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How To Develop An App Like Klarna: Its Cost, Features, and Tech-Stack


Have you been looking for business expansion or maximizing the ROI? Deciding to develop an app like Klarna can be a game-changer decision in 2024. 

In the constantly fluctuating economy, attracting customers and influencing them to shop on your platform is a huge struggle for businesses these days. That’s where you need to adopt a strategy that not only makes them come back to your platform but also provides convenience to make shopping with no financial stress.

This is where “Buy Now, Pay Later” apps like Klarna enable customers to split bills into 4-interest-free installments. Moreover, the number of installments can be increased but that is subject to interest rate.

95% of today’s generation has a smartphone and spends around 10 hours or more per day! Privilege this opportunity as they are 2x willing to shop online. Expand your business reach by developing the BNPL app by hiring a top mobile app development company in Dallas, USA.

But what exactly are Buy Now Pay Later apps?

Let’s understand…

Develop an App Like Klarna: One of the Crown Apps in the Market

Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) apps are just like credit cards that enable you to lend money without any interest rates. This type of app allows customers to shop now and pay the bills later without any extra charges. 

Customers are finding this concept more interesting and convenient. The bills can be spilled further into 4 small installments. It can be spread out over several weeks or months depending upon the amount. 

The best part about BNPL services is that customers don’t have to fill out several forms. Just simply click on apply and repay the option. 

With the rising boom in online shopping trends, people have felt the need for interest-free financial options. And this has influenced businesses to create BNPL apps like Klarna. 

Here’s what they offer:

  • A hassle-free soft-loan option
  • Boasting a transparent cost and interest fee structure
  • Offering flexible and customizable option
  • Ensuring a simple check-out process
  • Offer shopping rewards and in-app exclusive discounts
  • Easily accessible for global users by supporting various currencies

This is one of the recent advancements impacting the global business sector. Whether it be travel, hospitality, retail, e-commerce, entertainment, or even online delivery apps, all are leveraging the BNPL concept. 

Further, getting started with the BNP apps becomes less challenging when you partner with a leading mobile app development company in Chicago. And Xicom is at the forefront of delivering excellent app development services tailored to your needs. 

Secrets to Drive Success From BNPL Apps Like Klarna!

With the customers benefiting from its easy payment flexibilities, businesses are in return enticed by its higher returns, better profit-generating margins, and enhanced brand recognition.

Considering the rising demand for “Buy Now, Pay Later” services, there are many leaders who have joined the market and Klarna has gained maximum popularity among all. 

If you want to create a BNPL app like Klarna then this post is for you to discuss some important market dynamics, features, technologies, and monetization strategies involved in the app development. 

Here are the basics to know about BNPL app concept before you dive into the concept:

  • Buy Now Pay Later has become a buzzword across various industry verticals.
  • Customers are rapidly shifting from credit card payment modes to interest-free Buy Now Pay Later services.
  • To establish your foothold in this competitive market, always look forward to incorporating unique and advanced features in your BNPL app. 
  • Make use of Next-Gen app development tools to deliver unmatched customer experience like Klarna.
  • To make your journey risk-free, it is always advisable to start with MVP development. 
  • The Best way to create a BNPL app like Klarna is to look for an app development company in California that has the experience of delivering similar apps. 

With that said, you must be curious to get started with an app, but before that let’s unlock some important market statistics that better help you understand the growing demand for BNPL services.

Market Overview of “Buy Now, Pay Later” Apps Like Klarna

So to develop an app like Klarna in 2024 – is still considered a unique concept that allows customers to quench their urgent shopping desires without having to worry about finances. Offering this flexibility to your customers is no longer an option for you; it has become a new normal need. 

Let’s take a quick look at the market stats:

  • Retail e-commerce sales are expected to hit $6.3 trillion by 2024 worldwide, which is the ever-increasing rise in e-commerce sales. 
  • Recent studies reveal that the BNPL worldwide users are expected to increase from 360 million in 2022 to 900 million BNPL users by 2027.
  • The US has the biggest market for the BNPL apps like Klarna.
  • Klarna has almost 150 million active monthly users and clothing is the most shopped product category on the app. 
  • The overall market share of the BNPL app is $532.9 billion
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Source: explodingtopics

How Profitable Is It To Develop An App Like Klarna?

