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Can PHP Programming Complete the Jigsaw Puzzle of Back-end Development?

Jigsaw Puzzle of Back-end Development

In the world of online businesses, and technical studies, some words resonate in our daily lives just like the way social greetings do. “Back-end” and “front-end” being the two distinct things have always been a massive part of every developer’s life. It has not only contributed in terms of design, structure and user interface, but without these two structures, an app or the web service would never be able to have two large parts.

And if we focus on back-end development only then application, updates and maintenance are one among many things that are taken into consideration. Of Course, because it is divided into three parts: server, application and database; back-end would require every possible solution for its development.

PHP is one of the several successful choices that the businesses and the developers tend to make.

Mainly due to the reason that it is PHP programming language is fast and consists of features that other words doesn’t. 

So, can PHP be one among those languages that can be trusted blindly for the back-end development? Can it be an excellent choice for back-end developers? How can it be beneficial of the back-end developers if it is the first choice of there’s?

Thus before you hire web developers, let’s find out what does PHP has to offer you:

Why PHP for Back-end Development?

backend dev

For the developers who have just entered this field – it is confusing for them to decide which programming language would be beneficial for them.

Thus, providing you with an ample number of reasons on why you should choose PHP Web Development, here are some of the characteristics that are involved in it:

1. Speed

Speed becomes an essential factor when it comes to building up an app or a web page. Performance is critically important. For the websites that are getting millions of hits a single day – a delay of three seconds marks to be critical — making speed and performance one of the most important things for a developer. Thus, the new update of PHP, i.e. PHP 7x, has been considered as one of the fastest version as compared to the other languages that are there in the market.

2. Rich in Terms of Functionality

rich in func

One of the biggest strengths of using PHP as the official back-end language is that it is precious when it comes to functionality. Indeed it has about 3,000 native features that do not only help the developer to overcome additional development time but helps them to manipulate files that are on the server-side. Thus, when you hire a coder, he/she needs to present you with all the functionality of PHP. It provides the developers with benefits that include treating strings, operating mathematically on numbers, manages database and many other things.

3. Vast Community

The fact that PHP is rich in functionality may also be because of the reason that it consists of a vast community. Software Development Services that are provided by the developers in the community tends to bring features and version of libraries that makes the language unique and accessible. The community developers are the ones that also change or translate the documentation in multiple languages or programs with more modest skills that tend to perform open source applications which are ready to use.

4. It is a reliable and efficient language

efficient language

It won’t be incorrect if I quote that the language is a robust, efficient and viable language. It is capable of supporting websites that handle millions of requests daily. Many renowned organizations that are internationally as well as nationally popular have trusted and opted for this language.

5. Flexibility contributes largely

Yes! That’s right PHP is constituted to be one of the most flexible programming languages. It is because of this language that the developers can embed scripts with HTML, JAVA Script, XML and many other things. A developer can run a PHP script on any devices like mobile phones, laptops, PCs and many different outputs.

6. Constructed for Dynamic web applications

dynamic web app

Offshore Software Development Company tends to choose PHP because of the sole fact that it constructs Dynamic websites. PHP consists of a function that designed explicitly for designing dynamic web applications. Dynamic applications are those applications that are capable of generating a single page based on parameters passed on it. In other words, a dynamic web application is a collection of web pages with some specific functions which let the user perform a particular activity over the web.

7. The portability

PHP is supported on multiple operating systems. It is effortless to move an application that is written in PHP. The modification of an original Window server to Linux server without having to make significant changes in the system is one of the plus points that the language consists of. Thus, making the shift from one platform to another smooth and seamless. PHP web development services provide users with ease of coding and nothing else.

8. A multipurpose language

With so many functionality in its vanity – PHP is constituted as a multipurpose language. It can be used for many things. For example, it can be used for command-line through the use of executable PHP.

This then allows the developers to execute all scripts. It can create heavy applications operating without a server or browser. It highlights the ability to interface easily with many relational database management systems.

PHP with the right choice of framework

right choice of framework

While PHP is constituted as one of the most powerful web programming languages, coding plain PHP can be a bit daunting and unwieldy. PHP back-end framework thus is here for you. As a result, every developer needs to choose the right framework for their project. Web frameworks tend to make the work easy and helps in maintaining the code. Adding new features or correcting bugs in the low-cost issue when using a proper, well-defined framework tends to be essential and necessary for the developers. This not only raises productivity among your team members but also helps to bring out the best from the project that you are working for.

Hence, before you hire software developers, make sure they are using one of the frameworks. The of the most popular libraries in the frameworks that the developer can choose from would include:

Vue.js: A progressive javascript framework, Vue.js constructs API within minutes. Not only this, but the framework helps the user to build the user interface and single page applications too.

Angular: Can be used to develop around many platforms. Angular is one of the most widely used frameworks that reuse the code and constructs apps for deployment targets.

React.js: React performs painless to create interactive UI’s. It tends to design simple views for each state in the application, and thus react will efficiently update and render the right components.

When to Choose PHP as Development Language?

php as dev lang

Before you hire any Software Development Company, you need to make sure that what exactly you want. Know that, PHP is ideal when the user has a requirement to build websites. The websites like landing pages, web portals, blogs, brand new sites etc. In this case, there are constant content management systems written in PHP that can help the user to create, customize as scale websites as per their requirements. It is also possible to include PHP in the project which are using servers like MYSQL, SQL, Oracle, Sybase. Besides, the software stack like LAMP complements applications development with PHP technology.

Thus for the user who wants to hire PHP web developers, and then work on their projects should know that it is best suited for the things that involve:

  • A blog or e-mail website with CMS    
  • Need ease of employment or integration    
  • The one which goes perfectly with LAMP stack (MySQL, Linux Apache etc.)

Wrapping Up

The leadership position of PHP is unlikely to be threatened anytime soon given with the ease with which the younger generation is adopting and embracing it. The future of the language would continue to be bright and shining. The top web development company and universities who have invested highly on this language can surely trust, and rely on this programming language. The organizations as well as the people who choose this language as their flag bearers would enjoy advantages. These people include a large population of active programmers and developers. 

One of the most important things to consider is the skills and proficiency of the developers that are using it, how they use it and how they apply it depends mostly on the type of work they deliver. Thus, before you hire PHP developer make sure that you are working with the one that is highly efficient in their work and operation. Your developer should be able to tell you which technology is best for your project. Therefore, Xicom technologies is one of those organizations that has been providing nothing but best PHP back end development facilities. We are known for serving our customers for over a decade now. With the bunch of professional team and experts, we provide end results that matches the expectations of our clients. To prove our statement we have granted the user with the power to check out our Portfolio and make the further decision with it. If you like our work and services then you can get in touch with our team or Contact Us at any hour of the day.

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