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How To Create a Successful Wish like an Online Shopping App?

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The online shopping industry is growing like never before. If you really want to do something big in the online world, you should not stay behind and try your luck in the online shopping world. A custom shopping mobile app development is not merely about creating a Mobile App Product, it is about building a great Journey of Buyer on their iOS and Android mobile phones.

Have a look at some notable figures from Statista

  • By the year 2021, the worldwide eCommerce sales are supposed to amount to about 4.8 trillion US dollars, going 365% increase since the year 2014.
  • The total share of eCommerce of total global retail sales is going to grow from 7.4% in the year 2015 to 17.5% in the year 2021.
  • The number of online buyers all across the globe will also increase by about 162%: from 1.32 billion people in the year 2014 to 2.14 billion in the year 2021

Why is the mobile application for shopping so demanding?

As you know this already, today a large percentage of users make regular purchases from their mobile devices. Therefore, a shopping mobile app development enables you to:

1. Increase sales volume and customer growth

Shopping mobile apps are fundamentally created to improve the sales curve. With specially integrated features for increasing marketing and sales, you can grow your customer base all across the globe very quickly. In addition, an online shopping site may remain open 24X7 that help you sell your products and services to all day all night. 

2. Customer loyalty

Creating a shopping mobile app makes you even more competitive. Most of your potential customer definitely has a smartphone and is also using it actively. Therefore, the suggestion to install a mobile application can make your customer’s life better and easier. Moreover, you can also use crucial information & data about user behaviour in the mobile app to offer individual discounts, rewards, and personalize recommendations to customers. This all leads to higher loyalty factors.

3. New sale

If you find a way to create an online shopping app, your potential customer will definitely like all the advantages of mobile collaboration with you. The first successful purchase of your potential customer will lead to the second, snd then third, and at last that buyer will become your regular customer.

4.Extended customer interaction

It is often seen that customers usually love & enjoy to receive invitations to events, opportunity to leave comments, and be the first to know about the arrival of new products or services. Consequently, mobile shopping services draw viewers in closer interactions.

5. Improve internal business processes. 

You need a feature-packed online shopping app developed from a trusted app development company to manage your business more efficiently (and that’s too at a lower cost). If you have a mobile app at your fingertips, the entire management tasks will be much easier for you.

What is the “Wish” Shopping app?

Wish is one of the most loved and acknowledged shopping mobile apps all across the world. The online shopping app connects more than 1,000,000 merchants having over 500 million customers all across the globe. This online shopping mobile app has become remarkably popular for particularly low prices on a plethora of items, such as smartphone cases, clothes, and even wearables. Most of these items are unique and you can’t find these items easily on other shopping sites. But there is more about this online shopping site:

  • Users have ranked the Wish mobile shopping app at number 3 in the App Store shopping category.
  • According to a recent report from, with 25 million installs Wish online shopping app is the second most installed shopping application in the world
  • Statista also reported that Wish was ranked as one of the most popular shopping applications in the US in July 2018.

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Some Examples of Online Shopping Apps like Wish

Let’s look at some of the popular eCommerce apps like Wish.

1. eBay

eBay is also known as the mother of e-commerce websites. This online shopping website allows you to seamlessly buy and sell hardware products, furniture, clothing, camping equipment, sports equipment and many more. 

In addition, you can order anything on everything from this amazing e-commerce place and get specific coupons with special discounts. From beauty products, furniture to electronics, there are hundreds of certified and reputed sellers from all over the world. eBay is widely acknowledged for its amazing discounts and attractive deals on major brands. In addition, you can even sell your old electronic items or any other gadgets on this great shopping website. Moreover, it supports digital payment methods and this site is available for both iOS & Android users.

2. Wal-Mart

Right from the grocery and baby products to furniture and pet requirements, Walmart has everything to offer. Walmart is a multinational e-commerce web application, which started as a small store in the United States and reached the list of significant multinationals in the e-commerce market.

This wonderful eCommerce site offers you great discounts once you create an account there. You may also select from a plethora of categories and options using the Quick Search feature of this mobile app. In addition, it allows you to rate the products and services after it has been delivered to you. Sometimes the app offers some exciting discounts and reward points.

3. Etsy

Etsy is another one of the most liked e-commerce websites. This web app offers some creative and unique elements for users. You can easily buy from a wide array of accessories, jewellery, shoes, clothes and furnishings at this amazing online shopping site. 

The website also sells toys, old items, artwork, hand tools, and custom handcraft. You can also find a plethora of attractive items seamlessly in various categories of this online shopping site. In addition, this is very useful when you do not have a guide to give your pet on a special occasion. You just have to enter your email ID and the site will shower some great idea to you. Not only this, but you can also sell your goods on this shopping site.

4. Chairish

This is a wonderful shopping site which is a vintage lover’s dream and offers home decor lovers with a wonderful collection of artwork, classic furniture, and home accessories. This amazing mobile app also changes the way you shop online for your home. In addition, if you have recently moved into a new space, this online shopping app is perfect for you. 