You may have several reasons to invest in creating a Buy Now Pay Later App like Klarna but the central concern is how they add value to your business.

Though developing an app like Klarna has become a burgeoning trend within the mobile app development industry, instead of directly falling for the hype, it is worth validating the reasons. 

Before you tap on the reasons, firstly I recommend getting inspired by Klaran’s success story. 

“With constant efforts, Klarna has set the benchmark and generated good profits. Up to 2024, the majority of stores have accepted Klaran in the USA. In addition, Klarna is offering AI-powered payment and shopping services that are used by more than 150 million people across the world and handle around 2 million transactions every day. Now, the US alone brings the most money for Klaran and this app boasts approximately 8 million active users.”

So if you get this app developed, then how it will ensure your success? Here’s how it can benefit your business:

Allowing customers to Repay Bills How They Like to Do!

Klarna-type BNPL app offers the complete flexibility to purchase products over time and repay bills as they like to do with zero interest rates and no transaction fees. This gives customers the complete freedom to shop without any financial stress. This facility can boost your business sales by 5X.

Boasting Seamless Checkout Process

Klarna uses a simple, quick, and easy checkout process that allows users to just enter their shipping details and choose the payment method. No need to add the information every time which leads to a satisfied customer shopping experience. 

Easy and Hassle-free Product Returns

If customers are not satisfied with their purchase, Klaran makes it easy to return items and refund the money within 3 working days. Customers won’t have to chase with complex customer service channels for refunds. This helps in building customer trust and enables them to shop for products.

Using Reward Programs

As an incentive for shoppers who use their services often, Klarna offers reward points to their customers that can be redeemed on future purchases. Using this can help increase customer loyalty. 

But the central question is how much you need to invest in BNPL app development. Let’s estimate the app development cost…

Ready to Unlock New Opportunities With a BNPL App?
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How Much Does It Cost to Develop an App Like Klarna?

So finally to make a decision to develop an app like Klarna? Now that you know how it will benefit your business and what’s the concept of Buy Now Pay Later apps, let’s talk about its development cost. 

In a nutshell, there is no fixed cost to create a BNPL app like Klarna as it majorly depends on various factors such as technology, features and functionalities, complexities, development team, and more.

Being a top mobile app development company in California, we enable you to build a Buy Now Pay Later App with starting ranging from $20,000 – $25,000+ with the basic functionalities. 

In case, you are looking to create an app like Klaran with full-fledged features, then you can expect to invest anywhere from $25,000 to $45,000+.

But with that said, we are not saying that the price won’t go below $20,000 and up to $50,000. The cost to develop an app like Klarna is majorly depends upon your business requirements. So instead keep guessing or taking these estimations as your final cost price, it is always recommended to consult with experts. 

 Develop an App Like Klarna

How Do BNPL Apps Like Klaran Generate Business Revenue?

No matter whether you are a startup or a leading enterprise, your ultimate goal is to make money from your mobile app. When developing an app like Klarna, it becomes highly important to recognize the revenue-generating streams. Though the BNPL market keeps surging in demand, therefore, there will be a high chance that you can charge on every transaction. But the scope of generating money from BNPL is beyond that.

When it comes to profit gaining, be strategic with your business model as the Klarna-like app can offer multiple opportunities. Klarna applications follow a partnership and interest-based business model. To generate excellent revenue, they have partnered with various retailers and online stores. Moreover, they might offer 4 interest-free installment breakup facilities but they charge huge fees for late repayments. 

In a nutshell, here are the few major ways to earn money in your BNPL app business:

  • Charging partnership fees

  • Charge for late repayments 

  • Make a profit on transactions

Therefore, creating a BNPL-like Klarna app can offer various revenue opportunities. All you have to do is partner with the top mobile app development company that enables you to integrate amazing features in the app that encourage users to go for premium app features. 

What Features Do You Need To Prefer Integrating In the App?

