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Contactless Delivery App Development: Features & Cost

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In the Corona times, everybody likes to have their desired product get delivered at their doorstep with zero-touch. Therefore, the demand for contactless delivery applications is gaining momentum day after day.

For example- everybody these days likes to eat tasty food. We can prepare it by ourselves at home, go to the nearby restaurant or food corners, or order it from any restaurant and it will get delivered at home. Online food delivery services have been existent for a long time or so but not all of them are completely digitized. Today there are a plethora of food delivery apps that allow users to order it from their smartphone or tablet and after that, the food will be delivered without zero contact. The users don’t even need to call somewhere. They just have to make an order, choose their food, pay for it and their food is on the way to their home.

What makes the app is exactly one such app. It’s a courier service that receives your order with a filled form in their app and then they call you back an all right message to confirm all the details. The main advantage of its app is delivery time. It takes only one hour or less to bring all food to your doors.

Therefore, if you are looking for good opportunities to start your own contactless product delivery business, you must be interested in how much you will have to pay for the overall development of such an app. In this blog, we will discuss the must-have features of such contactless delivery mobile app development. it will also be crucial for you to integrate the features of these apps and what business model you should apply. This business model will help you arrange your business in the most right way. A business model infographic can become your assistant for that moment:

The above-mentioned infographic has a few sections that need to be liberated thoroughly. Moreover, it will assist you to succeed in your future business when you start your own contactless delivery application. It doesn’t mean you have to purchase a delivery vehicle immediately or hire a driver and so on. First, you should try to join other delivery services that don’t have their own app yet and you will have a specific percentage from every deal.

Important Features of Contactless Delivery Applications

It would be even more sensible to build your payment system together with your partner. In addition, your partner will get money for the item and you will receive your money for your contactless delivery service. In addition, it can be a win-win solution for you as well as your partner.

In this way, before you start developing your own contactless delivery mobile apps, you must determine what extra features you need in your mobile app as well as you can also look at some other interesting functions. But if you hold a limited budget for the app development it would be better to integrate only MVP features.

Sign in or up

The first main function can be a social sign up or sign in. Most of the apps require registration but not so many people like filling the registration form. Here where social media comes in using the profile on Facebook or Twitter your users will be able to register themselves in your applications in just a few seconds. The process is convenient as well as simple. Also, You can add as many social networks as you want. The development of the sign-in feature can take up to 125 hours and the cost can be up to 2000 USD.

Geolocation Integration

The next feature is to provide the location of the delivery to the people. Many people are nervous and they always need to know where their product is. While they are waiting for their order, the geo-location feature of the app allows them to track their order on a real-time basis. And, this will also reduce your cost of customer care service as nobody will call at your customer center to know the exact location of their order. This feature may cost you up to 1000 USD and take about 50 hours.

Advanced & Secure Payment platform integration

According to the latest study, about 71% of total fraud transactions happen from mobile applications. As we said before, you need to build your inner payment system and it should strictly follow advanced data security standards and PCI DSS compliant. In addition to this, you should also check this payment mode on various platforms, devices, and payment modes. As people use various operating systems as well as devices to access your payment platform. The integration of your payment system will take around 50-60 hours as well as 1000 USD.

Loyalty programs & gift cards coupons

This feature will be beneficial for you since users will be able to save on your ad campaign. This feature is apparently a must-have. With the help of this feature, you can generate a coupon or gift for your loyal customer. This feature also helps you attract new users. You can also give discount coupons to your new users on some or all products with the help of this feature. This features

Other Features

Now let us talk a little about additional features. If your budget for app development allows you, you can add some features in your contactless delivery mobile app. You can also add two more features in your app like your own API. you can also share your mobile app API with other services in order to increase the number of orders. It will also help you create the ground for corporations.

The second additional feature is to create a second app for a career so then they can inform clients about the order being taken, accept and ship orders, etc. The execution of both of these features will take 10000 USD and 200 hours. Don’t forget to check your competitors. Your users will only prefer those service providers offering maximum features and excellent service. therefore, you always improve yourself and of course, you need to be sure that your customer service is good

Required Team Structure for Creating A Contactless Delivery Mobile App

Now have a look at some essential team that you may need to create a mobile app for contactless delivery. The team structure varies from company to company; therefore, you need to hire a reputed app development company to get more detail about the team structure of such apps:

  • iOS /Android Developers/Cross-Platform(Flutter)
  • Project Manager
  • Business Analysis Team
  • Backend Developers (.Net Developers, PHP Developers, NodeJs Developer)
  • Front-End Developers (AngularJS Developers, UI/UX Developers)
  • Cybersecurity expert
  • QA Experts

To create a contactless delivery mobile app, you can also hire mobile app developers individually who have an excellent track record as well as expertise in building such types of applications with the latest features and functionalities.

How much does it cost to build a contactless delivery mobile app?

There are different types of contactless delivery mobile applications, so the cost also varies accordingly. It depends entirely on the type of contactless delivery mobile app, its complexity, number of features, and integration with other smart devices, as well as a platform. These are the most deciding and crucial factors for creating a contactless delivery mobile app.

The estimated cost to build a contactless delivery mobile app is anywhere between USD 50000 to USD 60000 through rough estimates. However, the final amount of contactless delivery mobile apps depends on the number and complexity of the features that you like to include in the mobile app and the interface you choose.

Over time, contactless delivery mobile app costs have fluctuated. The average mobile Health app costs USD 55000 to develop until its launch. 47% of the value is externally distributed on custom mobile app development services, 11% is outsourced externally on marketing.

Today it costs USD 55000 to develop a contactless delivery mobile app. The amount is just the average expense, including internal and external contactless delivery mobile app development costs and marketing costs. This cost of a mobile app does not involve maintenance or follow-up development costs after launch.

Final Takeaway

The contactless delivery mobile app market is only going to get more prominent in the future after the COVID era. It will play a key role in providing more accessibility, convenience, and affordability for people worldwide with easy scalability, capable of expanding the user base without compromising performance.

So, if you are looking forward to launching a contactless delivery mobile app in the market, do contact an excellent mobile app development company. They will help you to take your app to a maximum audience with enhanced security, scalability, and features.

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