features like two-way authentication, Face scanning and other security in your app. To ensure that your app is highly secured, you can look for app development companies as they always follow the app development standards to avoid the risk of having data threats. 

The enterprise mobile app development can help companies in achieving higher results and enables them to automate the business process. However, to reap the best benefit from this solution, you need to develop effective applications. 

So what are the major factors that you need to consider while developing an enterprise application?

Let’s get the answer to this question…

Top Things To Consider While Implementing An Enterprise Application for your Business

There are a plethora of business apps available in the market, but every company has its own needs and based on which solutions are developed to cater to those unique needs. So if you are planning to create an enterprise app, then you need to understand the characteristics of developing a successful app that add value to your business.

  • App Security

Strong security is the vital feature of developing an enterprise app. Whether it’s about integrating string user authentication, two-factor authentication or multi-factor authentication, these are the must-have components of enterprise apps. To secure your app, you can use technologies such as the OpenID Connect protocol and OAuth 2.0 authorization framework. 

  • Real-Time Analytics

Whether you are a startup or an enterprise, there are hundreds of things to handle. Right from interacting with hundreds of stakeholders, managing multiple processes to focusing on various services at a time. Managing all these tasks will increase the complexity of business operations. That’s where implementing the feature of real-time analytics allows enterprises to understand the flawless data processing which improves the decision making processes.

  • Cloud Data Storage

The primary functionality of enterprise applications is to provide seamless access to business data from anywhere, anytime. This is why storing data in the clouds is a critical aspect of enterprise mobile application. According to  survey reports, the global cloud service market has reached $270 billion in 2020 and is expected to grow to $397,496 billion in 2022. Implementing this feature will be challenging, therefore, it is worth hiring a mobile app developer to ensure seamless performance of the app. While the cloud services are globally implemented into businesses, therefore, integrating cloud storage is an integral element for successful enterprise mobile app development.

  • Push Notification

Allow organizations to keep their pace up with the ongoing trends by offering push notification features in apps. Implementation of this feature will not only increase the user experience but also keep your users updated with the upcoming events, important business related tasks and emergencies. In fact this feature will help you reach your target audience at the right time and increase the user engagement. 

  • Data Sharing

This will be the core functionality of your enterprise app. As enterprise processes asn incredible amount of data on a daily basis, therefore, providing the real-time data sharing feature is another helpful element that you can consider implementing in your enterprise app. 

We point out these few features to be integrated in the enterprise app to make it look more authentic and ensure seamless processing. Surely after reading such facts about using enterprise applications for your workplace, you must be wondering how much does it cost you to build an app?

How Much Does It Cost to Create an App?

If you are eyeing up the standard cost of developing an enterprise application, then you might be in delimma. As different businesses have different requirements, therefore various approaches have been considered for the app development. Implementing various different aspects into app development can bring a great variation in the app development cost. If you are curious to know how you must invest in developing enterprise app development, then you need to understand major cost affecting parameters. 

The cost influencing factors that help decide the app development budget are:

  • The complexity of the app development project – basic, modern or advanced app version
  • Features and Functionalities: Prioritize the list of features and functionalities as per the complexity of the app version. Adding multiple functionalities to your app will increase the chances of success but at the same time it can also add up to the budget.
  • UI/UX Design: App design is one of the most important elements while creating an app . The simple and straightforward app design is always appreciated by the users and it leads to user engagement. In addition, simple design is less complicated and quick to implement. 
  • Operating Platform: Whether you are choosing to launch an app on native Android/iOS or Cross platform app development platform, it will bring a great difference in app development cost. Creating two native apps using platform specific programming languages will cost you an expensive cost. Whereas by choosing to create a hybrid app, you can save upto 40% cost.

These are the few major cost affecting features that help you calculate how much your enterprise app costs you. If we conclude it, then the average cost will be ranging from USD20,000 to 25,000+ for the basic app version. Rest app development cost will greatly vary depending upon your business requirement and its complexity.

If you’re all set to automate your business process and streamline your operations , then it is recommended to invest in enterprise app development solutions. Let’s check how we can help you…

Is Your Business Ready To Implement An Enterprise Application

In this rapidly revolutionizing world, every business is trying their best to keep pace with technology-driven innovative solutions that help in increasing client satisfaction and improve employee productivity. If you are also looking for modern enterprise mobile solutions, then Xicom Technologies Ltd. is a leading mobile app development company that helps you build unmatched quality solutions for your business. Being rooted into customizing solutions for more than two decades, we can create an app that allows users to access private data, improve ROI, contribute to business success, enhance security and reliability of enterprises.

So if you’ve any concerns regarding project estimation and timeline, then you can contact us or drop a query below.


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