The app also provides you with an in-app camera feature so as to preview items you care about. Not only this, but this shopping app also offers great discount and you can get up to 80% off during the sale. This amazing site uses modern augmented reality technologies in order to help you visualize the shape of any specific product on the home wall. You can also download it smoothly and free from the Android & iOS app store.

5. Gilt

There is no other good place for buying luxury items at discount prices than Gilt. This site is the perfect eCommerce app and the flash sale shopping site has everything from upholstery and clothes to tickets and great events. 

You can also book travel tickets, book salons at once and buy your favourite dresses using this amazing shopping app. With this amazing app, you can quickly find great options for the designers. The shopping site offers great deals on women’s, men’s, and children’s products and furnishings.

Some Popular Features of Wish Like Shopping App

Have a look at some popular features of Wish like mobile app for customer, merchant and admin


Some other crucial feature of Wishlike mobile app

Wish mobile application has a user-friendly and simple interface. It has a menu that looks pretty akin to a social networking app Facebook, in particular. Let’s have a quick look at the additional features of this online shopping site.

Manage Login Sessions

In this section of the mobile application, Admin easily manages login bonuses for the users. Users using the system actively get a bonus in their account wallet. In addition, the system also captures login sessions for every mobile app user.


This feature of the mobile app allows users to get some specific results which is based on the below mentioned factors (with desegregated API required to retrieve data), like Behavior, Exploring, Location, Culture, and Previous order history.

Manage Warehouse

In this section, Admin can easily manages the warehouse where the merchant inventory managed. Here, Merchants easily send their own inventory in order to manage shipments. After completion of that particular order, the other outstanding tasks can easily be handled from the warehouse.


In this particular section, the system combines the shipping API so as to track shipments from any specific source to the final destination. 

Google Map Integration

Here the online shopping store is presented on a map, and here users can easily search for various shops and maps will navigate them to that particular shop.

Multi-currency support

With the help of this function, users are easily facilitated to convert currencies when making payments. The currency converter API is well integrated so as to convert the value of payments as per the particular currency using the Google currency API.

Cloud storage

This particular functionality is quite useful in storing and maintaining data over the cloud. Therefore, the system can easily access as well as manage data anytime, anywhere.

CRM Integration

With the help of this function, marketers can increase marketing via e-mail, SMS, etc. Admin dealing with promotions, user analysis, and email communication templates

CMS Integration

Optimum content development is the core of this platform, there this particular functionality facilitates mobile application users to read the right information using the system & find out about the system very well.

Required Team Structure for Creating Wish Like Mobile App

Required Team Structure for Creating Wish Like Mobile App

For creating a wish like an online shopping site, you need a reputed mobile application development company in India. Also, there is a need for a plethora of highly qualified professionals with different niches in creating an online shopping mobile application right from scratch. 

Here is the required team structure for creating a wish like online shopping site

  • Project Manager
  • Business Analysis Team
  • iOS & Android Developers
  • Backend Developers (PHP Developers, .Net Developers, NodeJs Developer)
  • Front-End Developers (AngularJS Developers, UI/UX Developers)
  • QA Experts

If you like to hire mobile app developer for creating your own Wish like shopping app, try to choose a reputable company.

Required Technology Stack

In order to build an online shopping site or mobile application with all features mentioned above, the below-mentioned programming technologies should be required. You can look at these technologies and see if you can hire developers as per the technology stack.

  • Server-side: Grape, ElasticSearch, PostgreSQL, Rack, Rails, Ruby, Sidekiq
  • Client-side: HTML5, JavaScript, CSS, Node.js, Vue.js
  • Tools (hosting, monitoring, etc.): AWS S3, Airbrake, Codeship, BrowserStack, Confluence, Heroku, GitHub, Slack, Swagger, Youtrack, Testrail
  • Integrations:, Intercom, PayPal, Pexip, Loco- Translation Management System, SendGrid, Twilio, Stripe, VideoNor.

Cost for Creating an Online Shopping site like Wish

Cost for Creating an Online Shopping site like Wish

Creating a shopping platform like wish is a complex process and it involves various stages for web and mobile app development. It’s also difficult to find the precise cost of creating this type of app. Essentially, the cost of online shopping web and mobile app development depends on:

  • The platforms (Android or iOS) on which the mobile application will be created
  • The size and complexity of the mobile application, 
  • The country in which the application development company is located

The cost of custom online shopping web, as well as mobile application development, will be around $40,000 to $80,000 for a single platform. Meanwhile, if you want to add more advanced features to your shopping app, the cost will go up to $100,000 if you choose an app development company in India.

Let’s Wrap Up

I hope the articles gives you a clear idea about online shopping app development features and cost. If you want to try luck in online business, you must give a try to the online shopping site. But, you should also keep this thing in mind that choosing the right mobile app development company is crucial for your project. A right app development company can help you in crafting successful features perfectly reflecting your business type.

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