When it comes to developing a Buy Now Pay Later App like Klarna, you have to include features that deliver an excellent experience to the users. These features include:

  • Seamless User Registration: Allow users to register themself using the contact number and verify the details while they are taken on board.

  • Clear Terms of Credit: Every vendor may have different credit terms. BNPL app like Klarna has different payment modes like paying in 4 installments and paying in four days or months.

  • User Convenience: The BNPL app is all about providing hassle hassle-free shopping experience to the users by offering instant credit without involving any formalities of filling in detailed information.

  • Set Purchase Limit: The purchasing limit again depends upon the vendor’s policy. Rest you can set the purchasing power as per case-to-case by determining their shopping amount or user’s repayment history. 

  • Set Repayment Frequency: The repayment frequency needs to be fixed at certain intervals whether it be paid back within days or monthly installments. 

  • Multiple Payment Options: Make sure your app is integrated with a multi-payment gateway and allows users to repay through credit cards, debit cards, digital wallets, or bank transfers. 

Market Size of “Buy Now Pay Later” Apps will be $450 billion by 2033!
Take this opportunity to expand your business by simply understanding the real budget breakdown with our experts.

How Does Xicom Can Help Get Started With a BNPL App Like Klarna?

Whether you have decided to extend your existing e-commerce app with “Buy Now Pay Later” functionalities or considering developing an independent BNPL App like Klarna, Xicom can be your perfect tech partner. 

Being backed by a pool of skilled engineers and boasting years of experience in developing e-commerce apps including BNPS apps like Klarna, they can help you create an app that can stand apart in the industry.

Here’s their unique approach to developing a BNPL app:

Ensuring Optimum Transaction Security

With the increasing usage of e-commerce portals, did you know that e-commerce fraud increased by 30%? Such a significant increase in fraud cases has made them think about integrating strong security practices and adopting a two-step verification feature to minimize the risk of fraud. 

Offering a Great User Experience

No matter how fancy the interface you have developed, if end-users find it complex to access, they will quickly abandon your app. Therefore, the UI/UX designers working at Xicom customers the app design that is easy to navigate and ensures that the end users can easily access what they have been looking for in the app.

Using Agile Methodologies

Using an efficient engineering process is an important part of developing a Buy Now Pay Later App like Klarna. Xicom being one of the top mobile app development companies in California, adopts agile methodologies for app development and allows clients to keep track of development progress. 


Hopefully, with this blog, you have an idea of how BNPL apps are paving their way in the e-commerce industry and can help you expand your business. By offering the extra privilege of shopping credit, you can influence customers to shop for more products without having to worry about finances. If you feel that this app concept will work best for your business then you can consider collaborating with a top mobile app development company in NYC. Since New York is the hub of leading shopping brands you can easily collaborate with multiple vendors by simply developing a BNPL app and discovering the best opportunities. 

If you are all set to grab this opportunity, then drop a query below for budget estimation and more details. Contact us now to discuss this app project details further.



The average cost to create a BNPL app like Klarna may cost between $50,000 to $75,000+ with an estimated timeframe of 6 to 9+ months. But if you’re a startup or want to start with the lowest budget somewhere starting from $25,000+ then we would recommend opting for MVP app development.


To make your BNPL work smoothly, it is important that invest in building a strong architecture for the app. So to create a buy now pay later app like Klarna, you will require the below technologies:

– Payment Gateway: Braintree, PayPal
– Credit Check APIs: Experian or Equifax
– Fraud Detection APIs: Sift or Simility
– Cloud Hosting: AWS, Azure, or Google Cloud
– Security Protocols: SSL Encryption, Two-Factor Authentication


Following are the few major challenges that you may encounter while developing a Buy Now Pay Later App like Klarna:

– Strong market competition
– Adherence to legal compliance
– Understanding the changing customer behavior


Here are the few major points that make Klarna a winning app in the BNPL market:

– It comes in two variants – an app for business and an app for shoppers.
– Providing the flexibility to choose the repayment structure as you like.
– Assuring instant approval and no credit impact on bank statements.
– Closly collabrated with 400k+ retailers and vendors, therefore generating a huge revenue on transaction fees. 

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